Replying to Threads: Is it a Post or Not

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by HillBee, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. HillBee

    HillBee New Member

    Hey, I followed exact steps to join and subscribe, my postings are more then 10, when will i be reviewed? I appreciate if anybody can help
  2. amandasjay

    amandasjay Member

    Same here. Hope someone will help us. Even Im waiting for the approval.
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  3. Jaymo

    Jaymo New Member

    Hey there, I also faced a similar challenge but I found out that I had missed one step, pressing the subscribe icon before login in to you're portal. You can also get more information on the FAQs page.
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  4. Steven Sass

    Steven Sass New Member

    I was also a little slow getting my first ten post done. I did it once without subscribing to the portal. So I did ten post for practice I guess. Today I figured it out this is post number nine for me now. Good luck hope you figure it out.
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  5. josephpanes02

    josephpanes02 New Member

    this is my question as well, how will i know that my account will be reviewed? i wanna earn points for my post
  6. Wyvh

    Wyvh New Member

    I reached 10 posts and waited for weeks before noticing that it wasn't working. When I reached the 11th post today, I had another confirmation that it was under review. So.. i'm quite confused.
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  7. antonmia

    antonmia New Member

    I posted more than 10 and waited for 24 hours. Then they said it was rejected.

    The reason is it's just short and needs to be longer. Now I'm hoping to be approved this time but I don't know how. I'm just posting again maybe I'll get points to be reviewed later on again. Urgh, this is stressing me out but I love writing so I just need to stick into this by getting approved.

    So you guys, your posts should be longer and has quality on it and you'll have no problem hehe.
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  8. Grimangel

    Grimangel New Member

    Do correct me if I'm wrong, are you saying that they base your acceptance base on the length of the post not the content? Or they would still accept it even with short posts with good content? I mean what would happen if I right random characters like awfnweofbuosfn, will that affect my performance?

    Joking aside, thank you for your advice. I'll make sure to take note of it on my future posts.

    p.s. Ignore that last sentence on my first paragraph, I just used that to have lengthier post. -Including this one (sentence paradox!!)
  9. Aflowers13

    Aflowers13 New Member

    Thank you for covering this topic! I haven't made it through all 10 of my posts so I wasn't getting concerned, but I was wondering whether my replies to threads would count. While I'd really like for this to work out and make some extra money, I'm here for a purpose. I want to write informed suggestions when I reach the topic off work at home jobs and side gigs. So far I'm not sure how I'd summarize my overall experience, but at least I'll be able to describe my firsthand experiences with each one that I reference. That's one difference I intend to maintain, I only want to include sites and gigs I can personally speak on.
  10. Phiaraxjan

    Phiaraxjan New Member

    On what I know since I'm a newbie the same with some here. After your register you need to subscribe in the postloop portal. After subscribing you need to be here in this new site and register since you are here you are done with it. Now you need to make 10 post (comments, or make threads) it will all be reviewed after 24 hours. and then you will see in the main postloop website after login in you will now see if some of the locked forums are unlock for you to be able to post and you now can earn.
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  11. wiljonjr

    wiljonjr New Member

    It is a post but in order to gain a higher rating or points your message must contain a good and quality meaning, make sure your reply on a certain topic on each threads must gain attention by being momentous or valuable so you can attract more readers and even persons interested in a debate to keep the topic trending.
  12. bh0guy

    bh0guy Member

    It's a post but if you're after the rating for your first 10 post, you need to make it longer. And also please do check your grammar. That's how they will rate your post for sure.
  13. Ms.GraceCastillo

    Ms.GraceCastillo New Member

    I was also wondering whether my replies or comments to threads would count.This is actually my 6th time to reply on a post because I still don't know but I'm trying figure out how to post my own topic. Also I'm still exploring on the website and this one is a good read.Actually it really helps a lot especially with beginners like me. I've been watching some videos on Youtube to gain some tips. So for those who are still beginners like me might as well do what I did. :) Don't go to war unprepared. :)
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  14. John Loberiza

    John Loberiza New Member

    Well, if you have clicked the "Postloopers: Read this..." above, it is stated there what they meant by quality post. They are looking for excellent English grammar. Good thing I learned in school gooder English. (hehe. Just a little pun there).

    Anyways, it is stated there that poor grammar and short comments will not be counted. Though it is not stated there the minimum number of words to be considered long enough. Of course your reply should be helpful to the topic on hand.
  15. SatoriOne

    SatoriOne New Member

    I read the instructions, created the account, subscribed to Postloops Portal, and had posted a few replies to earlier posts, then started posting my ten posts for approval finishing today.
    Will keep checking the status
    of the approval in the next twenty four hours.
    Good life to all of you.
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  16. Magnus Larsson

    Magnus Larsson New Member

    I am in the same boat brother. I have made more than 10 posts and subscribed, but still no notification or anything. I guess it can take more than 24 hours sometimes. I really hope they don't put a lot of weight on how long the posts are. Because most threads I've posted in has had a really simple question/topic like "Tea vs coffee". Of course I could write an essay about it, but that would just be unnecessary rambling.
  17. Macky_03

    Macky_03 New Member

    Hello there, I am also a newbie here and I've already done my 10 posts and postloop sent an alerts that the posts I've made in this forum is under review and I will be notified within 24 hours. So while I'm waiting to get notified I still posting and reading somebody's post like on this thread so I can learn some skills from older postloop member. Hoping that this time I will be approved.

