Read the book or watch the movie?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Read the book and then watch the movie?

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  2. Just watch the movie?

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  3. Just read the book?

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  1. kl13

    kl13 Member

    I prefer to read a book before seeing the movie, because it seems like the author often has so much more to say than what can be portrayed in a movie. There's something very satisfying about being alone in the author's world with the characters. Or, if it's non-fiction, reading the book can be like conversing with the author. Also, reading a book allows you to use your own imagination rather than have the images provided for you. This can be a good thing, but sometimes it can lead to a bit of disappointment if the movie's interpretation is very different from your own.
  2. darkmage

    darkmage New Member

    I usually prefer to read the book before watching the movie. I find that lots of details can get muddled for me if I watch the movie first. I learn better through reading anyway, and so being able to at least know some of what is going to happen, as well as the background of the story or world the movie is set in can help me to understand it a little better.
  3. Matanza

    Matanza New Member

    I will always read the book first. I feel like in most cases, the book can convey the nuances much more effectively than movies. Plus, the imagination is superior to most CGI effects, so the full magnitude of situations won't always come across properly in movies. Most of the time I won't even watch a movie based on a book if it has bad reviews.
  4. Matanza

    Matanza New Member

    Sometimes you see a lot more of the world the author imagined when you read the book though! Movies just can't always live up to what the author had in mind when writing their story.
  5. AsToldByGinger

    AsToldByGinger New Member

    I have yet to read "The Green Mile" but my father always uses this as his example for why he thinks movies can give books justice. The movies has me in tears, I can only imagine what the book would do.

    I myself prefer books, but due to limited time, tend to see movies. The movies allow for people who are unwilling or even sometimes unable to read more extensive books a chance to see the masterpieces that the authors produced.
  6. Pvt.Skadouche

    Pvt.Skadouche New Member

    I usually enjoy reading the books first. I prefer to imagine the scenes in my own way first. When I find the plot interesting or when the writing is highly descriptive I watch the movie. Although it is sometimes disappointing there are also times when the movie does the book justice.
  7. Samuel Swaim

    Samuel Swaim New Member

    Depends entirely on the book or the movie in question. I think that most of Kubrick's films that are based on books are better than the book. On the other hand, I think it depends a lot on which you do first, and whether or not you liked your first presentation to the story in question. If you read the book first and like it, you will probably never like the movie as much, and vice versa.
  8. The_Law_2G

    The_Law_2G New Member

    I read the book first if it really interests me. If it doesn't that much, then I just watch the movie. If it's something I already have read then the movie comes out, I reread the book and watch the movie. I like to see the differences between the book and movies.
  9. kdevita

    kdevita New Member

    I will always say read the book then watch the movie. BUT I do sometime realize that when I read a book I envision it in a certain way in my head and then am let down when I realize the movie is not the way I thought of something happening in the book.
  10. Ange Maroya

    Ange Maroya New Member

    Reading a book is better than watching movie in my opinion. I feel like the books have more details than the movies. When I read a book and I watch the movie, I always feel like the book was better. That means I really like books. Movies are excellent too. The movies make you see what you read in the books but better than you imagine with all the actions, music and actors that are real people just like you and me. Sometimes when you watch movie you get an awesome print of what the book was implying. If only I could read all the books of the movies I have watched! Nevertheless, I prefer to read the book and then watch the movie. :);)
  11. elaineb

    elaineb New Member

    It depends on the genre. For example, I prefer to see an action movie instead of read about it.

    However, mystery falls under read the book then see the movie. I catch little things about a plot when I read. Plus, I can go back to the chapter fast.
  12. Delaney Pozek

    Delaney Pozek New Member

    I have a love/hate relationship about reading the book and watching the movie. I am definitely more of a movie person than a book person. The Hunger Games is an amazing movie series and I will honestly probably never read the books because I enjoy the movies so much. However, I read the Divergent series and then watched the movie and I'm beyond disappointed.
  13. Jenna Laughlin

