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    As humans, we're gifted with privileges. No matter what our social status is, there would always be our fair share in the society where we belong. No one could say that we've been taken for granted by whoever supreme power we believe in. It's for us to figure out what we possess and how we could use this possession to serve our purpose on earth. Just be reminded that we're designed in accordance with what our Creator believed that we're best suited for.

    With that being said, let's try to extend our hands to those who are in need of this realization. Let's share what is worth sharing. Be of good influence to others and try to enthuse them with optimism. If we couldn't share any material things, at least share what has always remained deep within us, and that is "LOVE".
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    Yes, sharing the goodness of God is the best thing to impart to people. You may not have material riches here on earth to share to others, but telling them of testimonies about God is more than the material wealth the world could offer.
    I can share to you that my God is bound to His promises. He will never let down anyone who believes in His Word. I, for one. believe that He is able to heal me of any disease. Now, at age 63, I do not have any maintenance medicine, though, a couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with hypercholesterol. I just claimed His healing and after a laboratory test recently, my lipid profile presented a normal count. I do not take any medication - not even paracetamol when I get some headache. I have practiced no medication for 30 years already. My God is so good. In John 10:28, Jesus says, "I give them eternal life, and they shall never die. No one can snatch them away from me. Yes, He can give you immortality. John, the Divine, the writer of the Book of Revelation,[ the only disciple who died a natural death according to history] was beaten, fried in a giant cauldron filled with boiling oil, but came out unscathed. His body was believed to be snatched away by God for his remains could never be found. No record where his body was buried. Moses did not lose his keen eyesight nor his strength abated when he reached 120. He just died because he wanted to. If he requested God to make him escape death, He could have done so. Elijah and Enoch did not have physical end. They were taken to heaven by God. I know my God could do it to me too.
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    Sharing is caring & caring is a form showing affection and love for particular loved one.... If you share with someone unknown if an affection towards human in you yourself .... Love that sharing ❤️
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    It's fun to share. Whether it is food, gadgets or even good company, there is a certain warmth that one feels when one shares with others. It is passing blessings from one hand to another. You really want to pass it on. There is nothing like it. It feels really good.
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    Sharing what you have is also the same as helping them and it means that you care for them. Sharing is a value that everyone must have in order to have a nice community and happy living. Sharing with others whether it is food, money or anything is good because we chose to share we chose to care for for other people who is in need. We don't get greed y of what we have. Because we think that what we have is just also a blessing that God share to us that's why we must share it also to others.
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    Share is good for everyone. Sharing what you have to share, You can help the people and share thier happiness and sorrow.You can share information and technologies.If you have knowledge of anything You can share it. You live together and share happiness. We don't greedy of What you have like money or any thing.
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    Yeah, why not share. No man is an island. We cannot live alone. If sharing is not invented, I think progress will not exist. Just like in Science, technologies were developed from one principle linked to another principle. What if the ideas of Newton has not been shared?

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