Regular job or Freelancing?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by rockpen23, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. rockpen23

    rockpen23 New Member

    Having a physical job means a lot to us, it is the mainstream of earning for a living. It does provide us the grasp of the hardship from going to work up to adhering to our task of the day assigned to a typical day to day employee. Having our break time where we connect to our workmates, sharing stories, struggles and challenges. Keeping everything professional and giving the job our commitment. There are times of feeling successful when we got promoted or got a raise when we will feel appreciation of our dedication.

    On the other side is a freelancer who most of the time work in a modern platform, getting client onshore, choosing how much work to provide and having the option of the amount of time to give and when to work. Having the time to connect to his family as well. Free of the traffic and physical work, offering value by skills that would fit into this growing information age. This is the future employee.

    Both has pros and cons, whichever path still we have commonalities. We work to provide comfort and security to our love ones and we are eyeing for a better life. :)
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  2. Evergreen07

    Evergreen07 New Member

    I believe the answer to this depends on the priorities, personality, lifestyle, and a lot of other factors that affects a person. If you ask a child or his parent why they are sending they child to a school, one of the common answers you will have is that to someday get a regular, stable job at the office, or at anywhere his profession would take him. It'll be rare to hear someone say "Someday, I want to be a freelancer." But then, as people grow old they realize that what we want isn't always what we get. And so, we set our priorities straight. We ask ourselves "What could I do that would benefit me the most?". We start to consider our family time, especially for women since they mostly take care of the kids. We consider future aspects of income. "Is it okay if I don't get a stable job now at a company? What about the future? Is this as high as I could get in terms of income? If I get into the company now, I could have a chance to get promoted someday. Is freelancing enough? What choices do I have? Is there a job opening in my field that's available?". Things like these are the common thinking of people deciding whether to freelance or to get a regular job. Even so, freelancing or having a regular job are just ways to earn a living, as long as it makes ends meet.
  3. supahcharles

    supahcharles New Member

    I think you should first evaluate yourself on where you could grow more in the profession you want to take. Freelancing may be a great choice and it allows for a flexible time but if you're not getting enough clients or it does not feed your stomach, well I think having a regular job is better since you get a stable income and could finance your everyday needs. It's a lot harder to be a freelances but it could definitely be more rewarding in the long run.
  4. Saetwa

    Saetwa New Member

    It all depends with your passion and thrive in life,what makes you tick? You may want to start your own interior design workshop but lack capital to do it. In this case, you may need to get employment, get a stable income, save until ready to start your own freelance business. Though i prefer freelance work myself, its not a field for everybody especially those that are not patient. It needs a lot of time and dedication to succeed.
  5. RogerEstampador

    RogerEstampador New Member

    Its way more convenient to be a freelancer, because you dont need to struggle for the transportation from your home and to the place where you'r working. Freelancer also help to lessen the traffic in the city. I personally, im a freelancer, i work from home doing online jobs and it makes me free from taxes and overhead expenses that a regular employee have, so if i were you, ill go with freelance jobs.
  6. andrew1998

    andrew1998 New Member

    Fulltime Job.


    1. Job Security
    2. Easy Money
    3. Regular Cash flow
    4. Regular Increments

    1. Time bounded
    2. Can’t explore other skills
    3. No will power


    1. Freedom
    2. Good Pay
    3. Big projects
    4. Unlimited learning experience

    1. Starting your freelance is quite difficult
    2. No regular Job flow
    3. No regular Sleep (my case )
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  7. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    I prefer REGULAR JOB,because regular job is a regular employee in a private company or a government,if I am a regular employee my earnings is unlimited and lack of benefits being regular.Freelancing is only a part time job I don't know today if they have benefits being a freelance.
  8. jrydelposo

