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    I watched a local football match in a school playing ground. As I sat down, I asked one of the boys what the score was.

    With a smile, he replied; "They are leading us 3-0"!
    And I said, REALLY!!
    I told him you don't look discouraged.

    "Discouraged?" the boy asked with a puzzled look ...

    Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?

    I have confidence in the team and the managers; We shall definitely overcome!

    Truly, the match finally ended 5-4 in favor of the boy's team!

    He waved at me gently, with a beautiful smile as he left. I was amazed, mouth wide open; Such confidence; Such beautiful faith; Such a small boy?

    As I got back home that night, his question kept coming back to me:
    "Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?"

    Life is like a game.
    Why should you be discouraged when The Almighty God is your Manager? Why should you be discouraged, whilst there's still life? Why should you be discouraged when your final whistle has not sounded? The truth is that many people blow the final whistle themselves;

    But as long as there is life, nothing is impossible and it is never too late for you.

    Half time is not full time and HIS calendar for your life is not man's calendar.

    Don't blow the final whistle yourself.

    With God all things are possible!

    Keep moving
  2. Alzack50

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    "To establish true self-confidence, we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives."
  3. jeda30

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    100% self-confidence is established by believing yourself that you are capable of accomplishing things that are accomplished by others. It may be impossible for you to think at first but when you can establish this self-confidence it would be very easy for you to manage it.
  4. Warren1967

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    It starts with accepting yourself for all your flaws and virtues. Then you build up you skills and try to banish your weaknesses. Muster the courage to do what you set out to accomplish. When you accomplish that, anything is possible. Believe and it will happen.
  5. quercitron

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    Establishing self confidence is not an overnight routine. It's all about having a stable and strong mentality.
    One of the first step that leads to self confidence is to know the flaws keeping you from being confident. The minute you conquer that mentally or emotionally, you tend to accept it and embraced that flaw. From that point on, you'd either choose to change that flaw for the better or retain since it is only a flaw based from other's perspective.

    Exercising mental health is among the healthiest thing to do in our generation.
  6. Larormie

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    This is when you finally don't give a flip about what others think.
    This is where you accept everything about you and feel contented and happy about yourself.
    This is when you are comfortable in your own skin.
    This is when you start to believe that you don't need the validation of others.

    This is where you feel secure.

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