Read the book or watch the movie?

Discussion in 'Books' started by CountryMom, Mar 20, 2015.


Which do you prefer?

  1. Read the book and then watch the movie?

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  2. Just watch the movie?

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  3. Just read the book?

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  1. SBayliss68

    SBayliss68 New Member

    If I have read a book and then watch the movie, I always feel a little disappointed as the movie never quite lives up to the vision I have created in my own mind. But if I watch a movie then read the book, then I use the actors, locations and scenes from the movie to build the images in my mind.
  2. john frack

    john frack Member

    Reading the book and then watching the movie is clearly the best choice, however if I had to decide between the two, I would probably have to go with reading the book.
  3. Naiara Ferreira

    Naiara Ferreira New Member

    Both I guess. I really enjoy comparing books and movies. Most people say without hesitation ''books are definitely better'' but, sometimes series have a better development of a certain character that the book don't, besides It's great to see the scenarios and action scenes. I think both experiences -reading and watching- are great, they complement each other.
  4. Esther_lee

    Esther_lee New Member

    Although I did watch the Harry Potter series before I read them, I must agree with most people that reading the book first is better. I feel that if you watch the movies first, everything has already been imagined for you so nothing is left for you to create in your mind.
  5. D_frye

    D_frye New Member

    I've found that books usually don't follow the movie so I intentionally don't read the books and just watch the movies. I not a big reader anyways, but when I do read a book first and it happens to get turned into a movie I'm left feeling very disappointed. Also, I don't like knowing the ending of a movies beforehand so watching movies about books I've already read takes away from the movie experience because I keep waiting for this and that to happen because it happened in the book
  6. Cristofer Dorante

    Cristofer Dorante New Member

    Reading a book will always provide a richer and much more entertaining experience than watching a movie. A movie hardly gives an idea of what's happening in a specific moment while the pages of a book describe every single detail that the author wants you to focus or pay attention to.

    It has been established that a book will be better that its depiction on film and that's not to say that the movie adaptation is bad but it will always lack detail, depth, context or just ambiance that your brain is creating while reading the words on those pages.
  7. Ktine Sanzenin

    Ktine Sanzenin New Member

    There are different ways to get a story from different sources in modern times --books and movies. Also, these two are some of the most common things to spend with during leisure times. They provide a common social experience through which people can connect and relate to another one. However, books and movies are entirely distinct from each other. Books have been around for hundreds of years; educating, entertaining, and much more. Now in the era of modern technology, you could read it anywhere you want,either through a printed copy or digital copy in your phones/tabs. It also helps enhance one's mental health and hone focus. Further, it pleases the imagination of its readers by letting the words create images and sceneries in one's head. Yet, books could also be a disadvantage since it takes for a person to finish reading a book in days, weeks, or even in months. Reading it may sometimes isolate one's self from others for it takes much concentration to finish a book. On the other hand, movies emerged during the age of technology. You could watch it anywhere too --cinemas,your phone,televisions, laptops or any other forms of gadgets which have video features. It aids people to develop their social skills since watching movies could be done in pairs or by groups. In addition, movies excite the eyes of the audience since it brings the characters and actions into life. Despite its pros, movies also have disadvantages. In a movie, a story is constructed in a limited timeframe thus creating a less developed plot. Also, creating a movie would take more effort and financial expenses on the part of the directors,casts and staff. Therefore, with the comparison made between books and movies, it could be concluded that these two forms of entertainment let people to form their own opinions and own ideas since both of them have the same purpose and that is, to tell a story.
  8. smith.em

    smith.em New Member

    I used to say, "Always read the book first!" but there are some really quality movies being made these days that are arguably better than the books they are based on.
  9. TomiLee

    TomiLee New Member

    I always prefer the book to the movie, but that being said I have a compulsive need to watch the movie or tv show when it comes out as well. I'm almost always entirely disappointed, but I suppose it's one of those morbid fascination things. I just cannot look away!
    Sometimes it comes back to bite me because the movie will be so horrible it can completely ruin the book for me too. That happened with most of the whole Vampire thing for me. While I was never a big fan of Twilight, I did tolerate it until I saw the movie. I loved the Vampire Academy series, but the movie was all too teen-oriented for me. While I understand the books were YA, they had a darker side to them too and the movies failed to deliver there.
  10. Cleveland Williams

