Recyclable waste? Please take this seriously.

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by dioame, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Recyclable waste are waste that can be re-process and re-produce to create new product. Many recyclable waste such as plastic, cans, metals and broken gadgets send to land fill, burned and others are collected by scrap collector. Broken gadgets like mobile phones, laptop and other electronic products are all recyclable. This can be recycle but only to the one who produces it. Every electronic product are composed of different heavy metals and chemical elements that are hazardous to human health. For safety and security measures it is not advisable just to give it to any collector or recycle it yourself but instead give it to the one who produces it. Every electronic product producers are likely to accept any broken electronic products that are belong to their company since they have the knowledge and responsibility to recycle it through to the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR)

    For my recommendation is to create a platform to innovate this kind of system that every recyclable waste will be hand over to the one who produces it but of course there will be a little bit twist where the producers will pay some amount to the item they received since they can also get some benefits such as reducing their time searching, buying or collecting parts just like their own.
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    I try doing this by starting with my brother's used plastic container of peanut butter, I made it as containers of our creamers and coffees. Also I want to try those shampoo bars also. :)

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