Should college be free to all?

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  1. April15

    April15 New Member

    Yes, college should be free to all. As Dr. Jose Rizal said " The youth is the hope of our nation". Giving free college education to our youth will be the first step to that. Not everyone can afford going to college and giving free college will allow everyone to get a degree that will eradicate ignorance and poverty and will empower them to be the best person they want to be.
  2. AntifascistAktion

    AntifascistAktion New Member

    It should absolutely be free.

    The existence of higher education as it is now immediately puts people who are better off in a position where they are more capable of succeeding than anyone else. They do not have to worry about paying off their debt and therefore, they are able to take risks and pursue things that they truly love rather than having to be absolutely certain that their money will be returned to them through a career when they complete school. There's no way for poorer kids to catch up when they're told "get an education so you can get a better job", but education is not affordable.

    And as for "the money has to come from somewhere", yeah, there's some people in this country with net worths of several millions or billions of dollars... I'm sure they can afford to give that up.
  3. Karl Karl

    Karl Karl New Member

    Yes. "Education is a right, not a privilege". Education is for all not only for those who can afford it. For a long time, many qualified and smart students are not even able to pursue their dreams just because they are not able to pay for their tuition. Lets give them and all others that are wanting to make their dreams come true the right for education.
  4. ACrabtree

    ACrabtree Guest

    Yes, I do believe that college should be sponsored by the state. Not only does it help our youth compete in the international workforce better, but it will greatly help the economy as well. Having a highly educated and intelligent population is very important, for our economy, our democracy, and our strength on the international stage.
  5. AlsWork2

    AlsWork2 New Member

    We already publicly paid high schools and this has worked out fairly well. Have friends who have not finished high school and are now working on a GED as they now realized how important education is. I think a year of free college would allow a large number of our youth to get a glimpse of the world systems. One provision of this idea would be to allow students to wait up to 5 years before taking the free year of junior college. I know that I graduated at age 17 and started college too early and did not do as well as if I had waited a few years.
  6. L. Lowery

    L. Lowery New Member

    In my opinion, the first year of community college being funded by the state is not bad at all. I would've totally attended. And I do believe that all states should do the same. I think that maybe even more than that it could be income based, not only how much you make but how much you pay out (reasonable stuff). Or maybe it can be that the state will pick up the tab only if you attend right after high school. And sure for some young people, if they don't pay for the education they won't value it, but if that is the case then we aren't we wasting time with public school education?
  7. Albrenny

    Albrenny Member

    In a perfect world of course education should be free to one and all. As we all know education is valuable, beneficially and highly important. Education shouldn’t have a price tag because without it we wouldn’t have all the things and people in the world that we need to survive. Such as, doctors, chiefs, scientists, inventors and many more.
  8. chelle1622

    chelle1622 New Member

    Taking a degree is very important nowadays because of very stiff competition in applying for a job. Here in our country our president offers free college in states and universities and it is very helpful to those less fortunate aspiring students. We are in a third world country and I am happy that our president could finance this education to all the students and shows that every country can if would really like to implement it. Giving free education in college opens the gate to all future leaders in the world...
  9. Cleopatra23

    Cleopatra23 New Member

    Every child has a right to education. So yes, Schools & colleges should be free.
  10. rjhaye

    rjhaye New Member

    It's a question that might be more relevant today than ever before: Should college be free in America? Many people have very passionate opinions on the matter. Maybe you're one of them. But this question deserves a lot more than a simple yes or no answer. It deserves an open mind and a balanced exploration of the potential benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives.
  11. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    Attending college are one of the stepping stone to achieve your goals or dreams in life but how they can do that if it is expensive for the others or if they can't afford it. We do have scholarships but most of them stop. Like Adam Braun, he build a university MissionU. They can go to college for free, and when they got a job they will give little percentage of the salary, if you don't have a job they will not. But still if you really want something make it happen. Besides, your future depends on you yourself.
  12. najgonzales1992

    najgonzales1992 New Member

    Yes it should be free because dream alone can’t take you know where. Life is unfair so you need to fight for your dreams. But like what I said dreams alone can’t take you know where so if college is free you have a chance to start. Truth in life is to fulfill your dreams you need papers, Education and Skills yes maybe some billionaire even without proper papers and education but they have more skills than everyone have. And life is not easy as we think if country has free education it will help not just its people that also the country itself. When everyone can go to college for free then it will less the people that are not doing anything. Or just standbys I don’t believe in jobless if you have proper papers education and skills. I think and I know free college will help everyone not just people but also its country.
  13. Kerrijenn

