Read or watch?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. fairnlove82

    fairnlove82 New Member

    In my opinion book reading is better then watch movie when you are reading a book your conscious mind better activate rather then you read a book. and your memory improve more then fast.
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  2. junick1206

    junick1206 New Member

    I prefer both. I do love reading and watching
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  3. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    Reading. Not everything that were written on a book can be shown in the movie, only selected scene. To fully understand a story, reading is way better than watching it although watching will only take you 2 to 3 hours while reading will take a day or more. Reading will mot only improve your reading skills but more importantly, it will connect you to the characters and to the author.
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  4. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i used both read and watch because both things increase our knowledge and make us good person to live in this world
  5. AliceB13

    AliceB13 New Member

    Both. Read first and then, if you have the option, see the movie. It gives an identity to the characters.
  6. Psalmpaul05

    Psalmpaul05 New Member

    Reading is what I preferred. Reading can enhance your vocabularies. Reading can help you lessen stress and its a good hobby and pastime as well.
  7. mimi93aly

    mimi93aly New Member

    I do both but I love watching movies. There is sometimes that you wanna go see through the climax but reading takes longer but with watching I can go skip parts and get to see the movie again and again if I want to go through again with the story I can easily watch unlike reading it will get broing it you re-read it.
  8. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    I would prefer to read a story book as compared to watching a movie. The book has a clear story line which is absorbed at the person's own pace. The reader is able to identify with both protagonist and antagonist, sample different styles of writing, thematic concerns and critique how the introduction is connected to the body as well as the conclusion.
  9. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    When you have the time reading wins every time, to set free your imagination and take it for a walk around the chosen universe (or book), for that reading is important. Watching has its place but it is a passive exercise. Reading is so rewarding.
  10. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    If i would choose in between reading and watching, i'd go with reading.
    Reading needas understanding and visualization in a sense that you'd need to imagine what you are reading is all about.
  11. itsceejxx

    itsceejxx New Member

    I like reading books, because the plot is more in depth. You get to visualize the story and able to use your imaginations. Watching the film is okay, they usually cut parts of the book that are relevant or that readers find necessary but usually they don't include little details that matters. Maybe because you are only limited to an hour or two that is why you really need to choose wisely what part of the book should be included in the film. But for me, books are way better.
  12. Ruelene18

    Ruelene18 Member

    I love reading and like watching movies and TV series. But I prefer reading because when you want to learn and retain for a long time, you should choose the book. Reading books expand your imagination power and creativity. Something which you won't realize right away. It is a bit hard to grasp the concept in books but since it is hard to understand, once you do learn it stays in your memory for longer.
  13. leogem123

    leogem123 New Member

    Reading is fun than watching. I will get us fly, imagine, and make a dream. That's the reality
  14. SophyaN

    SophyaN New Member

    In my opinion, it is better to read a book. The book reveals the characters in more detail. You can find out the nuances that cannot be shown on the screen. Do not forget the book develops the imagination, trains the brain (I mean classical literature). And this is one way to delay dementia!
  15. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    A book has a lot more detail, and when books are made into movies some parts are cut-off to fit a certain screen time. That is why books are a little better for my opinion. It trains readers to be imaginative, creative, and it enriches someone’s vocabulary and, It has all the parts of the story. However, it isn’t as convenient as the movie. Watching movie takes 1-2 hours only, and it takes minimal effort. In conclusion, only you can choose for yourself whether you like best because you can either prefer the book for how it feels on your hands, its smell, how it makes you more creative, and imaginative; or choose movies which are more convenient, has audiovisual components, and generally requires less effort.
  16. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    In my case i prefer watching movies, but i heard from my father that in some cases like in "The lord of the rings" the books contain much more story than in the movies and for those who like it, sometimes books are better.
  17. Maxim

    Maxim New Member

    Of course reading is a much better movie. As a minimum, what is developing the brain.

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