    Jenna Laughlin New Member

    Every time there's a popular movie coming out I read the correlating book before watching the movie. I believe the last book I read before a movie was Divergent. I saw the movie pretty late, but I felt like I had already seen the movie just by seeing pictures of characters and reading the book. However, I have found that after reading a book, I am let down when there is a movie. This is because a movie can never match up to my imagination. I imagine a character looking and acting a certain way, and there is no possible way that a movie can match up to everybody's imagination of each character. I believe this derives from the idea that you can only dream of faces and people that you have met of seen before.
  14. lda0923

    lda0923 New Member

    I like reading books especially adventure books. But I appreciate the stories better as I watch them in movies. It becomes some sort of a confirmation if the movie has given justice to the book I've read. Most movies compress the story, but they still are very entertaining and maintain the plot.
  15. CJ1024

    CJ1024 New Member

    My favorite t-shirt design says, "Don't judge a book by its movie!", but I like watching movies too, just after the book if I can.
  16. charris89

    charris89 New Member

    I like to read the book and then watch the movie. I love reading and getting to know the characters on a personal level. Books have so much more attention to detail and you get to visualize the places the author describes. Although books for me are better than movies, I also like watching the movie because it puts everything I've imagined on a screen. I can see the characters with my eyes, and all the scenery. Movies usually leave much to be desired, however I still like watching them as well as reading the book it's based on.
  17. Andrea Briceño

    Andrea Briceño New Member

    I rather not watch the movie of a book that I liked. I certainly enjoy more to read a book than to watch the movie of said book. There’s a feeling of freedom that I get when I read a book that is not present when seeing the movie. The movie entertain in the best case, but doesn’t allow your imagination to run. The images, faces and scenarios are given to you and it’s hard to think outside that mold. The books for me open another world, let you go as far away as your imagination can go. that freedom seems to be caged when you see the movie. So if you cannot separate the book from the movie version, for me it’s better to quit to one of them, because you’ll ruin the other with comparisons and predispositions.
  18. PLP Rob

    PLP Rob New Member

    I know most people tend to want to read the book before watching the movie, but I actually prefer to do it the other way round. No wait, hear me out. Here's the thing: Few people understand the art of adapting source material for the silver screen. Consequently, they read a particular book, then when they see the movie they're disappointed at how much stuff was "left out".

    So let's unpack that. First of all, you're talking about two completely different mediums. Film is a visual medium. It's all about what you see and what you hear. It's about action and dialogue. The average script is 100-120 pages, and those pages are precious real estate. There's no time for flights of fancy in a screenplay. You can't be like Hemingway and spend five pages describing the tall grass in a valley. You've got to move, move, move. A novelist, on the other hand, can take an entire chapter to describe a character's thoughts about a cup of coffee, and he or she has basically unlimited space in which to do it.

    I think one of the reasons people are so frequently disappointed by film adaptations of books is that reading is a deeply personal experience—a thousand people can read the same book and a thousand different movies will play in their heads. And a reader feels a kind of ownership over that "inner movie". After all, it's his or her brain conjuring it. Going to the cinema is obviously a different experience. It's communal. It's one film for everyone. And, given the nature of the medium, it will necessarily be less detailed than the written version of the same story. That's why I think it's cool to see the film, and then go back and read the novel. You get the condensed, action-driven version first, and then you get to take your time embellishing that experience—especially vis-a-vis the characters' inner lives—with the book. :)
  19. Luifie

    Luifie New Member

    Reading the book gives the reader the emotions, the images, the awe and surprise that a movie doesn't sufficiently provide. When you read a paragraph describing the character's actions, thoughts, and emotions as they travel through treacherous landscape in search of survivors of a post-apocalyptic event, you are able to try and grasp an understanding of how the character is feeling the intense physical and mental fatigue, how they are barely surviving on the scarce amount of food they have survived, the millions of question swarming their mind about how they are going to complete this treacherous task. When watching the movie, it is fun to be able to experience the story that blew your mind on the big screen (or small screen), but you have a harder time connecting to the character. The smallest detail can transform a book, and if that detail is missing from the movie due to any number of constraints, the viewer might feel like their valued book wasn't given justice.
  20. JamieThePooh86

    JamieThePooh86 New Member

    I personally like to watch the movie and then read the book, whenever possible of course. That reduces the chances of being disappointed by either of them.