    Cleveland Williams New Member

    I like to watch the movie rather than read the book. The movie is more about the casting, and seeing those book characters come to life. However, I am slowly starting to appreciate reading the book over watching the movie. This is not due to a change in interest, rather more for understanding. I am currently writing my own novel that I would like to see made into a movie. So in order to achieve this, I'm currently studying the books and authors that have already been successful at this.
  11. jennlynn0202

    jennlynn0202 New Member

    I love reading books! I prefer to read them before watching the movie. Sometimes according to how much I liked the book I may not watch the movie. I know most of the time I will just be disappointed in what I watch so I have recently started skipping the movies all together.
  12. jennlynn0202

    jennlynn0202 New Member

    I love when I find a book that leaves me wondering what is going on with the characters after I finish the book. I love coming across great series that way I can continue to learn about the characters. But it is always sad when it comes to an end. It is almost like losing a best friend.
  13. AllieCallie

    AllieCallie New Member

    Typically I am a read the book and then go see the movie kind of gal. Now this does lead to the occasional disappointment and sad cries of "why" when a favorite scene or character is completely ruined by the Hollywood vision that said I can't imagine missing out on a good book or movie by choosing one or the other.
  14. Fany Ochoa

    Fany Ochoa New Member

    Both, hands down. Yes, there are some films that mess with the story and change a lot of things or leave out important details, but at the end of the day it’s still art and a way of expressing what someone read in the book. I have had awesome experiences (like with Gone Girl or The Lord of the Rings) and awful ones (like Eragon and Inkheart). But I guess it's mainly about luck.
  15. 1ieb1ing

    1ieb1ing New Member

    I've always preferred the book over the movie. If there's a movie coming out that is based off of a book, I make sure to read the book first and then see the movie. I just feel like it's nice to see the original idea coming out of the creators mind, and then to see it on the big screen. But to me the book just carries a better feeling.
  16. AlenLebowski

    AlenLebowski New Member

    Usually I'm more of a movie guy, but sometimes the book is miles ahead and makes you wonder whether the movie makers even cared about the story or the characters. For example, when I watched the movie Hobbit, having previously read the book, I felt let down by the many changes the director had made. However, Game of Thrones was executed almost perfectly and the TV series made all the characters from the books feel alive. To sum it up, sometimes the book is better, sometimes the movie, but usually it's very hard to find a balance between those two.
  17. Kacim27

    Kacim27 New Member

    I prefer the books but I will see the movies nonetheless simply to compare. I kind of have a hard time seeing the movie as an entity of it's own but I digress. I usually prefer to read books simply because there is so much more content than the movie can even fit. I rarely like movie adaptations to be honest but I still give them a shot.

    When I read Ender's Game a few years later the movie was announced and I was so excited. I watched the movie and I was surprised to see that it was fairly faithful to the book which made me incredibly happy. On another note I adore the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz and I waited and waited for the movie to come out in theaters but it ended up being dumped on Netflix sadly. I watched the movie and realized why. It makes me sad that Dean Koontz can't seem to get a decent movie based on his books. Another movie that I love so much is Interview with a Vampire and I think why I loved it so much is because Anne Rice herself had a huge hand in making the movie.

    That sums up my experience with the topic. I can count on one hand how many movie adaptations made that I actually liked.
  18. Alicatt

    Alicatt New Member

    Where is the option to watch the movie/tv show before reading the book? I know this isn't always possible, because sometimes movies/shows based on books don't get released for years after the book is released. But really, since almost all of the time, the book is better than the video, I like the idea of watching the video first. Because then going to the book, you will have even more details and you won't have that disappointing feeling when the video is worse than the book.
  19. Autumnrain

    Autumnrain New Member

    I think that reading or movies have thier merits depending on what you expecting. I am an avid reader, can often be found squirreled away for hours till I finish a book. Infact I finished the martian 1 hour before seeing it in the cinema.
    For me the film was good, but it was not as witty or funny as the book, and I'm glad I read the book first.
    However, I find myself really busy with uni work so, I've been listening to audio books instead. Last week I listened to "The secret life of Walter Mitty." I was so disappointed in the book, it had no substance and was really just an old man fantasising to get away from a nagging wife. So I really think it's all about the substance really!
  20. Danielle Howerton

    Danielle Howerton New Member

    I always try to read the book first. Nine times out of ten the book is better than the movie. Reading is just relaxing anyway so why not?