    jrydelposo New Member

    For me it is really depends on your situation and your needs. If you have no one to support you financially then you cannot switch to freelancing right away because there is no security and assurance that you can keep the home based job for a long time. Having a regular job is an assurance that you can support your family regularly. What works for me is I have a regular job then I have a part time home based job. There are advantages and disadvantages for both sides. But at the end of the day it depends on your choices and what works for you.
  9. A very difficult question. Maybe this will be a case to case basis. If your full-time job gives you enough earning and your freelance job keeps your focus away from your full-time job, I guess its time to forgot about your part-time first. But if your part-time job provides you way much more earnings and flexibility in life, then you should just pursuit your professional life as a freelancer
  10. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    For me either of the two that will give me much income it doesn't matter if its full time or part time what matter is how much i will earn for the certain job.
  11. eyahserrano

    eyahserrano New Member

    For a mother like me, I think it is better to be a freelancer. You will earn money at the same time, you can manage and spend your time with your kids. Being a regular employee ensures you that you will receive a fixed payment monthly even the pay is not that high, you will receive benefits and bonuses but you have to give most of your time and energy on your work. There are other freelancers who earn higher than regular employees. I think it is better in the world of freelance. You just have to learn the process and earn a lot. You can pay taxes, government contributions, your bills, just like regular employees were paying. It is just a matter of budgeting and being wise when it comes to money.
  12. nikiii23

    nikiii23 New Member

    I think freelancing is a future and in the past couple of years became very popular. It is good for young people to work on their knowledge.
  13. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I prefer regular job. you are sure that you will earn every day, because you have a stable job. you will support your financial needs and your family. there is benefits and bonuses that is more interesting and you will work hard for it. for me, it is more enough having a regular job than freelancing but sometimes it depends on the situation.
  14. Having regular job. I have benefits and bonuses. I have leave with pay. I will face another people and environment. there's always bonding with your workmates. I will enjoy party and Christmas bonuses. I think having freelancing job is not easy because you are the one who will find client and it is difficult, specially if you are newbie. you don't know where to start and whatever. I prefer regular job because you are stable and sure that you will earn money.
  15. fornixcaliper

    fornixcaliper New Member

    I think having a regular job is better because of the stability and it offers a lot of benefits. You also get to meet a lot of people. Freelancing is difficult, especially if you have no one to support you. The income is uncertain. For me, the best is still having a regular job and freelancing on your free time.
  16. camzjimenez

    camzjimenez New Member

    There will always be two sides in every story. Whether we choose to have a regular job or freelancing, both will have positive and negative effects. We must decide in accordance to our lifestyle and personality.

    I, for one have already tried working a regular job for 9 years and I must say that I have been happy and contented. I get to mingle with other people everyday and gain many friends while earning a regular salary with so many benefits on the side. However, time will always be in conflict because there will always be a regular schedule for work in which I find it hard to adjust on.

    Today, I am very much looking forward in joining the world of freelancing because I am 8 months pregnant and will soon be a mother who needs more time, or I must say, most of my time, for my baby. Freelancing is the best solution for someone like me to earn for a living while I take good care of my baby. I can maximize my time for my everyday living. Although I know I will find it hard for me to stay at home without having to go out with my friends, the way we used to be but this will be something that I need to accept because I will be entering a new world of motherhood.

    You should always set your priorities in deciding whether you want a regular job or freelancing but in general, one of the most important thing is to SAVE. After all, whatever path we choose, if you do not know how to save, earning is nonsense.
  17. pcanlas20

    pcanlas20 New Member

    I believe it depends on your needs and wants. If you prefer having the same setup and work routine every day then a regular job is really for you, but if you want freedom when it comes to your own time and have own strategy on how you will meet your weekly and monthly needs then there's nothing wrong on choosing to freelance. This will just definitely be based on how someone's want to have their career. Other
  18. idking212

    idking212 Member

    If you want regular and safe life you should get yourself a regular job and live your life safely but if you want to take risks and don not want a regular and safe life be a freelancer
  19. sheennayu

