real or scam InstaGC..

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by Mhelgc8, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Mhelgc8

    Mhelgc8 New Member

    Are you familiar with this website?
    I just signed up for this pay to click website.. but the problem is there is always a notification that will pop up and tell me that my paypal account should be verified.. I dont know what to do.. :(
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  2. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    Hi @Mhelgc8,

    I also signed up to this website last day, and yes it needs to have a Paypal account. May I ask if you have valid Paypal account? If not you can register here.

    If you have an account already, can you please verify if you have added a bank account or card? If not, kindly do so. This way, your account will be verified by instaGC. By the way, you will be deducted a certain amount on your card but rest assured that Paypal will return it once registered.

    Hope that helps :thumbsup:
  3. Dane

    Dane New Member

    Hi Mhelgc8! I've also heard that the site is a scam. Many users were not paid after hitting the quota. Maybe it works for some but not consistently with everyone. Well I say, there is no harm in trying but you maybe wasting time though.

    As for Paypal verified account, you have to go to your Paypal account and add your credit card or saving account. There will be an option there to verify you. Keep in mind though, you will be charge roughly about $2. After you have been charged, you have to check your account and look for the "$2 debit" and you'll find a verification code from the name of the merchant. Don't worry Paypal will give you a clear instructions regarding this.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. ghimey

    ghimey Member

    i just sign up in InstaGC. but im still skeptical if its really work. im just trying to test the water rigth now.and im still learning on it.
  5. danahart23

    danahart23 New Member

    me too.. i have the same Paypal issues
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  6. Heshbon

    Heshbon New Member

    It has been a great issue to everyone that we experience in social media. John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary’s Clinton’s, had his email account compromised before because of phishing. It’s when a formal email was send to you formally saying that there is attempt to log on your account and you need to update your E-mail. This is very common.

    But the very important is that to pay attention close to URL. These contain vital information that determines if you’re safe or not. It is constructed as: protocol (http), the source name: sub domain (www) domain name (Google), top level domain (com), and the file path(index.html).This mostly happen on PayPal accounts that most of people experience.

    Other from it is the HTTP, or the hypertext transfer protocol. Unfortunately, it is not that secure, that is SSL or Secure Sockets Layer was developed and we see it as HTTPS.
    The last one is the padlock icon and the green address bar indicates that the side is not fraudulent.
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  7. bamboo18

    bamboo18 New Member

    to verify paypal you must have a credit card, but if you do not have a credit card you can buy vcc to verify it. please see here
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  8. sareenapotato

    sareenapotato New Member

    I started in instaGC last week. Its very hard to earn any points because there is not much surveys to fill.
  9. eokki

    eokki New Member

    i completed 7 task and follow instruction how to submit it when your done, i saw some survey i was passed but still in pending section on the 4th day so i stopped working and i dont wanna waste my time on it. You can follow up your pendings to the admins but you have to provide screen shots, why would i do that? Does it mean they can't validate your account?
  10. tinjus311

    tinjus311 New Member

    Woah! Thanks for the big help sir i have the same kind of problem.
  11. angeldchaz

    angeldchaz New Member

    Paypal accounts are accounts that have linked bank accounts and credit or debit cards on it. These are the requirements for online transactions to happen. One cannot send/receive funds from an unverified PayPal user. That is why GPT sites require a PayPal account that has undergone verification. I hope this helps. Thanks.
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  12. bradsommes

    bradsommes New Member

    Mhelgc8, the reason they're asking for a VERIFIED paypal account is because they are not able to send out funds to any unverified paypal account. This is something on Paypal's side of things, not InstaGC's. You can log into paypal to get your account verified - they verify your phone number and banking information - so that InstaGC can enable the Paypal option when you go to cash out.
  13. Mark Jayson Soliot

    Mark Jayson Soliot New Member

    I'm also a new member on InstaGC I hope that it's really working I already answered a survey a while ago and I'm not compatible with the requirements, I don't know the mechanics yet on how to make money from it. Can someone tell me ? or any piece of advice
  14. Jenna David

    Jenna David New Member

    I have watched about InstaGC on Youtube for I was looking for part time income while working. Yes, I'm working online, teaching online to be specific. There are times where I'm totally vacant and it bores me so I really need to do something worthy to keep me occupied. However, upon reading your post, it seemed like I changed my mind. I'm about to create an account on it but based on the comments and suggestions here it seemed like I'm just going to waste my time and energy. My time is precious and I want to use it in worthy things.
  15. DyoOli

    DyoOli New Member

    Yes. I just signed up yesterday but I haven't tried it yet. I also have the same paypal problem at first. So, what I did was I added a bank account. But still the problem was still there, then I tried adding a card, I don't have a credit card, so I tried adding my debit card with a mastercard logo. Problem solved. I'm on instaGC. Try adding those two. ;)
  16. ladscarl

    ladscarl New Member

    Greetings Ma'am, this is to inform the body that InstaGC has a strict signup process where they forbid someone, like me, from registering due to an unverified Paypal account. In this regard, the website must be real, due to its high level relation with Paypal relative to the posting of a debit card before being verified by the latter. Thank you.
  17. bh0guy

    bh0guy Member

    I have same issue and i think the problem is that I did not connect my card to paypal yet. If you don't have credit card or any card to connect to paypal. I recommend you to try out Paymaya. You can load up your paymaya account in 7/11 or Bayad Centers if your in the Philippines.
    Hope this helps you out :)
  18. Roma Delgado