    Danielle Howerton
  21. Rusvia Varron

    Rusvia Varron New Member

    I'd prefer reading a book than watching a movie . Practically reading a book have no cost at all , while watching a movie always incurred a cost . Reading a book is most rewarding to me . It made me great and increases my creativity . Watching a movie is just a sort of relaxing or family bonding , or there are scenes where in you get bored .Whereas reading a book , can add knowledge and perseverance to continue reading until the end .
  22. Kinsey Persson

    Kinsey Persson New Member

    I would much rather read the book. I have yet to find a book to movie adaption where the movie was better. I like being able to imagine the characters and environments how I want them to. Sometimes when they get adapted it ends up being completely different than what I pictured and it turns me off of it. I like watching movies after I read the book to compare them and see how different they are.
  23. zulfik

    zulfik New Member

    I prefer reading the book. I think, compared to the movie, the book gives more insights to its readers and offers its readers the chance to contemplate a scene or scenes from its characters' shoes when reading their dialogues or inner thoughts. And sometimes the book renders its readers a kind of intimacy. Whereas, the purpose of a movie is more to entertain its audience.
  24. bridget05

    bridget05 New Member

    I've always loved to read the book first. I love having the details -- sometimes movies are so subtle in aspects of a story line that you wouldn't pick up what certain interactions between characters, etc., mean unless you have actually read the book. If I happen to watch a movie and then discover it was based on a book or series (which has happened a few times), I will always, always go back and read the book(s). When I was younger, I saw the first Harry Potter movie without having read any of the books, and loved it....and in that particular case, the movies and casting were so great that I actually liked the fact that I saw one of the movies first because the characters in the movie became who I saw when I read the books. I ended up reading the books and being ahead of the movie schedule, so it worked out. :)
  25. mrebenson07

    mrebenson07 New Member

    I would most often rather just read the book, however, I have found that some movies have brought me to read the book (ie: The Hunger Games), which I likely didn't know existed prior to the movie. If I read the book, and then watch the movie, I tend to end up very disappointed in the movie. A great example of this is The Other Boleyn Girl. I truly enjoyed the book. It was rich with detail and attached you the the primary character. Many of the things I loved about the book were cut from the movie. It seemed very drab and dissatisfying. Overall just a great disappointment.
    Many years before the movie came out, I read The Lovely Bones. The movie is at least a few years old now, but I still have yet to watch it for fear of utter disappointment. That would be tragic to me. My husband learned how this always seems to work the hard way when he had to do a book & movie comparison for his collage English course. I'm thankful I had a different English teacher because that would have broken my heart to have to do.
  26. amol kayasth

    amol kayasth New Member

    In the my childhood my mom alwayas told to me, " Go to bed don't see Tv other wise i say your father". i feared and go to sleep , to see tv more it is bad thing that becouse that you loose the your Eye vision . i told to my child about that .:cry: that time used to read books that give to information about many things .
  27. LaTrinity

    LaTrinity New Member

    I prefer to read the book. Reading is so much more rewarding since your imagination can be stretched. You can put your own face to the characters or imagine a scene in your own way. Not to mention the feel and smell of a new book....yummy. I love reading since that is my own personal quiet time. After reading the book I see no real need to watch the movie though.
  28. star2511

    star2511 New Member

    For me, watching a movie is much more entertaining rather than just reading book. I understand it much better because its visual and I don't have to keep the suspense. More emotions, actions and drama!
  29. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire New Member

    Some of the best movies I have ever watched were adapted from books, for instance A Clockwork Orange, Cold Mountain, Schindler’s List etc. However, I have not read these books. The Lord of the Rings and The Harry Potter series are good movies, nevertheless, I have never been interested in reading these books. I have a copy of The Great Gatsby but I have not read this novel, nonetheless, when the the Movie The Great Gatsby was released I went to the theater. I guess, I prefer to watch movies instead of reading books.
  30. Valedevento

    Valedevento New Member

    Personally, I never used to like reading. In school I only read books because it was compulsory and after that, I never touched another book. So if you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have voted for the movie without giving it a second thought. But since then I have travelled a lot and started to read some books along the way. Now I always have a book on my nightstand. My husband doesn't like reading, so I recommended a few movies that I read the book from. And every time I liked the book more, sometimes they left important parts of the book out, or changed the story too much. Sometimes I didn't like their choice of actors since you always have a different picture of the characters in your mind.

    I still enjoy watching movies, but I do prefer to read the book now.

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