real or scam InstaGC..

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  1. Mrox

    Mrox New Member

    InstaGC is legit, they need to verify your paypal account if they don't verify it i think it is a scam, verification is for security purposes.
  2. Polham

    Polham New Member

    Hello I'm also new to InstaGC but I think it is real because there are lots of review online that the site is legitimate and paying also one my trusted youtube channel review this site so I can guarantee that this site is real . My suggestion is to try it because in the first place nothing will lost, so just try and try. Good luck to us.
  3. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    Is there anyone who can help me out because for 3 days now, Paypal is still checking my bank account that's why I cannot continue with instaGC. I'm a Stay at home mom and I want to earn extra money for my family. Also, what are the other sites that really gives payout? thank you !
  4. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    You can earn about a dollar a week in instagc. I would recommend to you another survey company AIP-Rakuten. I've been answering surveys in that site for several years now and they pay me $5 a month minimum.
  5. ronjezer18

    ronjezer18 New Member

    I started InstaGC yesterday and based on my experience, it's difficult to earn points because there are few available surveys. The points you will earn is not worth the time you will spend on InstaGC.
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  6. ahllen

    ahllen Member

    You can register to a paymaya app and fund it 2$, then link it to your paypal account so you can verify your paypal account for those who don't want to register their other bank account or credit card in paypal. Paymaya is a reloadable visa ready card.
  7. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    What is the best way to make money on,, Sign up for adsense account ...... Go to Youtube for more information. Sign up for some survey sites ,like Vindale Research and other sites that are BBB accredited... Also UpWork is a good place to go if you,re signed up as writer for blog posts. Apptrailers, are good sites if you enjoy watching videos.You may be able to make good money flipping domain websites and does not cost much to start. Well i hope i gave some good ways to make some extra money online...
  8. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    InstaGC is only 3$ a day to watch videos they are limited ....
  9. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Can you really make money buyin and selling houses,, The answer is yes..
  10. Nelo

    Nelo New Member

    I dunno. Because when i started to register at instagc. I had a trouble shooting in binding my paypal account to instagc.
  11. Kiradude

    Kiradude New Member

    I tried this instagc a while ago before I go here in this website. I will say that its not a scam because you need a validation that you have a paypal and thats verified, if not you cant play the instagc. Also one of the vloggers that I watch said that its a good income for him so yeah try it there's nothing you will loss ah you have your time though try to take a risk.
  12. Maryellen

    Maryellen New Member

    I love instagc. I've been a member for 2 years and cash out several times a month. I like it because payout is fast. You do have to cash out $50 Amazon first time though but after that you can cash out for as low as $1 to PayPal which is where most of my redemptions go. The videos are ok, but not a fast earner. Try doing coupon offers on the various offer walls as well as any phone call offers when available. I just run the videos from Smores as well as it appears that the videos under the earn tab have too many problems.
  13. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    Its Super legit they pay via paypal am tried to it and it's true.
    They good for free time to make money just easy as that.don't make your free time uselesss. Use your free time earn money like instagc or other platform. its unlimited on intagc cool!
    Just you may have paypal account for payments.
  14. Jedo

    Jedo New Member

    No scam here. This is by far one of the best GPT sites I have come across. There are plenty of offers for you to complete and earn points. And the points you earn can be redeemed for cash and gift cards promptly without hassle.

    But its important to know that you won’t make a living off of a site like this. Its only good for making a few extra bucks in your spare time. Don’t go out there and try to make a days worth of money.InstaGC is one of many Get Paid To (GPT) websites, but is InstaGC a scam? Well in my opinion its one of the best GPT websites out ...
  15. cuarezpaul

    cuarezpaul New Member

    i experienced also that kind of problem that is why i login to my paypal account and i registered my bank account number so that my paypal will be fully verified and can be used.
  16. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    InstaGC is a good website and a genuine way to earn money and points to put towards products at major retailers like Amazon. It’s certainly not a scam as some have claimed so you needn’t work there. On the flip side, if you’re interested in earning a full time income online then InstaGC is not going to be able to do that for you, the earning potential is simply not high enough and you should instead look at other opportunities.
  17. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    I also did that. Now I am waiting for the code that should be sent to me for 2-3 business days so I can verify my PayPal account. Let's see what InstaGC says once I verified my PayPal account. Hope it's not a scam though, I've watched many reviews about it and I find it good, though.
  18. virtualjsb

    virtualjsb New Member

    You need to link bank account or debit card or credit card account to your paypal account in order to get your paypal account verified. You can use paymaya if you don't have bank account. Hoped that helped
  19. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    I haven't tried this site but I have read hundred of good feedback about it. And I also find out upon researching that it has a fun way of earning. Plus it has a lot of ways to earn. I have also seen a copy of someones payout from this site. And it is kinda credible.
  20. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    InstaGC is legit based from my personal experience and I am still using it until now. I have just joined the site recently and although there aren't a lot of tasks available for me probably because of my location, I can attest that I was able to received payouts already through paypal 3 times.
  21. virtualjsb

    virtualjsb New Member

    Yes it is legit. I joined InstaGC just recently and finished some surveys. I also tried to cash out and I have a successful payout process to my paypal account. The only downside of it though is that there are few task available.
  22. empyreanbourne

    empyreanbourne New Member

    Same thing here, until now my instaGC still not verify and keep pop up in my notification, i want to verify but i don't know how.
  23. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    This is a question that most of you want to know the answer to. And we truly understand this. After all, it is your time and effort that you will invest, so you want to know if a website is going to scam you.

    In this case, you can relax and enjoy because InstaGC is completely legit. Moreover, their parent company has an A+ rating on BBB, which means that they operate in a transparent way and there are not many complaints about them.

    There have been some complaints regarding their rewards system, slow payment and cases when people have not received gift cards they won. However, all of these are exceptions.

    All in all, InstaGC is legit, so you can register with it even today if you want.
  24. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    There's a lot of work now in instagc, I think it's in Figure 8. You can earn a lot of points there, the problem is you're going to spend about 3 hours to earn $1.
  25. Pacats23

    Pacats23 New Member

    InstaGC is definitely real. I was able to join this website last November of 2018 with some help of a Filipino blogger by the name of James Tristan Ruiz. Last week of 2018, after taking lots of surveys, i manage to withdraw 500 points with the equivalent of $5 to my PayPal account. You will sometimes encounter unfortunate errors in surveys simply because a survey is not available in your location or you are not qualified. Please have first a fully verified PayPal account.
  26. Rickyross18

    Rickyross18 New Member

    InstaGC Review
    We thought it would be a good idea to get a real review from a user of InstaGC, so what you’re about to read is the real experience of someone who uses InstaGC on a regular basis to earn points and rewards.

    InstaGC is one of the sites that can be used to redeem points in e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart as gift cards, by completing some simple tasks and is situated at which is a free to join website available to people in US, UK, Canada and Australia. Among the tasks that I tackle include shopping, listening radio, watching videos, surveys, and trial offer.
  27. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    I thins its a legit but before you enter to that website you need a verified paypal paypal. So its hard for me to access that website because my paypal is not yet verified because i dont have yet credit or debit card
  28. Thiaf

    Thiaf New Member

    I am an Instagc user too but I haven't withdrawn any cash yet but based on video reviews of verified users I have watched, Instagc is legit. They have showed proofs of payment from that site. You just really need to have your paypal account verified first.
  29. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Yes it's a legit survey site. You just need a active paypal account to fully verified.
  30. hnnhandreafe

    hnnhandreafe New Member

    It's a legit site, but it takes a lot of time before you can payout. And you also need to have a verified paypal account.

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