Read the book or watch the movie?

Discussion in 'Books' started by CountryMom, Mar 20, 2015.


Which do you prefer?

  1. Read the book and then watch the movie?

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  2. Just watch the movie?

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  3. Just read the book?

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  1. CountryMom

    CountryMom New Member

    Personally, I have found that reading a book is much more rewarding versus watching the movie based upon that book. Once you have read the book and subsequently watch the movie, you are left feeling like something is missing, or that the movie did not follow the book story line. It is understandable that all of the information from a book could not be included into a moving lasting two hours, but losing those important details that a book provides the reader, makes watching the movie seem cheap or like you did not get all of the information. Even though, I feel like the movie was a letdown, I will continue reading books prior to watching movies, just because of the enjoyment received from having all the known details in advance.
  2. anygivenfinnday

    anygivenfinnday New Member

    I always prefer to read the book and then see the movie. Often, I am disappointed by the movie, but I still must read the book prior to the movie. I was only not disappointed by this method once by The Hunger Games. The books were so well written. I was very nervous about being let down by the movie (not a well written script, characters not matching the ones in my mind, etc.), but the movie blew me away much like the book. It was such a well done translation from page to screen.
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  3. c_lambert

    c_lambert New Member

    I always prefer the book. I very rarely watch tv or movies because they just don't hold my attention. It's too easy to get distracted while watching the movie and missing a line or an important plot point. With books, the story stops when I stop reading.
  4. NaturalMystic972

    NaturalMystic972 New Member

    For me, I think it depends on the hype around the book and/or the movie. There was a huge buzz about the Harry Potter series and The Da Vinci Code so I definitely wanted to the read the books before seeing the movies. If a movie has been made about an older, relatively unknown book, I'm more apt to watch the movie and not bother reading the book.
  5. Nikki Albert

    Nikki Albert New Member

    I prefer the book because it always has far more depth. However, I will also watch the movie. I just consider it a different entity. Not the same thing. It can never be judged on the standards of the book because it is simply apples and oranges.
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  6. NaKim

    NaKim New Member

    I read the book then watch the movie. It's always interesting to know how the producers, the movie writers and everyone else who are involved in making the movie interpreted the book. Although, most often than not, they leave out important details of the book or change the way the story goes for "cinematic purposes", leaving you disappointed in the end. Also, I look out for the special effects in the movie, if the book is sci-fi or adventure. I'm curious to find out if they made the effects look real or life-like, the way you imagined them to be while reading the book.
  7. Carolina Morales

    Carolina Morales New Member

    Well, it really depends on which book/movie! As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I can say that neither is better than the other. I think they're two different ways of telling the same story. The books are much more descriptive and give you more insight on the main characters, but the series always gets me more excited than the books.

    Of course, I'm talking about a show that costs approximately $6 million per episode, so it's rather an exception. Some movies really lack a lot compared to the books and it feels like they kill the story instead of complementing it. "The Host", anyone?
  8. LadyofAxe

    LadyofAxe New Member

    I always read the book then watch the movie. Although the movie is rarely as good as the book, I enjoy watching another person's interpretation of the book. What I enjoy most about watching the movie after reading a book is that sometimes there are things in the movie that either were not in the book or I missed while reading the book. That makes me go back to the book and see if that particular scene or event was actually in the book. I enjoy finding new scenes in books like this.
  9. aurorafalling123

    aurorafalling123 New Member

    I always read the book if I can because the movie usually doesn't live up to the mindscapes I've created in my head of how characters are supposed to look, what environments look like, etc. I also hate it in movies when they take out scenes or completely re-interpret pivotal scenes from my favorite novels (example: Matilda the movie vs. the far superior novel by Roald Dahl). That being said, I also have seen some films and then read the books and actually preferred the movie/liked the re-interpretation of the novel (example: 1976 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder vs. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl, although apparently Roald Dahl hated the 1976 version...oops!).
  10. MissManda1

    MissManda1 New Member

    I think it depends on what your initial expectations of the story are. If you are really looking forward to it and maybe want some background and insight into character development and progression then I would say read the book first, then watch the movie.
    However, if you're not overly excited, just watch the movie first and if that piques your interest, then sit down and read the book. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more in depth the story becomes.
    I personally find that most films based on books tend to skip over a lot of the smaller scenes in order to stay within the time constraints that a movie sets out. This disrupts the story telling and leaves some scenes confusing.
  11. eriaga

    eriaga New Member

    I would rather read a book than to watch a movie because there are some things that that are edited out of movies. I think a book is more detailed than the movie. I go for the book.
  12. TinVanMan

    TinVanMan New Member

    I would usually prefer to read the book first. That way I can compare the characters as I imagined them to the characters in the film. Maybe my imagination is a bit weak but once I see the movie I cannot seem to get the actor/actress out of my head while reading the book. One other thing: Of course, the movie will leave a lot out, so comparing it to the book is almost always a bit of a letdown.
  13. Krystal Greene

    Krystal Greene New Member

    There are benefits to both books and movies as forms of entertainment. When used together (i.e. making a book into a movie) there is greater enjoyment to be had. Even though I have found myself disappointed quite a few times after seeing a movie that was developed from a book, there have also been times that I have appreciated seeing the spirit of the book brought to screen. For example, though the details and feelings of Katniss Everdeen are sometimes lost on the big screen, the action and epic quality of the books (Hunger Games Trilogy) are executed in the movies in a way that is beyond what my imagination can create. I was glad to see life put to the words, and it reminds me that the collaboration of books and movies is a wonderful thing.
  14. CountryMom

