She who made me feel everything

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    An excerpt of something she'll never read..

    A feeling that I only feel when I'm around her. There is something about her presence that makes the world instantly brighter. She emanates this odd aura and I could only bask in it. There is an apparent energy that gives me positive vibes, and I don't know if I should get used to it.

    A color I never really minded 'til I met her. For some reason she thinks it's a pretty color, but I used to think otherwise. Yellow was so...boring. It was the most common color I could think of. But now, it's like a disease. Whenever I see this color I get an immediate urge to feel happy; if happiness could actually be urged, that is. I think yellow was always a positive hue. My negativity tends to dispel it every time; and maybe that's part of the reason why I used to hate it. It's unbelievable how one person could totally change your view of things. A color that was once annoying became my favorite on a span of months. That's saying something, because I didn't think I would ever replace Red.

    I was never really a fan of sweets. It often makes me gag whenever I'm not in the mood to eat something sugary; but that doesn't mean I don't completely eat them. I particularly like gummy candies, and maybe chocolates but I'm particularly picky with them.
    I never really realized how much things remind me of her 'til I started to lisst them down. I never really realized how much of a cliff I had fallen into 'til I noticed I am still falling and the ground doesn't seem to be near either. Fear grows bigger inside me. It's like a hole on my chest that is slowly sucking me in a black hole.

    She is a plant that grew on love.
    It doesn't feel like an understatement. She's so easy to love that I think she must have been love itself. Her rots straddle me like a baby and it's the most comfortable place on earth. She is the most comfortable place on earth. Being with her is overwhelming, but it's not a bad thing at all. She fills me up with positive emotion, and it feels like I would never get sad again.

    She is a God-made drug.
    I've always thought I'd get hooked on something. Here it is. Maybe it's okay to feel sad or depressed because she's here to make me feel better. I never thought God cared that much, but He gave me a drug that would stand as my antidepressants, since I refuse to seek treatment from professionals. It vaguely feels abusive but I need her so much it hurts.

    I'm like a pressure cooker.
    And I'm almost done cooking my feelings. It's undeniable that my raw emotions have gone past medium rare. It's unbelievably fast. I'm waiting for her to open me up, I hope I am ready.
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    That moment you look into each other's eyes and keep thinking of her for more than 3 days and 3 nights. You are hoping she'd show up again and at least strike a conversation. Her presence make you alive inside that you can't stop thinking about her when she is not around. You've imagined possible things but you're left with a dream then you tell yourself of the reality. You've let that seed grow deep inside of you without realizing, you were just totally feeling good about what's happening. And love started to blossom, you started taking care of yourself. You went to the nearest barber shop to have your hair cut. You wanted to shop new things for yourself so you look good the next time you see each other. You are on the next level of loving yourself, too. Congrats bro, that's life!

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