    It's no secret that the book will always go into much more detail when it comes to the story or the characters, so it's hard to find adaptations that are just as good as the book, if not more. If you watch the movie first you go into it without prior knowledge of the story, so everything is new and exciting. Then you read the book and discover those details that the adaptation could not fit into the movie and it's like seeing the story from a whole new perspective.
  21. hhalterman

    hhalterman New Member

    I much prefer reading the book before watching the movie. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who get very angry after reading the book to find whole chunks of important information missing in the movies that was in the books! I have watched so many movies that were based off of books; An i now have to watch the movie first an then read the book so that way i dont feel like I have wasted money by going to the theater.
  22. bellemendoza

    bellemendoza New Member

    Personally, I enjoy reading books rather than watching the movie versions. Reading has a certain magic of building up emotions and creating a strong connection to the reader.
  23. juan camilo cortes

    juan camilo cortes New Member

    read and see the movie
  24. McKenna Houser

    McKenna Houser New Member

    I've never read a book then watched the movie, either I didn't know about the book before I watched the movie or I read the book and refused to see the movie. I've heard that people cant enjoy the movie after reading the book. One book that I have read was City of Bones and I saw that they made a movie so I was tempted to watch it, so I did. Lets just say I did not enjoy it, therefore I will not watch a movie that I have read the book to.
  25. Amara Henry

    Amara Henry New Member

    Personally, I like to read the book and then watch the movie afterwards. I only watch the movie if I believe that it will be able to uphold the nature and character of the story. I decide if a movie is worth watching by first looking at how the book was written, if I feel the book was written in a way that it would make a good script, I think about going to see it. The next thing I look at is the trailer for the movie, if the trailer seems to be intriguing then I will watch the movie, if not then...well you know how that goes. Sometimes, I even ask my friends or family that have already seen it whether or not they think I should go see it based off how well they know me.
  26. jdpayne

    jdpayne New Member

    I always prefer to read the book and then watch the movie, if there is a movie.

    I don't know if this is just me, but I can experience then inner thoughts and feelings of characters whenever I read a book much more so than when I watch a movie. Books also have much more room to grow and are less restrictive in what can be said and done. With movies, movies aren't usually any more than three hours long or else the audience might get bored and restless.

    Now, this is nothing against movies and there are some benefits to watching films too, instead of reading the book. For instance, I find that it is easier for me to visualize people and places when they are presented in film rather than trying to rely on my own imagination. Also, films, good films anyway, know how to cut out unnecessary filler information that might be present in the book, especially long-winded descriptions of things that really aren't necessary at all.

    Overall, though, I much prefer reading the book and, if there is a movie, I will usually try and watch it as well.
  27. PolkaDotted

    PolkaDotted New Member

    I much prefer to read the book and then watch the movie. I like to cast the characters with famous actors or actresses when I read it. I also like to imagine things my own way. Books also tend to give more descriptions and narratives. Those things tend to get lost in movies.
  28. Katherine E Nagel

    Katherine E Nagel New Member

    Both! I love comparing them. The story, the people, the faces, everything! I enjoy seeing what other people imagined, I love how movies bring the stories to life and make them seem more real. I personally prefer watching the movie after I have read the book, only because I don't like to know what is about to happen when I am enjoying a book, but it doesn't stop me when I want to watch the video.
  29. mlhjlj2007

    mlhjlj2007 New Member

    For me personally, I have to read the book first and then watch the movie. I do enjoy the movies as well most of the time. I like to read the books first because I get a real sense of the characters and exactly what they are thinking, which most of the time you don't get when you watch the movie. I do get disappointed when I read a really great book or a book series and the movie is a letdown. For example, the twilight series was great on paper, but the actors for me did not live up to what was in my head. However, the upside to reading the book first is that I actually read a really great story versus just seeing the movie and being really disappointed with Twilight.
  30. thaddeus

    thaddeus Member

    Such an age old question, but honestly it really depends on the quality of both the movie and the book. Personally I would like to just see and read both of them. :)

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