    Kerrijenn New Member

    A college education should definitely be free it's a God-given right to acquire as much knowledge as possible. Quite frankly as human we should not stop learning. Whether we are young or old we should not stop seeking knowledge. If this can't be provided by the government persons through volunteerism should give of their time to assist others to acquire an education. We have become so greedy and capitalistic we forget our fellow sisters and brother. By being educated a lot of the disputes that resulted in violence could be prevented.
  14. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Any kind of knowledge should be out there for free, in some countries in the world it is and that is great.. where you have the right to get access to free knowledge. It is so valuable it has already changed the globe with unlimited information online.. free schooling will stopt most of the students that have extreme student debts in order t to get an extra 8-14 dollars an hour to there pay check, and will encourage students to learn something not for sake of learning but for the freedom to gain knowledge .
  15. soozee

    soozee New Member

    Maybe if we figured out some sort of system where we could work it off instead of paying these ridiculous loans. We need to put a greater value on education and advancing the mindset of our children. We are definitely behind other countries. It is time for a definite change in our education system. We are short changing our children. It is all about the bottom line, money. Kids are being squeezed for every dime there is to pay for ridiculous fees and interest by these predatory companies who know how to imprison these students. We need to lift our kids up to a higher standard and support them so they can reach and surpass that point. Let's re-prioritize our kids. They are our future.
  16. ty20

    ty20 New Member

    "Should college be free?" I think NOT. If you are given something for "free" then you will always be wanting something else for "free". If it is meant to be yours than by all means go out and get it yourself. There is nothing more degrading than a begging society but to have others perpetuate the begging/lazy life style.
  17. Tetrix

    Tetrix New Member

    You're not given free A-grades. The only thing you're given is the chance to work for a better future just like everyone else. How you use this is still up to you. And let's be honest, people who can afford college most of the time did not work for it themselves. They simply had parents who had a better start in life ;)
  18. LaceyEl1z

    LaceyEl1z New Member

    Yes and no - everyone should have access to education that won't bankrupt them, but should not necessarily be handed to everyone on a platter. I used to believe in universal free education, but then I started working in a country with free universities. My students as a whole have very little appreciation for the opportunity they've been given, and don't have any sense of importance surrounding it.

    I'm sure some of it is cultural, and some of it is being 19-20 years old, but so many of these kids are squandering something many people would kill to have. Maybe a compromise; anyone who wants education can have it with no charge, but maybe build in a work or volunteering requirement to weed out the unserious.
  19. XIlayPVPX

    XIlayPVPX New Member

    I mean, it shouldn't be totally free, they still need money to stay working and obviously the country can't pay billions for each and every student, but the prices should be decreased for the poor or people in need.
  20. keikatsuragi

    keikatsuragi New Member

    Here in the philippines. Pres Duterte made State universities and colleges have a free tuition policy. but the challenge moreover than the sustainability of the budget were the students having trouble with there professors who told them, "You may fail the subject now, Youre in free tuition so there is no meaning studying to much for my subject and i may fail you several times."
  21. AGR1

    AGR1 New Member

    Hey Kimberly, first I will say that I don't believe saying things like “hell owes them everything’’ referring to those of us who favor ‘’free’’ college education is the best way of contributing to a civil debate or discussion.

    In regards with the topic itself, I will say that although I am keen on having the least state intervention in the economy, I do believe there have to be some exceptions and I am very proud to be one of those who thinks college education should be state financed. You say that the Constitution doesn't mention anywhere the right to ‘’free education’’. That is correct but a constitution is a very serious contract determining the values and rules by which a society decides to live together in peace and as you know, those values change with time … The U.S Constitution was written in the late 18th century and the values we have as a society and a country radically change with time as new technologies, new ways of relating to each other and producing arise... This is why and as you also surely already know, there have been amendments to the Constitution from its beginning until recent years.