    Roma Delgado New Member

    I just signed up last Friday but I only realized today that I really need to verify my account. And I did it. I verified my account this afternoon, waiting for my bank account to receive the code given by the Paypal to my bank account. Right now, I'm worried because some told that InstaGC, don't have many surveys on line. How can we gain points if there is nothing to answer or watch?? I'm feeling sad right now but I hope it will give us chance to earn. Thank you.
  19. macfais

    macfais New Member

    Based on my experience, instaGC is real. I just signed up last Wednesday (November 01, 2017) with my first instaGC account but failed due to unverified Paypal account. Later on that day, I verified my Paypal account and linked it to my instaGC pending account but still a failure. A ticket (the name of the query box is a "ticket") was issued to me stating that the details of my Paypal account has some problems. I fixed the problem on the same day and it was a successful registration. I immediately answered one available survey but a "ticket" was issue to me again stating that there are some problems with my settings and they can not able to process my points. That's the time I decided to delete my instaGC account. You have to issue a "ticket" requesting account deletion. The good thing is their support team are very kind and approachable. They will address you formally during a "ticket" conversation. Meanwhile, my conclusion that it is "true" is because I knew a friend who already earned from it.
  20. carantoricardo

    carantoricardo New Member

    You must verified first your PAYPAL account and link in INSTAGC so that you start answering surveys. Verifying Paypal Account is one of the requirements you must to accomplish before to start using INSTAGC. Instagc is a legit survey site, it pays every time you reach their minimum payout but not every time they have a survey. However, while you waiting in survey in INSTAGC try another freelance online jobs.
  21. Macky_03

    Macky_03 New Member

    Yes I am familiar in this website, but just like you my PAYPAL account is not fully verified yet because I haven't link any card or bank account for now. Hopefully next week I am going to link my bank account. I can't link a card right now because I am still processing my online bank account and my bank said that it will be 7 to 10 working days before my online account will activate. So I need to wait for ten days to receive an email from my bank hopefully soon I can fully verified my account. I am applying for online banking because I want to view my transaction every time I want and also to view the transaction coming from my PAYPAL account.

    So for you to be fully verified you account on PAYPAL just link a card or bank account you have and if you don't have any bank account/s or credit card I suggest you may apply atleast 1 account so you can now verified your account.
    Hope this will help you.
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  22. redpalm

    redpalm New Member

    I am a new member, I'm hoping that this is legit :)
  23. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Hey, I've been a member of instagc for a month now and I've cashout out already for $1 thru PayPal, surprisingly it was credited in 5 minutes.
    InstaGc has Crowdflower in it, there's a lot of micro tasks there but regretfully they pay in points and it's not worth your time and effort. The only legit online surveys that really credit points are surveys under instagc itself. Don't bother doing surveys with its partners because you won't get credited. There are also cases where you have to make a ticket to request points credit and cashout.
    See attached files
    Credited by Day Online Solutions

    Screenshot_20180111-075805.png Screenshot_20180111-075644.png
  24. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    To verify your PayPal account you must have a credit card if not an ATM or Debit card of your bank with a Visa on it, will do, but it must have atleast $2 credit on it to become verified, what happens is PayPal charges a Dollar or its equivalent in your currency for verifying ones account, a verified account means you can receive and send money with a very high limit, Which for me has no sense because
    InstaGc was the one who requested it in the first place. We all know that all we can get from instagc is an amount below $10. I think maybe the reason for having a verified account is part of instagc's selection process.
    And another thing the $1 that PayPal debited from your account will be credited again by PayPal after 48 hours.
  25. Romel Apatan

    Romel Apatan New Member

    Many of my friends are using instaGC and they say it legit. and I tried it last night and I am stuck on paypal verification and I did add a complete and sync bank account on paypal and it was succesful but still on instaGC stuck on verified paypal and I don't know what to do so I just left.
  26. rafa

    rafa New Member

    This is real. Although I just started this week. I'm still earning enough points to withdraw. I saw instagc from a youtube guy and said that it is one of online sites that you can earn for real. He showed us a proof of payment made via paypal
  27. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    It's real alright, and if your having
    problems with your PayPal account
    I think this would solve it.
    If you need a PayPal account
    the easy way then Register
    first for a GCash account.
    Get Free P20 upon registration.
    Use this code : K572NA
    Then go to accounts and choose
    PayPal there's a PayPal link there
    For easy PayPal registration.
    PayPal to GCash Money Transfer
    is the fastest it takes seconds.
    While usual PayPal to Bank/ATM/CCards takes 1 week. You can receive, transfer and withdraw PayPal money easily using GCash.
    Click link now to get GCash and PayPal. the app:
  28. khrissy0216

    khrissy0216 New Member

    I've searched for some online jobs or survey and I run through this InstaGC according to someone I know it's a legit website. Well he is the one who introduced Postloop to me so I guess his telling the truth.
  29. Jaster85

    Jaster85 New Member

    Based on my research about InstaGC, i found out that it's a legit survey site. I've talked to people who are making a living out of InstaGC and even showed me some proof of payment. It basically revolves on surveys that companies and people offers to be surveyed before hitting the market. Just complete all the surveys truthfully to prevent screened out.
  30. Arthurks

    Arthurks New Member

    I tried a number of pay per click sites and felt that they just weren't worth the effort.
    I have also tried surveys and found that you generally have to fit into their target audience, many of them do not like people of certain ages or income groups, so the surveys slow down. One that I am currently still getting surveys from, slowed down the number of surveys as soon as I switched from "gambling" my points on their sweepstake to banking them for a cashout!

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