real or scam InstaGC..

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  1. hopelesshopeful

    hopelesshopeful New Member

    Been encountering this problem as well when I signed up this morning. I guess it is a know issue then. I tried searching Google on how to have it resolved and it says card info should be provided. I dont have a credit card though, will try my debit card as suggested here. Hope it works. Thanks!
  2. mfv202

    mfv202 New Member

    I signed up for this yesterday. They asked for verification of my PayPal account too so I followed instructions and linked my credit card. The email I received after that stated that they will be sending a 4-digit code in my bank's next statement to complete the verification process. That means I have to wait some 30 days for my next billing statement to get my verification code. I guess I have to wait until then. Should I find a faster and easier way to do it, I'll post and update you too, guys.
  3. Solange

    Solange New Member

    I have one you can try. Its no scam and I got paid every 2 weeks. Click on the link down below. Their are a lot off methods to withdraw .
  4. jesthony999

    jesthony999 New Member

    I am not on instaGC but I gathered it's a good paying site, one thing I will really like to know how frequent are the surveys especially for members that are not in the top tier countries. This will go a long way to impact on their earning ability on the site.
  5. Onigece

    Onigece New Member

    I dont think so. I found a very reliable youtuber discussing about it, and it pays. However if you are into online jobs and you need higher payouts, InstaGC is not the site. I cant remember the figure, but I am not impressed with the figure.
  6. aaadv101

    aaadv101 New Member

    InstaGc is legit i do a lot of tasks as they pay really well and you get a 12 cts bonus for every dollar earned. I also used some of my swagbucks earning to get a golden membership and some referrals. The membership was discounted when I got it so it wasn't too bad. Being a golden member means that you get 24 cents bonus instead of 12 for the tasks. As for the referrals, they have earned me $1.57 while I was at home and the day is not over yet.
  7. Abdussamed0

    Abdussamed0 New Member

    it is not a scam because I also make a lot of money with instagc so I would say try it differently :).
  8. bette

    bette New Member

    i hope its ligit..i signed up two days ago..the person who introduced me to postloop also the one introduce insta gc.
    i also watched you tube and they show proof of payments..
  9. Jhay0815

    Jhay0815 New Member

    I think instaGC is scam, because when i try to register to the survey that they refer to sign and said that you can earn 600 or 6000 points if you sign up to that site, but when i signed up and put my visa card number and proceed, there's email on my email and its not a verification, but it's say's that they deduct me for the sign in that i made, and the other mail say's that there was a error and my subcription is cancelled, and my money lost
  10. winmoreevinz17

    winmoreevinz17 New Member

    I saw this forum at i really don't have any idea about instaGC , so i try myself to sign in. I want to experience myself if its legit or scam. And i saw this video from a youtuber who is introducing this one. He is a filipino, and he is earning from this instaGC. I tried it myself but my coins cant be redeemed and transfer to my account. I probably just say this is a scam.
  11. joseph19

    joseph19 New Member

    I see that InstaGC is a legal site, what they're after is verification of your Paypal which is a very normal thing. After being verified you can start working for them and earning money. With that said i do not advise this as an efficient way to earn extra money, if its something you enjoy then go ahead. I would recommend inboxdollars if you were trying to make money through surveys, they offer more reward and send you a check in the mail. Either way you are safe to verify your Paypal account. Hope you have good results!
  12. Naonao

    Naonao New Member

    InstaGC is a legit money making site. This is as of April of 2018. I have been using it for two weeks now and I already gained almost 4 dollars. Yes it is a money making site but you cannot gain that big. It is a side line or a part time. Just give a littel time of yours. You can earn big only when most of the time you are qualified to answers the surveys which is unlikely.

