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    luciab230 Member is SCAM. Whenever I submit an article, it may be excellent or very badly written, it rejects me. And every time he sends me the same reason / message:

    Reason for denial:
    Article has been denied because of grammar, spelling or formatting issues in title. Ensure your title is properly capitalized. --- Article needs additional formatting to make it understandable to your readers. Please take a look at your paragraphs, capitalization and punctuation and make the necessary adjustments. --- Article does not meet the quality standards of InfoBarrel. You are receiving for one of the following reasons: - Articles with very thin content created to generate back links - Articles that do not provide value to the reader and are geared towards capturing search traffic. - Articles that use bad grammar or poorly structured English Low quality articles are also against Google's terms of service as you can see here ( under the Doorway Pages section.

    The article was very well written, taken from a book. So impossible to make mistakes. It is clear that he is a bot who sends these messages, so the site is 100% SCAM! STAY AWAY!
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