Redbox vs. Netflix

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Which is better? Redbox or Netflix

  1. Redbox

  2. Netflix

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  1. s58

    s58 New Member

    Netflix will save you more money. Redbox is about a dollar per movie you wanna watch.

    Netflix has tons of movie and shows for eight bucks a month. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

    I currently have netflix right now and can say it is pretty good at keeping me satisfied. Although I do wish they had more of the older films that I used to watch.
  2. fa5_R

    fa5_R New Member

    Redbox all the way. They always have the latest movei and they come out real fast. Netflix is cheap and requires network bandwidth a lot which isnt a godo idea when plenty people are online. Redbox stays HD all the time.
  3. OrangeMoon

    OrangeMoon New Member

    I use both services but have been thinking about cancelling my Netflix subscription because Redbox has the latest releases first. I downgraded my Netflix subscription to streaming only and barely use it. For me, the convenience of having a Redbox on every corner works for me. I like having the dvd and not having to worry about buffering sometimes. I know I need a faster internet speed but that costs more money. So for now, I'd say Redbox is my choice.
  4. snitch567

    snitch567 New Member

    i don't mind Netflix i just wish they would add alot more films
  5. tierney

    tierney New Member

    Netflix gets my vote because they have so many movies. When I only used redbox I would spend lots of money getting two movies a night almost every night, because I didn't have cable.That adds up quickly, especially on a busy schedule when you forget to return them so they charge you more. Netflix was indeed a money saver for me, only costing me $8.00 a month. Also, you can watch movies with Netflix anywhere as long as you log in.
  6. Devin Walker

    Devin Walker New Member

    Netflix is the most amazing invention ever! It's totally worth the membership fee. I get to watch all of my favorite shows, conveniently, on my laptop, and it's legal. I also find the most interesting movies on Netflix.
  7. Jonathan Wallace

    Jonathan Wallace New Member

    I have done both a bunch of times and i have to say there both pretty amazing. I have to choose Netflix though just because some nights when me and baby are tired and soar a great movie is a click away, you gotta love it!
  8. araldo

    araldo New Member

    Redbox is my favorite. I can't stand Netflix because they take forever to come out with movies that have been out of the theater for months!
  9. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    Both of them have different offerings, as far as I'm concerned. Redbox is convenient and has a better selection of recent releases and Blockbusters. Netflix is great for documentaries and indie cinema (just watched Safety Not Guaranteed last night). I recently purchased a Roku and love streaming Netflix to my TV using it. If Redbox offers an app for Roku, depending on the variety of content available for streaming, they may become my preferred service.
  10. Crystal Seeley

    Crystal Seeley New Member

    I enjoy Redbox from time to time while I am out shopping, mainly because Netflix doesn't have the movies out yet. However, I would much rather cuddle up on my couch with a cup of coffee and watch something that wont acquire late fees.
  11. messerc

    messerc New Member

    Although I love Redbox I have to say Netflix is my best friend. Not only do I pay a low monthly fee but I don't have to worry about returning a movie. My daughter also loves Netflix and can watch a different movie everyday. I won't give up my Netflix.
  12. Ataraxis

    Ataraxis New Member

    I prefer Netflix every time. Unless you're stuck without an internet connection for whatever reason, I feel that Netflix is the way to go, and always will be the way to go. Although I see Amazon Prime sneaking up trying to take what Netflix has established. I believe the future of movie rentals will be mostly online, as more people expand to the internet.
  13. Kiarnan

    Kiarnan New Member

    My vote would have to go to Netflix all the way! Personally, I am not a fan of Redbox because renting a movie from one of those fire engine red, ATM-like, contraptions means that the next day I am going to be tasked with the chore of returning to that... fire engine red, ATM-like, contraption to return the movie. I have enough chores ! Who wants another one ?
  14. ChrisB

    ChrisB New Member

    I prefer netflix because my kids likes the old movies and the subscription fee is low
  15. vicereine

    vicereine New Member

    Lets see, both are good, I mean Redbox is good for new releases out sooner but you have to return the DVD's and that is a pain. Netflix on the other hand has great new releases too, independent films and the best part for me, no running to return the DVD or get charged extra haha. Hands down Netflix in my opinion, and that is merely for the benefit of me not having to leave home to return it. Just another great invention to make my ever so busy life easier.
  16. karissa84

    karissa84 New Member

    I will have to choose Netflix, although both of them can be considered my favorites. A Redbox movie can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart or gas station. This can be very convenient for someone who decides to pick up a movie at the last minute. But on the other hand Netflix is great because they actually send the movies right to your door ( via mail in other words). No Hassle. I have to admit that sometimes I return the movies a bit late. And this can become a problem. However,with Netflix you just pop it in your mailbox and go about your day.
  17. ckrieger1

