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    >Did they really related..
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  2. gracieroda

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    For this generation they're partner. I don't want to be hypocrite but it's the trend today. I'm not saying it is good nor bad. It is for every persons' preference. Though for me, love first.
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    MAKBBM Member

    its the best ;because it last forever ,
  4. Polite

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    Sex can be its own seperate thing if we're going off lust and attraction. It can also be part of love but it not a necessary since we can love in so many ways.
  5. Erimo

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    Sex alone can give us pleasure temporarily, but once you do it with love, it's sacred and heavenly.
  6. Denscabs101

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    Sex and love are corelated actually.

    When we have sex with our partner that we really love, it gives us real pleasure and satisfaction. But, if we're doing that on the person that we just want to do it, without love, it feels different, it's like just feels nothing. No satisfaction at all.
  7. Georgeliner

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    Sex and love are related.Question is which comes first?According to me love comes first and sex come second.You first fall in with the lady, approach her and finally have sex with her.
  8. kimv

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    For me, sex and love are related. In fact, sex is also considered as basic needs. However, if you take advantage of that activity it's no longer love.
  9. andrewgeorge

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    Love and sex are significantly related. They are like a brother and sister. In a marriage setting they have to co-exist for the relationship to be healthy. But most people often confuse these two. For example some people believe that sex is love and love is sex. They believe that the only way you will have to prove your love for someone is through offering sex which is so untrue. You can show someone that you love them through many other affection gesture not necessarily sex. Keep in mind that just because she/he had sex with you doesn't mean that he/she loves you.
  10. gabrielapostu

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    They are intertwined.
  11. hlabajosa1966

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    SEX is a form sexual activity thru sexual intercourse , it is an act of expressing intimacy towards opposite sex.LOVE is a feeling of emotions affecting the whole being of a person .LOVE Conquer 's all,it is a feeling of happiness, contentment of what you have.
  12. tinatinay

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    Sex and love are co-related with each other even so humans can do sex without love and humans can Love a person without having sex. Sex is one component to make the relationship grow. On the contrary, its also the reason why other relationship fails. Love on the other hand is much stronger and powerful word. Love is simple but complex, irrational but convincing. We are here in this world because of love so we should live by its purpose. These two words reminds us that we are only human and we are capable of doing bad and good things. We should not forget that these two are actions that should be made with great responsibility.
  13. Sonya L Walls

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    Sex and love can be the same for some people. I find it interesting to know that people can separate the two subjects. There are some people that choose to engage in sex without love. But, it's a heck of a battle for them when it's over. People develop feelings for each other through intimacy. So, if you can't handle sex, you shouldn't engage in it. Sex should be a sacred moment shared between spouses that love each other. Before you get to the happily ever after, you should make sure that you want to be with that person. If you can't handle the person's attitude, you can't possibly want to have sex with them. Sex changes the atmosphere. Sometimes, it's best to leave it alone and love yourself. Sex and love are different. You can love your friend at school and never want to be intimate with them. You can fall in love with your best friend and want to be intimate with them. It depends on if you are attracted to them, and they feel the same way about you. I think that people should definitely consider talking to a person before deciding to get married or engage in sex with them. I would wait until I talk to the person to see if we're compatible. Along the way, you are going to need reassurance. That's in every relationship that is really focusing on staying together. Sex and love can be combined with those who can handle it. Once you love a person and want to be intimate with them, you are taking a risk that has to be in the right timing. If not, you could ruin your friendship with them. I married a guy that I love because of his conversation. When it came to being intimate, I wasn't focused on performance. As you grow to love each other, your sex life will get better. I wouldn't rush it. Buddha has said this statement, "love is a person's own creative spark." Simply put, you should put into your love life exactly what you expect out of it.

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