Relationship Status?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Double.g99, May 14, 2017.

  1. Steven Sass

    Steven Sass New Member

    I'm single, and loving every second of it. I've been in two relationships since I was 18 with no break in between. I'm 36 now and finally don't have to explain every waking moment to my significant other. If I fall in love again so be it, but I'm in no hurry.
  2. Gaj

    Gaj New Member

    Im in a relationship for 4 years turning 5 years in december. We encounter many problems, sometimes we fought but all of those we counqer it all. :)
    We love each other more than enough. I am so thankful and greatful that God let him know me and let me loved and be loved by him. :)
  3. priyalqwert

    priyalqwert New Member

    My realtionship status is Complicated.
  4. Joselito

    Joselito New Member

    I am married and am male. And I am truly happy about it.

    Am sure anyone can find love everywhere, but it depends on how anyone can handle the truth and lies. And wealth, its about finding it, in a good way. Not to sit there, then offer lies and pretensions.
  5. sirenwithsoul

    sirenwithsoul New Member

    I am married, but polyamorous, and female. I think that you can absolutely find wealth and love on any (or no) platform, but you need to change your energy first, as well as your outlook. To find "love" is easy, to find a healthy, lasting relationship is much harder. I fall in love daily... with faces, eyes, smiles, words, actions, etc. To have a healthy relationship takes independence. You NEED to be happy and healthy ALONE in order to have anything to give to anyone else, otherwise you are literally taking your self-care resources and handing them to someone else, which is completely unsustainable. As far as wealth goes, it is tricky, but the solution is similar. Obviously, we need money in this society in order to afford things. But I think it is impossible to find real wealth without finding your passion. Even if you found a job or business you hated that initially brought in a lot of money, the toll on your health would be very real in the form of depression or stress. This is not sustainable in the longterm, eventually it will catch up to you, leaving you unproductive and causing your venture to fail. So I think that self-work is super important in both of these instances.
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  6. MushyPhilip1822

    MushyPhilip1822 New Member

    I am engaged to be married to a person who was diagnosed with cancer. It is a very traumatic feeling for me, for both of us really but we are both committed to love until the end. With this person; I have found a Best Friend, a Mentor, a Partner and a Soul Mate.
  7. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    I am happily in love with the man that I wan't to be with forever.
  8. cathy1208

    cathy1208 New Member

    Im a girl with a happy, healthy relationship. We have one adorable daughter. Although we do have problems, it can also make us stronger and better couple.
  9. batman555

    batman555 New Member

    My relationship status is very much healthy I have been married to my wife for 14 years we have 2 kids and they're all living a happy and simple life. We spend a lot of time going out on vacations, watching movies together and just bond most of the time. If anyone can possibly fin love from this platform? Really depends on both. I believe that anyone can find love anywhere. Love has no specifics it just happens on the right time and on the right place. But of make sure you have to make a move because if not... nothing happens. Wealth? Maybe if you work hard on it and keep yourself pushing.
  10. jmcuarto

    jmcuarto New Member

    I'm married and I think I'm stuck in this marriage.

    I'm in a religious family where in they consider MARRIAGE as a sacred thing. Well, don't get me wrong. I also consider marriage as a sacred thing. For me, you should stay married as long as both of you and your partner are alive.

    But as I got older, I realized a lot of things. First of all, I realized that it's okay to free yourself when you think that you're the only one who's trying to make your relationship works. There should be a give and take in a relationship.

    You can say that you are with the correct partner if you bring out the best in each other. It's nice to be with someone who unintentionally brings out the best in you. A relationship wherein you changed for the better because you were inspired by your partner. :p Ahhhhh... :rolleyes: It felt so good to be in love... :love:

    Can I still get out of this marriage if my family and my daughter will condemn me if I'll leave her dad....????

    My life, not only my status is very complicated right now. :(
  11. Lav Ly

    Lav Ly New Member

    I am a married woman. We are living together happily even without any child. We both love each other and that serves as our own wealth. A wealth that could never be bought by money.
  12. yassi06

    yassi06 New Member

    I'm in a relationship now for 9 years. I met him on a clan, a group text messages. I didn't think we could last this long. But now I'm still happy that I'm with him, looking forward to what our future might be. And hoping to be married with him someday. I think you can find love anywhere just be careful don't be fooled by others. And don't look for wealth in this platform.

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