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    There are lots of reasons to rejoice. Life has given us so much to enjoy and to feel happy about. We might feel a bit down on occasion, but there's always something good in store for us. Be inspired by those little blessings around you, it could be a small token or a simple compliment from other people. Be reminded that every single moment counts, whether it's what you've been expecting for or not. Let's try to live life to the fullest. Smile my friends!
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    Yes, there are many reasons for us to rejoice. Firstly, we have been given the chance to enjoy this gift called Life. Human life is frail or delicate, but Someone up there holds us in His hands and covers us with His Presence of Protection. In times of need, we always find help, assistance, and provision. As long as we abide in Him, He provides for our needs. In the midst of troubles and hardships in the world, we find ourselves satisfied and peaceful because we are helped. We have struggled to at least find "heaven" and hope for it when we die. We don't need to die to access heaven. He came and brought heaven down. So, we don't need to struggle and be in pain and difficulty because He said, "to take His yoke upon us and learn of Him" instead, for His yoke is easy and His burden light. Despite the presence of falsehood, we find assurance in Him for He is the Truth. Only His Truth satisfies and justifies. Without Him, I find nothing to rejoice about.
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    Rejoice when you have achieved or suddenly stumbled into, or unexpectedly into a state of happiness! It is always accompanied by celebration when you have achieved and overcome a great feat whether it be at work with a project you have labored over for long hours, or conquering a mountain by completing a very challenging trail to reach the peak, or receiving great news that you are cancer free after intense medication and chemo sessions; that moment of accomplishment fills you with great relief and overwhelming happiness. It would probably feel like that too upon winning the lottery, but I have yet to keep trying to find out about that too. I think rejoicing is also born from faith as we all need to have a little faith, to trust that things will work out in the best, most unexpected time. I believe faith in God in everything we do no matter the outcome, we still continue to rejoice and choose to achieve happiness.
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    There may be some reasons to rejoice and some other reasons to cry. However, to choose rejoicing is a wise step, because, it helps to come out from darkness to light.
    Further, life is a journey with a definite end. If we rejoice, it will be easy to complete this journey with ease. It also gives strength to fight with negatives.
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    Rejoice Means Show great happiness of the mind and it is great feeling. It comes from internal feeling. Rejoice see to another person. If we rejoice, We do all type of work easily.
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    Even when things don't go so well, never forget that there things that we should be thankful for. We should never take them for granted for they enriched our lives during the good times and eased our sufferings during the bad times. We would be thankful and use them for good not only for ourselves but also for others as well. That is how great those blessings are/ Always be thankful and rejoice for they have helped us get through the day.

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