Shopping Without Going to Long Checkout Lines, Is it Possible??

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    Shopping Without Going to Long Checkout Lines, Is it Possible??

    Hey, everyone needs to shop several times a month for our daily needs and wants. While we enjoy choosing from wide arrays of products displayed on the shelves, we dread this one part of grocery shopping.. the checkout. Yes, the looooong line of shoppers waiting for their items to be checked out especially during holidays.

    Now, with today’s revolutionized technology, skipping this stressful part is now possible.

    Amazon introduced their new grocery store “Amazon go” on public, on a busy Monday morning. This store is literally “grab and go” as customers will just simply choose the item they want to purchase and go. That simple. The store has built-in sensors and AI’s which were perfected through years of research and tests by Amazon company taking up a notch on bar code technology. Their store uses QR code which can be scanned on their smartphones, because who doesn’t own a smartphone nowadays, right?

    Shoppers will tap a sensor in the entrance. This will help the store track down what they purchase. After grabbing the items, customer will simply go. It’s that easy. Alright, before anyone can say Amazon is doing a charity something they’re not. It will be automatically charge on their Amazon account so no one can escape the bills of course and a little reminder for those pesky shoplifters out there, don’t you ever dare try to, you will really end up in jail and be 100 percent caught stealing items. So yeah, just don’t.

    This store opens in Seattle and probably if this becomes successful, we will soon be saying goodbye to long checkouts anywhere in the world, forever.
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    Yes it is possible. Because nowadays, there are already lots of online shopping businesses like Lazada, Ebay, Alibaba and any other websites wherein you don't need to go to malls and buy there which ever you want to purchase because it will be delivered straight to your own home while relaxing. This kind of business is much more convenient because you don't need to go outside and travel under the heat of the sun worst is that you'll be able to meet traffic. When you shop online only what you have to do is search for the item which you want to purchase. Then, what you've click will go to cart usually found at the top-right portion of their website then afterwards you will be asked about the mode of payment after choosing your preferred mode then they will deliver it to you. That's why it is truly possible.
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    Yes and it has already been done. A lot of online shopping stores are out there in the web waiting for you to discover. Lazada, ebay, Amazon are a good pioneer shoppings websites to mention. I personally have experienced their services and been satisfied to say the least.

    To expand and have these as online go to for your basic needs everyday, I believe is a great idea. It would be convenient specially for working moms out there who still needs to earn for the family and has less to no time to go to the mall after the long days work. With this new innovation, they can go online during their free time and shop for the things needed for the day and have it delivered even at work whichever they prefer is more convenient to them.

    This would make life easier and more comfortable. And the time you would have spent in the mall and the lost minutes due to traffic will no longer be a problem as you can save these moments to have quality time with your family.

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