real or scam InstaGC..

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by Mhelgc8, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. hopelesshopeful

    hopelesshopeful New Member

    Been encountering this problem as well when I signed up this morning. I guess it is a know issue then. I tried searching Google on how to have it resolved and it says card info should be provided. I dont have a credit card though, will try my debit card as suggested here. Hope it works. Thanks!
  2. mfv202

    mfv202 New Member

    I signed up for this yesterday. They asked for verification of my PayPal account too so I followed instructions and linked my credit card. The email I received after that stated that they will be sending a 4-digit code in my bank's next statement to complete the verification process. That means I have to wait some 30 days for my next billing statement to get my verification code. I guess I have to wait until then. Should I find a faster and easier way to do it, I'll post and update you too, guys.
  3. Solange

    Solange New Member

    I have one you can try. Its no scam and I got paid every 2 weeks. Click on the link down below. Their are a lot off methods to withdraw .
  4. jesthony999

    jesthony999 New Member

    I am not on instaGC but I gathered it's a good paying site, one thing I will really like to know how frequent are the surveys especially for members that are not in the top tier countries. This will go a long way to impact on their earning ability on the site.
  5. Onigece

    Onigece New Member

    I dont think so. I found a very reliable youtuber discussing about it, and it pays. However if you are into online jobs and you need higher payouts, InstaGC is not the site. I cant remember the figure, but I am not impressed with the figure.
  6. aaadv101

    aaadv101 New Member

    InstaGc is legit i do a lot of tasks as they pay really well and you get a 12 cts bonus for every dollar earned. I also used some of my swagbucks earning to get a golden membership and some referrals. The membership was discounted when I got it so it wasn't too bad. Being a golden member means that you get 24 cents bonus instead of 12 for the tasks. As for the referrals, they have earned me $1.57 while I was at home and the day is not over yet.

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