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    Good nonfiction is a delight to the mind any day and any time. In nonfiction texts you will find many serious issues from the worlds of politics, economics, business, finance , eCommerce and academics. These issues are usually treated with more expertise and savvy than you will find in our everyday blog posts, podcasts and articles. Nonfiction books are also usually written by experts with so much experience or insights into the topics they treat.

    Books like The Wealth of Nations(Adam Smith) or The Wealth and Poverty of Nations(David Landes) give us very lucid insights into the human situation and condition. These books were written by academics who have a long history of research. Although I don't agree with everything they say, I sift their views to extract deeper insight,however, I have learnt many thing from these books.

    Reading good nonfiction will expand your world view and it will invariably pave the way for you to master the craft of good writing. Any body who wants to get properly started in the field of professional copy writing should learn to read good nonfiction. This will supply budding copywriters with a fund of styles and subject matter that will power their copies with all the right stuff and structures.

    Get started with this list -

    1. The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith
    2. The Wealth and Poverty of Nations - David Landes
    3. The E-Myth Revisited -Micheal E. Gerber
    4. Fooled by Randomness - Nicholas Nassim Taleb
    5. Poor Charlies's Almanack -Charles T Munger (Foreword by Warren Buffet)
    6. Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
    7. Miracles - Clive Staples Lewis
    8. The Lean Startup -Eric Ries
    9. Pensees -Blaise Pascal
    10. On The Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres - Nicholas Copernicus
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