Self-publishing a comic book. Anyone have self-publishing experience?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Lauralemons, Sep 23, 2018.

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    I have just begun to storyboard, but I aim to tell a futuristic sci-fi sort of story. It's something that I'm passionate about, so I'm not losing steam on it and I'm churning out a lot of materials. I understand the advantages of having it in actual print, but I was wondering:

    1. Does anyone have experience with novels or graphic novels, self-published online through services like Amazon? If so, what's the process like, or if there are any do's and don'ts I should be aware of.
    2. Are there any services available geared towards self-publishing graphic novels that I'm missing? (Have Googled with not many relevant results.
    Thanks in advance! :):):)

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