Read the book or watch the movie?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Read the book and then watch the movie?

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  2. Just watch the movie?

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  3. Just read the book?

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  1. elroy2010

    elroy2010 New Member

    There are just some books that can never be translated into a good movie. Ender's Game is one example of that. There is only so much you can condense into a movie without missing and glossing over important aspects of it.
  2. Mara

    Mara New Member

    I do both, depending on when I'm introduced to the book or movie. For instance, "Game of Thrones," is one series that my grandchildren kept telling me to read, and so I joined an online book club dedicated to this series, and ultimately ended up watching dvds in a marathon to catch up before the next season, and reading the books along with the dvds. Another example is "Outlander." I read the first book in the series, and was so hooked, I added Starz to my tv package so I could watch the series, since the first season was still available "on demand." I'm now reading the rest of the series, as I can't wait for tv to see what becomes of my favorite characters. Season 2 is a long way off as yet. Usually, I much prefer a good book over the movie version, as movies tend to disappoint. There's always much more to the story, and more in-depth of the characters with a novel.
  3. AmbarMin13

    AmbarMin13 New Member

    I couldn't agree more. Besides on the book you can get te original version of the story. No cuts.
  4. shaloowalia

    shaloowalia New Member

    I prefer to read the book first than watching the movie. Books are much detailed in comparison to the movie adaptations. Whenever I watch a movie after reading the book, I feel that so much has been left out. Very few movie adaptations are as good as the book.
  5. Jessica77

    Jessica77 New Member

    I have always preferred reading the book before seeing the movie. The movies usually cut out things that are important because they can only be about two hours long, whereas reading a book usually takes me four to twelve hours in total. There can be clearer details on characters and settings in books. I like reading the book to get the full detail on each character, because often, they are in first person point of view, which allows you to get inside the character's mind and find out their weaknesses, their biggest dreams, and boggling questions. In books, I care more about character descriptions and secret than about the plot. Even if the plot sucks, I will still like the book if it has interesting characters. In movies, characters all act the same from my view because you can't tell what they are thinking, and that is why I would rather read the book.
  6. Sheridan_Lane

    Sheridan_Lane New Member

    I rarely find myself wanting to watch the movies first before reading the books. As a wide reader, there's something much more fulfilling about reading the books first as you get a lot of more details and perspectives in that way too.
  7. Malavicious

    Malavicious New Member

    In most cases, the book does end up being better, but watching the movie can be enjoyable as well. It can even sometimes provide a vastly different experience, such as with Ridley Scott's interpretation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which has so many essential differences, Scott may as well have been telling his own story, which in a way he was. Or when watching A Game of Thrones on the tv (I know it's not a movie, but it's an adaptation and that counts) and reading the books. Most of the time, however, films do a 1:1 adaptation, and that in and of itself isn't necessarily boring, but it is rather safe in my opinion. There are also films that are poor representations of the original books (Stephen King's It and the Lord of the Rings films immediately to mind) that make it seem like watching movie adaptations not worth it at all, however the few gems out there far outweigh the crud. All in all, I'd say that I do indeed prefer the book most of the time, but sometimes the movie can be just as good as well.


    It's always much better to read the book before you watch the movie, because that just gives you a lot more free room to imagine. And because sometimes in movies, they would cut out some parts, or just add their own parts. So if the book is good enough to be made as a movie, Why not see the book first?
  9. Shabree Mitchell

    Shabree Mitchell New Member

    I rather watch a movie because reading just loses my attention too fast and I seem to get bored rather fast. In addition, it's naturally a lot easier for me to just watch and pay attention. Overall, I think it really just depends on if a person enjoys reading and quiet verses sound and visual stimulation better.
  10. richilaki

    richilaki New Member

    I would rather watch the movie. This is not to say that my way of enjoying content is better than others. It is simply just the way I feel better when consuming content. I understand that people have spoken a lot about the benefits of reading the book, or doing both, however every single human being is different, and sometimes no matter how much people try to persuade me, I always end up just wanting to watch the video content. It is simply personal preference and people should not be judged based on what way they choose to consume content, because everyone is different.
  11. NymeriaCC

    NymeriaCC New Member

    I'm a bookworm, and forever will be. There's a thrill I feel every time I turn the pages of a book that movies have never given me.
    That said, I still enjoy movies that are based on books. I rather read the books first and then watch the movies, but I have watched movies and later discovered they were based on books. It does take some of the "suspense" I guess, but I still wholeheartedly enjoy reading them even thought I "already know" what's going to happen.
    I guess everyone has a different view on the subject but I believe that while movies entertain, books can take you places. Different eras, parallel universes, distant planets. They offer you so much more than just entertainment.
    But that's just what I think.

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