    Good luck to us who are waiting to get notified and who are waiting to see if we can be accepted or rejected to be a postloop member. God bless to us and always stay positive :)
  18. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Hi I'm a newbie too, just finished my 10th posts yesterday and I'm not sure if I'm subscribed already at the portal, so guys can you help me on this? How would I know if I'm subscribed or not?
  19. Goldqueenie

    Goldqueenie New Member

    I think replying to a thread is a post, I was confused about it at first too but after going through many reviews I got to understand . When making the 10 posts its not clearly stated how many threads and post are required though some users were stating its safe to have atleast 2 new threads and 8 posts. Am not sure if you can get accepted for just replying 10 posts or is it a must to balance the threads and posts.

    Am new as well and am on my 5th post, I hop by the time am done I would have made all quality posts that would get me accepted. I wish you guys all the best as well.
  20. hingadalaudimerc

    hingadalaudimerc New Member

    You know, I am also wondering about this. But I have heard from one review that replies are also considered as post here in postloop, specially if you are after the approval and evaluation process.
  21. joseph19

    joseph19 New Member

    I am very glad i read this blog. It was very informative, by helping me realize the subscription process faster and by helping me see that replying is also considered posts. I guess my only real question now is how long do your replies need to be to meet a standard and does replying to a comment instead of a thread also count as a post. I imagine it does if its relevant to the thread discussion.
    This is my first post, thank you
  22. MhicaF

    MhicaF New Member

    Hey guys, I also had the same problem the first time i wrote my 10 post here, like you i was worried that maybe i didn't followed all the instructions. So what i did is i message Postloop via email, they replied to me and after that a separate email was sent to me that my account and my posts is now being verified. I received that i guess around 7-12 hrs from now. So if you're worrying and would like to confirm, try to message them via email too. And by the way guys try to watch on youtube too on how to know if you are being reviewed in postloop or how to pass the review on postloop. Any keyword will do. Break a leg and let's do our best! Here's their email :)
  23. Prosper4ever

    Prosper4ever New Member

    Same here, It's my 2nd day here @ postloop. Although it's quite "figuring out moments" but we will gonna make it. More good things to come for us newbies :)
  24. Prosper4ever

    Prosper4ever New Member

    It's good to have forum like this, because as newbies we could learn a lot from those who made their first payout LOL! Btw, as 2nd day user what I realize is that, if we just follow instruction of subscribing first, then start posting to that site for 10 post, you will then received notification that you will be reviewed after 24hrs, then after that another email will be sent and I received already another 10 post reset for me to earn points...BOOM! but I'm still learning more here through forums on how I could make it better. We will all make it! :) happy earning
  25. Prosper4ever

    Prosper4ever New Member

    Thanks for this info dear ;-) more learning here ;-)
  26. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    I'm done with my 10 posts yesterday and 24 hours had passed already and I haven't got a notification if I'm approved or not.

    Another question is am only allowed to have 10 posts a day? because base on the video blog that I've watch, posting here doesn't have limitations.
  27. RobiManimbo

    RobiManimbo New Member

    I was also wondering about this topic. Good thing somebody shares the same problem as me.

    But I think I found a solution. When you first register to postloop you will automatically be subscribed to this forum. I was wondering why there was no email confirmation that I already subscribe to this forum, out of excitement I posted 12-13posts right away to complete my sample post and get review, only to find out that it was a total waste of time.

    So I checked my postloop again, unscribed to this forum then I noticed an email was sent to me that I was unsubscribe when there was no subscription on the first place, so I again click subscribe then 5mins later my new posts were added. I had to post 20+ though because my first 12 were not counter. Hope I get a review soon and could start earning on this platform.
  28. rlynrlyn

    rlynrlyn New Member

    Good Day guys! Am newbie here and will try to make 1 posts and hope to get good feedback and review after. Thank you for the informative post that we, newbies, are making it as or guidelines. Hope to finis 10 post today.
    Happy posting.
  29. rlynrlyn

    rlynrlyn New Member

    By the way guys, how can I know how many post have I done. I got lost track of my posts?
    Please help guys, thanks in advance :)
  30. tewrites

    tewrites New Member

    Thanks for starting this thread. So, here's what I've learned:
    1. A reply is a post
    2. I'm not the only one who skipped a few steps.
    What I still need clarifying is does clicking Watch Forum mean I have subscribed?
    If not, I might be making 10 posts again when I wake up tomorrow.
    Good writing practice though :)

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