Remember parents, we are human

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    Hug your kids and be thankful for them. I don't think I have hugged mine enough. Remember that no matter what is going on in your life, that you are a grown up and have the tools to handle things, while they may not.
    I wish for the strength and patience to continue in a way that shows all of my children how truly blessed I feel to have them in my lives.

    They will try your patience.
    Love them.
    They will push your buttons and call you names.
    Love them.
    They will withdraw love and affection.
    Love them.
    They will say they do not love you.
    Love them.
    They will say that they don't need you. They do - Love them.

    For the mistakes that I have made, I am sorry. I truly hope the day comes that they will see that my heart was in the right place, even if I was not. There is an infinite amount of love inside me, and from time to time in our lives, it appears to lean one way more. My love has never and will never leave you.

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