Reading Fiction: Where Is Your Favorite Place To Indulge?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by ClaireG, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. ClaireG

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    Do you have a special place where you like to read? Is it somewhere that feels strange to be empty handed? The ties between what we read and where are sometimes so strong that it is difficult to change. Did you ever try to read say a business book where you’d normally sit to read a novel? Did you struggle to get through more than a few pages? Our minds associate certain activities with certain positions and sometimes this can be difficult to break. Instead of trying to fight it, it may be better to find a location to suit the type of reading you’d like to do. In this article, I’m going to cover a few common venues and recommend reading material to suit.

    1. At work. Reading a novel while sitting at my desk in front of my computer feels downright weird to me. To be honest, reading anything other than business material can be difficult. Of course, because of my job as editor of Espresso Fiction I’m often reading short stories while sitting at my desk and that feels OK. In fact, when I find a story that I really get into, it’s a complete break as I have no awareness of other noises or distractions. And when I’ve finished I have no sense of time. It usually takes a minute or two and then I’m back in the present but for that 15 minutes or so I am somewhere completely different. And that’s one of the things I love about fiction; it transports you wherever the author wants to take you.

    2. Outside. Lounging by the pool on a sunbed or sitting on the grass is a great spot for reading a gripping novel. That way you can effortlessly block out the surrounding noise. Of course, if you are supposed to be watching children then a novel is not the best choice. You would be wiser to choose something that you can drop in and out of without constantly losing the flow of your reading.

    3. Hammock. My husband recently put up ours after I pointedly showed him exactly where it could go and we discussed at length how it could be fixed into place. Boy, did I miss having it. Lying stretched out and staring at the sky and the trees and listening to the birds is a really lovely experience. The only problem with reading in a hammock is staying awake! So choose your material wisely – something funny or lively is your best bet if you don’t want to drop off to sleep within a few short minutes.

    4. In bed. Reading in bed seems to be a very common reading position as it’s a great way to turn off from the stresses of the day and ease into sleep. I’ve found its best not to pick anything too stimulating because my mind starts racing (the very opposite of what I want) or complicated because then I give up without reading more than a page or so (this makes for a very long read and usually ends with me putting the book aside in favor of something else).

    5. Sofa. Another great reading venue because your body gets to rest too. This can be a great spot for reading a novel or if time is limited a short story.

    6. Coffee Shop. This is the perfect place to read your favorite magazine or short story, something that holds your attention but can tolerate the inevitable interruptions. Both are something you can sink into and pop out of at the other end feeling refreshed.

    7. Aeroplane. A long novel that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn’t let you go makes time go really fast. If you’ve ever been on a long flight with a great book and not wanted the flight to end until you finish the book then you will know what I mean.

    8. Public transport. Again you need to choose your reading material carefully. A novel which is too engaging may have you missing your stop and hankering to get back to your book as soon as possible. It is better to find material that suits the length of your journey – articles or short stories for short trips and magazines and more complex or thought provoking novels for longer journeys. Public transport is a perfect place to daydream so something which requires reflection and thought can be perfect if time allows.

    What is your favorite reading venue and position? Do you vary your reading material to suit your location?
  2. Warren1967

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    Either about history or science fiction. I have read several books on both genres and I enjoyed them. They stimulate the imagination and give you a good idea of what the story is all about. That is the reason why I like reading. I still do after all these years.
  3. jajamon04

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    I love reading at a place where noise is minimal. I often go to a cafe or a library to make sure I can concentrate on what I am reading.
  4. Fleur017

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    I usually read anytime or anywhere as long as I’m free to do so, except when I’m in a moving vehicle. I always have something prepared to read whether it may be a physical book or something stored in my phone. But I usually prefer the quiet when I read, it helps my mind and imagination wander into the most infinite possibilities it could reach.
  5. Nytstalkerabby

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    Reading or watching fiction over television or anywhere is fine with me because I believe that after all it's a fiction story or documentary so entertainment is definitely going to be there which will keep me all eyes and ears
  6. Ameyjing29

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    For me, it's in my room, where no one can disturb me, and where I can burst all the feelings I feel whenever I read something. I like reading where I am all alone, 'cause I feel like, I can express more of my feelings than when people are around me. Since I am the emotional type of a reader, I get carried away easily. That's why, I want to read on a place where I am all alone, and where I am most comfortable of.

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