    CountryMom New Member

    I agree, listening to audio books is a great way to pass traveling time!
  15. amann2323

    amann2323 New Member

    I personally have read books first, then watched the movie, and watched movies first, then read the books. I definitely prefer reading the book first! Imagination is a really important part of reading, and in your mind, you create the story how you would like it to be most. As a movie, it's just someone's interpretation that may be lacking in some areas you find more important. One thing I do find beneficial when watching the movie first though, is that when I read the book I do gain more satisfaction with how I'd like the story to be like, seeing it through my own eyes after seeing it through someone else's.
  16. 80sgirl

    80sgirl New Member

    I read the book and then watch the movie or watch the movie and then read the book. 95% of the time, the book is ALWAYS better. My latest examples? Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb was turned into a Lifetime (Ugh!) movie this past Christmas. The film, while slightly cute, bored me silly. The book was wonderful and I was so entranced that I finished it in a day. I recently read Stephen King's Under the Dome. It's definitely one of my new favorite novels by King. Then my husband, bless his heart, bought me season one of the "Under the Dome" TV series. Ugh.
  17. Tom Flatters

    Tom Flatters New Member

    Reading the book takes ages! Why not relax and quickly get through a film without having to flip pages? Also, why would you choose to watch a movie/film after you have read the book. You not only know what happens, but also waste a lot of time!
  18. Melissacooper

    Melissacooper New Member

    I prefer reading the book and then watching the movie. Both are entertaining but unfortunately the movie usually pales in comparison. If I read a book that holds me and draws me to a character and their emotions and emotional relationships it is hard to enjoy that aspect of the movie. You just don't get the same feeling out of an actor as you do snuggled up with your book, left to your own emotions and fantasies that you have developed as you move through the book with your characters.
  19. Lovie Grams

    Lovie Grams New Member

    Reading a book is like watching a movie while using your own imagination. I read a book that was so good to me, that I kept thinking about what the characters were doing weeks after I finished the book.
    Now that's a good read.
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  20. Mahak Merchant

    Mahak Merchant New Member

    I like reading the book before I watch the movie because I can imagine everything in my own way. There's nothing like the satisfaction of turning the pages of a book and watching the right side grow smaller and smaller until you're done. That's a type of euphoria that movies can't give you.
  21. Selina Weaver

    Selina Weaver New Member

    Well, if a book has been made into a movie, and it's something that interests me, I always make a point to read the book first. There is often, if not always, more information in the book form of a story rather than the film. Movies don't have as long to explain the plot as the book does. So, seeing the movie without reading the book usually makes me think, "What did I miss out on?"

    I ended up watching the first Twilight movie without reading the book because I was late to the craze. I enjoyed the story enough, having grown up watching vampire shows like Buffy; I ended up reading the book. I couldn't help but picture Bella as Kristen Stewart, and Edward as Robert Pattinson, even though the characters weren't really described that way. I don't know about anyone else, but having these preconceived ideas really irked me.

    That being said, I don't know if I always prefer books over movies, or vice-versa. I really do enjoy both! Some of my favorite movies were once only known as novels and some of my favorite stories have made it to the big screen. It's the order in which I consume these two forms of media that is really important to me.
  22. Gandalf

    Gandalf New Member

    If possible, the first impression should be from the book so that your experience is first hand. Movie is a second hand experience - as interpreted by the script writer, director and the actors. Of course, sometimes the movie turns out to be better. In case of Godfather for example, I found the movie much more impressive. And in some cases, reading the book may take a long time - for instance Game of Thrones.
  23. WrekS

    WrekS New Member

    Defintely reading a book. A book is a whole other universe than the movie. You imagine the story by your preferences. The movie is already made, but the book is being made as you read it.
  24. markmic36

    markmic36 New Member

    I always like reading the book before watching the movie, and it's just a thing for me personally. If I know a movie is coming out, that was adapted from a book, I have to go out and buy the book before seeing the movie. Almost always, for me, the book is always better. There is nothing like the detail of a book compared to the movie, and sometimes i wonder, after reading the book, how they could fit all the details into a movie. I like to try to pick up the minor details they missed or added.
  25. Kourtney

    Kourtney New Member

    The book is always better. I prefer reading the book before I see the movie. The book has so much more detail than a movie. The producers have to fit the whole book into a 2 hour period. The book deserves so much more attention.
  26. Isabella Kalina

    Isabella Kalina New Member

    I love reading the book, but sometimes I will also watch the movie after reading it. Reading the book allows me to imagine the scenes and the characters based on MY own fantasy, and in every single movie I've seen that has been transformed from a book, I find that the book contains so much more depth, details, and information. Of course, this isn't in any fault of the cinematic producers, because there's only so much you can fit into a movie that's 2-3 hours long, so I still often end up seeing the movie interpretation. There's something magical about seeing your favorite characters leap to life, and it's amazing how movie producers can use special effects or technology to attempt to match a movie scene with a scene you've imagined.
  27. Chandtisse

    Chandtisse New Member

    I've always preferred to read the book only. I've found when I have watched the movie afterward that I have been gravely disappointed. Most of the time the characters don't look like how I imagined them to look. The differences between what I have made up in my mind and what Hollywood has put together seem to distract me so much that I can't focus at times. So personally I am much better off just reading the book only.
  28. Zngriego

    Zngriego New Member

    My personal preference is to read the book, then watch the move, and then re read the book. I like to go off of memory and see how well I know the book while watching the movie. But then after I like to clarify what I watched and revisit some of my favorite parts of the book that the producers may or may not have put into the movie.
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  29. katz840

    katz840 New Member

    I almost always read the book first. There really is no way to convey all the nuances in a book in a mere 2 hours. My husband says I'm not much fun to watch a movie made from a book that I have read, because I critique to pieces.
  30. I almost always prefer the book over the movie with very few exceptions. Normally, the book has more details and depth than the movie. It is also easier for me to connect with the characters. Also, I can get through most books quicker than their movie counterparts' run time.

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