    ckrieger1 New Member

    I really like the selection that Netflix has, especially the TV shows. But to take full advantage of the fixed monthly cost of Netflix, you have to keep watching stuff all the time. That's why I like Redbox a little more. I don't feel any pressure that I need to watch something even if I don't feel like it. I only pay for the times I actually want to watch a movie.
  18. c_levette

    c_levette New Member

    I use Redbox and Netflix on the weekly basis. They are awesome! However, I prefer Redbox over Netflix. I only say this because Redbox has new films, while Redbox has older films. What I love about Netflix is that I can watch entire seasons of some of my favorite shows. I'm honestly very pleased with both companies. However, I like watching all of the new released films. Redbox wins for me.
  19. Quacker Jack

    Quacker Jack New Member

    I prefer Netflix. I don't like having to go to McDonalds to get my movies while I could just stream them. However, Netflix's movie library is rather lackluster, unlike Red Box. Netflix makes up for this with a wide variety of TV shows available. I have to imagine that Hulu and Netflix are extremely competitive with each other.
  20. Radamir Putin

    Radamir Putin New Member

    Netflix by a country mile.

    I mostly use netflix for TV shows (got into Star Trek and Beaking Bad thanks to it) plus things like documentaries and terrible older films.

    Red Box I hate. I barely watch new movies so it doesn't have any appeal to me. Maybe if it was a streaming service, but without the convenience of streaming its just an annoyance. Then again everyone I know seems to love it so I'm in the minority here.
  21. spencer

    spencer New Member

    i prefer redbox myself. their new movies are almost always in stock and i have no monthly fee to pay. i pay per movie which works great for me because i am rarely home.
  22. Ashley Peterson

    Ashley Peterson New Member

    I prefer Netflix, but my family doesn't use it for the physical movie rentals. We only use the online streaming because it's a much better option for us than subscribing to a TV network like Dish. I like being able to choose which show or movie that sounds good at the time, and I have access to all of their titles for a flat fee per month. Redbox charges more than a dollar now, I'm not sure of the exact amount. That would add up too fast for my family of 5 who all have to watch what they want of course. Netflix is most definitely the best option for us.
  23. cptcool

    cptcool New Member

    I use Netflix. $8 per month for the amount of movies and shows I get totals up to pennies per movie watched. It's very convenient having it right there on your desktop. A pre-made library of instantly available movies is sometimes a very nice thing to have if you don't know what you want to watch and would otherwise have to buy it or download it elsewhere.
  24. Chelnmike816

    Chelnmike816 New Member

    I pay for netflix and its pretty good. my daughter mainly watch's it for all the cartoons and family movies that are on there. Rarely I will find something that I haven't watched before but its ok. I do go to Redbox every once in awhile for the new releases that netflix doesn't have.
  25. sharp square

    sharp square New Member

    I have used both options and i prefer Netflix. I enjoy having the movies delivered and picked up by mail , sparing me the trouble of having to drive to the closest Redbox location. The lack of late fees is also a huge advantage offered by Netflix.
  26. christina71

    christina71 New Member

    I love Netflix, and have been a customer for maybe a year now. But one thing I dislike, is that new movies take so long to be added. If new movies are what you're after, I would recommend Redbox.
  27. Lilley1

    Lilley1 New Member

    My family loves Netflix. Very user friendly (my 3yr old logs on and chooses his own shows).
  28. mellio

    mellio New Member

    Netflix has a far better selection and I don't know what I ever did without it:) I will use Redbox on occasion for new releases, though, since the wait on Netflix can be up to a month depending on how popular the movie is.
  29. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Well-Known Member

    I have had Netflix for several years now, and I think it is well worth the $8 a month for all the movies we can watch on Netflix. I can watch movies on my computer (seldom do that, however), on my iPad , and on the Apple TV , so there is a great variety of ways to use Netflix, and I do not even bother with the mail-out part. I found that Redbox is also streaming movies now, and they are giving out a free month trial, so I also signed up for Redbox. However, at this time, you can't watch it on Apple TV , so unless they modify that, I will probably just stick with the tried and true Netflix, after my free month is over.
  30. Kevin Jordo

    Kevin Jordo New Member

    I use Netflix much more than Redbox. This is because I love to use the Netflix Instant Feature. The instant part of Netflix is what makes me love it more than anything else on the internet. Because of Netflix, I have been able to watch some of my favorite shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy, Downton Abbey, and American Dad. Redbox is nice if I am out of town and I don't have internet, but Netflix easily steals my vote.

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