Relationship Status?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Double.g99, May 14, 2017.

  1. Double.g99

    Double.g99 Member

    What is your relationship status and gender?

    Can one possibly find love and wealth on this platform?
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  2. Theking206

    Theking206 New Member

    Okay I'm not looking for love or wealth but I I'll start off by staying I have a girlfriend whom I have been in a relationship with for 3 years going on 4 and we have two babies with each other and I've had it in the back of my mind when should I ask her to marry me? I'm thinking our next anniversary?
  3. akshaypandey

    akshaypandey New Member

    I am a male and commited! I don't know much about this platform. Only time will tell!
  4. Zennie

    Zennie New Member

    I am a female and single. I don't know if you can find wealth here you must be lucky to find some with wealth here... because there is so much catfish on the Internet. Same goes for love too!!
  5. Fin Maxwell

    Fin Maxwell New Member

    I'm currently single and haven't had any relationship interactions on here but I'm sure there are websites specifically for finding love.
  6. aj1636

    aj1636 New Member

    Happily in a relationship with the man I want to marry. We are currently living together with our 2 dogs, cat, rat and chinchilla :)
  7. aj1636

    aj1636 New Member

    I actually found my boyfriend on OkCupid, took a while to get a good match, but it worked well for me!
  8. TTBU

    TTBU New Member

    I'm actually single but... :D
  9. premiumholmes

    premiumholmes New Member

    I am currently working through a divorce. Like many previous posters on this thread, I am new to this platform. I'm not sure that this is the place to find love and wealth, but it's probably a good place to learn about how to gain those things.

    I anticipate that this forum will not be catalyst in my search for fulfillment, love, or wealth, but it certainly could be a stepping stone along the way.
    Some of my best friends have been made on the internet, and I think somehow they will be pieces of the life puzzle I am trying to put together.
  10. Sherrie

    Sherrie New Member

    I am a 29 year old female and I am single. Not looking for love I've tried it and didn't work. Maybe one day love will come back around and it will work. Until then Im happy loving me.
  11. tlynne76

    tlynne76 New Member

    I single at this time in my life. Its hard to find someone that is looking for a committed relationship. Finding love on this site might be possible. I don't think you can you become wealthy on this site. I believe you can make extra money from this site. Maybe you should look at dating sites. Just a thought and see what might happen for you.
    Have a great weekend.
  12. iread

    iread New Member

    Single. Couldn't find a girl who loves science and gym.:p:p
  13. Double.g99

    Double.g99 Member

    hahahah!! i understand your point but i doubt if its actually same with love because you never can tell what the feature, but coming to the aspect of wealth basically people with wealth cannot be on this part of the internet...

    Now dont ask me "why?" because i don't even know why but i think you being a sensible human being can figure out why.
  14. Double.g99

    Double.g99 Member

    Am a single male looking for a a relationship with a gamer girl. and i don't care about the wealth and i also dont care about where i found her, whether on the internet or the offline world, i don't care about that.

    All i want is a girlfriend that will love and cherish me for who i am and will also love at least the event i spend most of my time in and that is gaming.

    That is basically the reason why i mentioned earlier that i was looking for a gamer girlfriend that will be forever happy with me and possibly we can get married some day:rolleyes::rolleyes:.
  15. Sandra D Stewart

    Sandra D Stewart New Member

    I am a married woman. My husband, Edward, and I got married in November 2015. He left me and the marriage in February 2017. Edward was living with his friend. I've talked to his friend since, (let's say his friend's name is John) who told me that Edward is on drugs. John found this out when he heard a conversation that Edward was having with one of his other associates. This is the reason John told him that he had to put him out. John could not have that type of activity around his wife. Edward lied when he said that he would give me some money each month to help with the bills. Therefore, I know Edward is never going to give me any money to pay the bills. I am now married in name only.
  16. simplym

    simplym Member

    I am a female who is happily engaged. We are planning our wedding for next year in 2018. I am sure it is possible to find love online, good luck!
  17. momo2k17

    momo2k17 New Member

    My boyfriend went away to the Army, but his best friend keeps hinting at a possible engagement and I couldn't be any more excited. He recently was home on leave and now I think I'm actually expecting. We'll both have surprises for each other in August
  18. laurasy

    laurasy New Member

    I am single and not really looking for relationship right now.I think relationships require a lot of work and commitment and I can't give that.
  19. Zovenai

    Zovenai New Member

    I have a partner i found on a forum much like this one. We started playing some games online and in less than a year we were close friends, and in two years, a happy couple. We made two years together some weeks ago, and i'm pretty happy! I don't think we'll marry, but just because we don't like the idea of marriage, but I hope we spend our life together <3
  20. Deezawadi12

    Deezawadi12 New Member

    I am a single woman, who is ready to find a guy who can meet my standards. Because a woman with no standards, is a woman with no power. I believe, if a woman has standards and knows what she wants, is a woman, who is very successful in life.
  21. Veezyjay

    Veezyjay New Member

    I doubt if one can find a partner in this platform, though I know nothing is impossible. I'm single anyway.
  22. kashifanwar

    kashifanwar New Member

    I am a single male and looking for a girl of my dreams now a days.Yes It is possible to find your love in these platforms.But for wealth you should be more focus and consistent to your work.Consistently doing hard work to achieve your goals.
  23. Eka Nitsu

    Eka Nitsu New Member

    In a happy relationship for 3 years. Not marrying soon but I hope to live with him first before the wedding bells start ringing.
  24. afroditedivine

    afroditedivine New Member

    As long as all parties are open to it yes you can find love and wealth on this platform. You can find love and wealth anywhere. I am female, and I am single.
  25. kormika

    kormika New Member

    I`m married, but I think you can find love anywhere, or love can find you anywhere, but beware. Don`t let be fooled by anyone and you shouldn`t be looking for wealth on this platform. Make your own wealth.
  26. CutieBoy

    CutieBoy New Member

    I am a single male, and am 25 years old and im fine with me and my hand for now, I font need no crazy female making me buy stuff for her and be romantic such and such haha
  27. poisongirl

    poisongirl New Member


    I am also happily engaged, and I can't wait to get married! My fiance and I scheduled our wedding on September 2nd and now all I am thinking about is which dress will I buy, which shoes, where to go to the honeymoon (my wish is Italy, I hope he will agree).
    We actually 'met' online, talked for a little bit and then we became friends on Facebook. Later we figured out that we saw each other before (his friend was hitting on my friend) but we never got the chance to talk to each other.
    The platform can be very successful for dating, but there are several sites that give you the opportunity to choose which characteristics would you like your future partner to have, and they show you the closest match.
  28. Abraham Baraya

    Abraham Baraya New Member

    I am a single male and am not really looking for a relationship, i think relationship comes with lots of resposibilities am not ready to take for now, so i'd rather stay single pending when i will be ready to take any responsibility attached to it. Being single has not been easy for me either, sometimes i do feel really lonely and bored wanting a special someone to talk to but when i remember the responsibilities attached to being in a relationship i just get discouraged.
  29. blessing02

    blessing02 New Member

    Am a single lady, am not searching now, I guess I have a lot I want to do ad so much I desire to make out of my life, relationships carries to much responsibilities and stress, I need mi- time for myself
  30. Goldenpen97

    Goldenpen97 New Member

    I'm currently single, I must admit I am not the relationship kind of guy. Is either I get bored at a point or I just look for a reason to break things off.
    This is something I am trying to work on myself.
    I hope I do soon.

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