    With respect to your paypal account you need to verify it. To verify it log on to your paypal account, connect your bank account and then connect also your master or visa card. That’s what I did and i was able to withdraw money twice.
  13. Goddessescorner

    Goddessescorner New Member

    I have tried signing up with it cause most people I watch on youtube says it is legit however, I was unable to prove it cause I always get error every time I try to attach my paypal account.
  14. joselito888

    joselito888 Member

    I also don't have idea with this but all peolpe are open to watch youtube regarding with this agenda.
  15. keen2write

    keen2write New Member

    Yes, InstaGc is a real incentive website to which I have been on this for a number of years. Yeah, you need a verified PayPal for some of these sites but it is worth it with InstaGc as they payout instantly. But, you do not have to use PayPal you can earn Amazon gift card codes and so much more on this site. I love this site as it is similar to points2shop which is an awesome site as well as this one.
  16. fayeanne

    fayeanne New Member

    I signed up last february, however, since my paypal account hasn't been verified yet i got locked out. And so, after completing my paypal verification, i tried signing up again and was able to browse the site and answered a couple of surveys. And then when i tried logging in today they're saying that my account is locked again. I've already created a ticket to address my concern and just waiting for their resolution.
  17. celine_ciao2000

    celine_ciao2000 New Member

    I have the same experience! Is there anyone who has earned from this site?
  18. Lemelaa

    Lemelaa New Member

    I think INSTAGC itself is not a scam, i know some people already payout on that website. But for my experience the tasks that you need to do to earn points are the ones that are not trusted, there was a task that gives a big amount of points you just need to sign up on their website and give them your credit card information it said that it is a 7 days free trial, the task to earn the point is not to cancel the account until it lasted 7 days. After I've signed up they charge me in my credit card twice the other charge was not even from that website, i think those 2 websites are connected to each other. I was so mad, i hope they refund what they charge me.
  19. Aleyaaahh

    Aleyaaahh New Member

    I signed up for InstaGC but not tried it yet because I need to verify my Paypal Account by linking it to a card. Even though, I know someone who already payout on it. They said it's legit and no scam. I'll definitely try it when I am able to verify it!
  20. Jrodrigo

    Jrodrigo New Member

    I signed in with this pay to click websites "Instagc" just a couple of days. I always have this pay pal verification also. No wonder, i've encountered this issue because i have not completed or added a bank to link in with my paypal account.

    Good thing, there's a forum like this. Now, i knew what was the missing part why i keep seeing this on my instagc.
  21. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    yes i been registered to instagc last 3 days but my problem is i cannot verify my account because the link i use from instagc is defferent from the link i used for paypal. what should i do to connect my instagc account to my paypal,? i already have link it to my bank account. Please help me if you have an idea about it. thank you.
  22. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    I been registered to paypal 3 times already i deleted my 2 account and the big problem is 2$ had been deducted.
  23. jaynaol22

    jaynaol22 New Member

    same here im getting same message
  24. pisceslei

    pisceslei New Member

    I haven't tried to sign up in instaGC but based on what I have watched in youtube some of them got paid and they said its real!
  25. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    Yes. InstaGC is a legit survey site. Me too having the same problem of getting to register to this survey since I don't have my PayPal account activated. But no worries dear from the time you have your pay pal ready then that's good to go. I am sure of that because I do have a friend who has InstaGC and he's earning from it. I've seen proofs of payment he has made.
  26. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    Yes definitely! InstaGC is a legit survey site. I have friends who have made cash outs from this survey site. And I'm planning also to participate in this group just needed to set up first my verified pay pal account. The thing i like about this kind of work is that it gives a lot of understanding what really as human we needed most in our day to day living. Our participation and honest suggestions are very important to affect our current situations and to the near future.
  27. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    I also Joined the InstaGC but earning points is so hard and some surveys don't mostly run and most of the time there are no surveys to do.
  28. Airabaclor08

    Airabaclor08 Member

    I sign up in InstaGC but they don't verified my account, they say i need to update first my browser so i don't know if it's legit that you can earn money, but base on the youtuber I watched he earn money by using InstaGc.
  29. jampong25

    jampong25 New Member

    Yes instaGC is not a scam manny people proven it in posting their live withdrawal online. instaGC is not a easy work you need a high patients and hard work to get your first payout you can say that instaGC is a waste of time but it is not a scam.
    that's all I can say in this topic hope you like it.
  30. Mrox

    Mrox New Member

    I do first my own research before going to tell you folks if it is a scam or legit, i already watched in you tube that it is legit since some are getting paid for watching videos and taking surveys, and also the feedback is good so i think it is legit, you can get your money through paypal.
    Try it and see for yourself.

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