RuneScape, anyone?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dabb, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    Anyone here play RuneScape? I'm all about that Oldschool RuneScape scene, currently Zulrahing today.

    RuneScape 3 is a bit clunky, but definitely nice eye candy. I'll be moving onto that when I 100% RuneScape, which won't be for months to years.
  2. RainbowMama17

    RainbowMama17 New Member

    I haven't thought about Runescape in years. I used to play it back in my chat-web days. I stopped playing it once they did all the updates. Like you, I prefer the old school Runescape. I can't get into the new graphics and how they have things set up.

    I play Minecraft here and there and then a new game called The Long Dark.
  3. RenceG

    RenceG New Member

    When I saw this topic, I can't help but to write my thoughts about Runescape. Back then when I was a teenager, I really loved playing this game. Not much for the graphics though but I really love the classic style of how this game was built. You have the chance to build your character, to make your character strong, and, of course, to make friends. I just simply love this game!
  4. tgaylon1

    tgaylon1 New Member

    I played Runescape back then when I was still young. It was my first online PC game. So many places to explore and so many items to achieve. I was really enjoying back then. I can still remember that my main character was one of the strongest in our guild. I was not able to catch up with the updates though so I decided to stop playing. Now, I still prefer playing PC games online rather than mobile games and Runescape is one of the reasons why.
  5. NickTheMan

    NickTheMan New Member

    I play Runescape 3 right now and currently doing some slayer to 200m experience while writing this. If you are a grinding type of guy that wants to get 100% of both versions of the game. Then I would recommend making a new account and playing both at the same time. I used to do that for when I was training on my old school account to corp for ely drops back few years ago.
  6. 4ecks

    4ecks New Member

    Nothing brings back nostalgia like the mention of Runescape. I remember spending countless days in summer, mounted to my chair, either offering dragon bones at gilded alters, or grinding my Magic at the abyss. I didn't like what they did with the graphic re-works, it really siphoned the nostalgia out of the game for sure. Now the game's just crowded with scrawny 11 year olds.

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