Share your depressions people around you don't know about.

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by crdnlian, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. crdnlian

    crdnlian New Member

    Depression hurts. And none wants it. Everyone wants to be free from it. Life is not life without challenges, but life with depression is living life with no joy, purpose and hopelessness.
  2. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I think depression is too strong of a word. Sure, I get lonely sometimes but I don't think that means I'm depressed. My sister tried to commit suicide just last year. She's had no signs of being depressed at all. She's this happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She's a very strong woman so we were all shocked when it all happened. That's the thing with depression though. You have no idea who it would hit.

    I also have a friend who was depressed for a long time but he's doing better now. I'm glad he was able to fight off his demons.
  3. pholski

    pholski New Member

    Depression is very deceiving. It may not transpire from the outside, but the person dealing this is definitely struggling on the inside.

    Show support, share empathy. You never know what the person is experiencing at the moment. Let us talk! We may save a life.
  4. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Sometimes it helps. Because you end up talking to a person without bias. Thus, it gives you a different perspective. Sometimes, a different perspective wake us up.

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