    I don't think most people favoring ‘’ free ‘’ college education are thinking that professors will work for only altruistic motives either. I think most of us obviously know we all pay for it with the taxes that come from our hard earned working money. But unlike what you say, not everyone who wants to study has the opportunity to work their way to it … There are many people that are already working and yet their earnings are not enough to cover college expenses. Some may be working but also taking care of a sick or disabled person and can therefore only work part-time. There are endless situations in which in spite the best will a person may have, he just can’t make enough to sustain himself, his family and afford a college tuition.
    Some of us also find there is a moral side to this and it is that education is not like any other consumer good or service, It is not the same to go to movies or a gym club than acquiring an education. Firstly, when we enlarge the number of people that can attend a high degree education we are also contributing to the nation’s future wealth as there will be more people able to innovate and produce great products and services. Secondly, by keeping education private or attached to endless loans, we are actually favoring an unjust inequality among citizens. We can easily understand this by comparing someone born into a rich family and another person born into a very poor family in a slum neighborhood. Even if both youngsters have the same intelligence, it is obvious that the rich child will have a lot more opportunities to develop himself adequately while the poor child will have to use much of his intelligence and inner strength to fight against the odds that surround his environment. A smart child born in a poor neighborhood like Harlem in New York has to do great efforts just to avoid being trapped in delinquency and drugs. Not to mention the overwhelming cases of more average intelligence children... Very clearly, there is a great unbalance in private market economies in favor of those who are born into wealthy families and the poor find themselves deprived of the same opportunities without having anything wrong to deserve it. What the parents may have done eventually to end up in poverty, it is not the child’s fault. Reversely, the rich child many times did not do anything extraordinary to deserve having the opportunities he benefited from.
    So to many of us, there is a moral as well as an economic issue. I will say as a last word o the topic that student loans don't really strike me as fair or balancing the inequality I mention because they come in when the child is already 18 years old and in most cases, it is already too late and we will have lost many valuable youngsters who dropped out of school by then… As for those poor families whose child has made it through High School, student loans are actually another factor aggravating equality of opportunities. The reason for this is that a loan sounds very appetizing and fair until you look into the hardcore facts of reimbursements rates and bankruptcies caused by them among young graduates. Many of them jeopardize their health by taking two and even three jobs just to make ends meet and reimburse the loan. Not to mention they are unable to save for their kid's future college tuition! Many have no alternative but to file bankruptcy and end in a very nasty poverty spiral. On the other side, those with richer families and greater reimbursement capabilities will always make it through. In conclusion, privately funded college education perpetuates the already existing inequality of opportunities among citizens and deprives society of a larger base of talent and production capabilities. This is why, almost all countries in Europe, Latin America, and Canada have a more or less extensive state financed college education.
  22. ben.G

    ben.G New Member

    Absolutely Yes, college should be free because , the cost of college education today is so high that many young people are giving up their dream of going to college, while many others are graduating deeply in debt. By making college unaffordable and student loans unbearable, we risk deterring our best and brightest from pursuing higher education and securing a good-paying job.
  23. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    Yes , because I believe that it would benefit the entire nation.
  24. raymartdmisa

    raymartdmisa New Member

    It shouldn't be free to all, I should say college is not a right but a previledge, if you want to go to college then work for it. Making it free will just promote laziness.
  25. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    I live in a state that offers free community college tuition to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. It was initially an initiative used to motivate teens to graduate and to choose a path of higher education, however, unfortunately, the graduation rate has dropped in spite of the effort. It would be lovely to live in the United States and for everyone to have the barrier of a free education up to doctorate level offered. We, however, live in a capitalist society and colleges /universities would stand to lose too much money if they participated in such a deal, so therefore I highly doubt that free tuition for all would be offered.
  26. teh

    teh New Member

    College education is not about adding money, its about putting in effort. I could pay 50000 USD to an institute and totally not care about its education system and studies.

    If the college education is free of cost, it makes it easier for the poor people to get free education benifits that others could without any charge.
  27. PadlockU

    PadlockU New Member

    Well just because modern era made college “mandatory”, many young people want to achieve higher education. As a result we have educational institutions that charge their educational services and people who are diligent and eager to learn but can’t afford higher education, whereas only rich people are privileged. On the other side, making higher education free would probably cause many students to become lazy and not able to finish their studies in time. In my opinion, the best option is to make higher edication free for those who achieve great results and for those who deserved it, otherwise there’s a huge risk of losing potential highly competitive experts.
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  28. Jenyagrant

    Jenyagrant New Member


    My answer to this questions is "Absolutely!".

    The biggest reason for my opinion is that everyone deserves great education and if each child has it, we can "Grow" much stronger and developed our Nation. There are a lot of families that can't afford education for their children, and it forces them to become a workforce of our environment, that slowed down development of each individual. By creating organizations that will provide free collage education to all children, will help our Country to grow faster.

    Thank you!
  29. EmmaRose456

    EmmaRose456 New Member

    I believe it should be free. In a lot of European countries it is free or very cheap - you just pay a sign up fee for class or admin fees. If it is not free then it just means that education becomes something only available for the richest people in the country. Others are priced out of higher education or forced to work extra jobs which then impacts their grades negatively. It is possible - governments can afford to pay for education, they just prefer to cut this budget and spend money on defense etc. If the rich were taxed slightly higher then it would be affordable.
  30. Writerbgsmith

    Writerbgsmith New Member

    The concept of free college is a misnomer. The salaries for professors, faculty, and other staff – in addition to all of the other enormous expenses it takes to run an institution of higher learning – have to paid by someone. If individuals aren't responsible for their own education costs, who is going to pick up the tab? The American taxpayer? Why should those taxpayers – many who have already paid for their own college education and the educations of their children –have to pay for everybody else?

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