    sheennayu New Member

    i am a full-time teacher and that is definitely a regular job. why am i here in this site is because i want an extra income. here in the Philippines teachers are not getting paid for what we deserve (on my perception). i am the provider of the family so i really need extra income for them. that's why i want to try online jobs or to become a freelancer so i guess choosing between the two depends on your needs and also goals.
  20. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    Both kinds of jobs are good. It depends on the person what his or her decision to pursue. But now for me, I like working as a freelancer because it helps me manage my own time and do multitasking while at home.
  21. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    I love the work of a freelancer. It makes me more creative and learns new skills that you cannot apply in a certain regular job you will have or you have. It also helps you to manage your time wisely while working in the comfort of your home.
  22. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    you work as a freelancer, you're not permanently employed by any one company. You might have a long-term contract, but freelancers are typically working with different employers at any given time and may have a variety of tasks that they can be hired for.
  23. shaamei

    shaamei Member

    I think I would like to try freelancing. I've been a regular employee for seven years already and like any other it has pros and cons. Advantage of regular job is you have a fixed income, great compensation, and secured job. Disadvantages would be time-consuming and progress is slow.

    Freelance job can help me explore different job and skills. Honestly, I still don't know what I really what to do, what passion to pursue. I'm still experimenting what suits me best.

    I am currently looking for a freelance job, any suggestions? What are the demanding online job today?
  24. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    Freelancing can be awesome at times. However, even after you’ve built up a few regular clients, make sure you don’t completely rule out an amazing offer before you really consider why you’re hesitant to take it. Of course there will be times when it’s clear you should stick with your current situation. But, when an awesome position presents itself, you owe it to yourself to take the leap, put on real pants, and really think about it. And remember, if you end up hating it, you now know you can always go back to freelancing.
  25. ColeenIris28

    ColeenIris28 New Member

    Ever since, all I want is to be my own boss. Thinking about this lead me to the idea of freelancing but the truth is, I still need a regular job while doing a part-time freelancer. There are more things I need to consider before entering this business. Well then, I hope everyone will be successful at their own careers!
  26. Security of tenure so i preferred to have a regular job however it will always depends on a person.
  27. Robsky

    Robsky New Member

    Freelancing is better than a regular job. Both of them have pros and cons but freelancing offers a better opportunity. By freelancing, you can have the flexibility of time which is great because we have the ability to create great quality time with our loved ones and enjoy freedom. Freelancing also offers opportunities to make you stand on your own and become creative in doing things. You will be able to learn a lot of things and think of more ideas that you can apply in your everyday life. Lastly, freelancing could provide a better income to a person like you by doing your best and thinking outside the box.
  28. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Your career is your choice, the more practical you are the better life you can have but sometimes choosing a career path is a bewildering experience,just being a proactive is a key. Some people tend to choose career based on their passion but some just prefer on a higher earning. Regular job is a sometimes called a life-time or stable job wherein an employee is eligible to join a union, and may enjoy financial benefits of their employment which is really good. You may have a stable life due to your regular salary. Freelancing is some kind of a business in which you cannot predict your earnings but there is a possibility that you can earn more money than what you expected. It's all about hard-work, dedication, courage and passion. For me, I prefer to be a freelancer because i have lots of options to do where I can earn money and at the same time I am learning and improving that in the near future I will be a successful freelancer. Freelancer is flexible on his own time for doing other things, enjoying with family, hangout with friends, and own leisure.
  29. GYap

    GYap New Member

    For me freelancing, currently I'm working in a BPO and it's really tiring to go to work commuting up to 4 hours a day. Specially, on those rainy days. The hustle is real! The main reason why I really want to go freelancing is, so that I can take care of my baby boy. He's in the province right now cause no one will take care of him while we are at work. I get to see him, only once or twice a month. Hoping that someday through freelancing, so he doesn't need to stay with his grandparents anymore.
  30. Daisy13

    Daisy13 New Member

    For me freelancing because I can decide if I want to take the job or not and I can decide when and how I can complete the work as long as I hit my deadlines and meet the expectation of my client also I freelancing is awesome because I still can do my daily house chores while waiting to the next project of my client and ofcourse I can work from anywhere and probably isn't a commute.

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