Should college be free to all?

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  1. MikeyB

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    Getting it free is good, but take note that the Government will need to get some source of funding to make them free. It could be by increased taxes, tariffs on certain goods, raised prices on some facilities/commodities, etc. I agree with you OP that people tend to be less appreciative of the values of education if they don't put any money into it. When they work hard for it they tend to value it more. Free education is best served to people who really wants to study and upgrade themselves badly but could not afford it for its cost. There should be some set of conditions in place for one to avail it though, e.g., scholarship programs, Sponsorship, Outreach/Education programs for the poor who wants to study, etc.

    for the rest, if you have money to burn like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians and getting higher education would just be a plus factor to your advancement, why hesitate to spend for education? You can easily earn what you spend there in a day. Don't be greedy and stingy. Whip out your wallets for all its worth! :)
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    Not all colleges should be free, we should also consider the jobs of the professors. It is hard and they need money too for they also pay bills.
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    Knowledge is Power, so Yes Definitely, Education should always be free everywhere. Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Many European countries provide free college education to their citizens, some of them provide free education even to international students.
    Of course providing free college education to all will result in loss of an important source of revenue for the government but in the long term society will greatly benefit and the world will be a much better place than it is now.
  4. MikeyB

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    "Knowledge is Power, so Yes Definitely, Education should always be free everywhere. "

    Ideally, yes. In reality, you need to pay for the facilities and the staffs' salaries for them to be able to live the life as university professors and researchers.

    The cycles of life moves in a circle. We can't be pulling good favours towards us all the time without pushing some of it back to those we benefit our knowledge from.

    "Many European countries provide free college education to their citizens, some of them provide free education even to international students."

    Because their government have the knack of wisely appropriating their citizen's taxes towards the betterment of society back to the taxpayers. Maybe taxes are high and seems unreasonable, right, but seeing the government providing better infrastructure, improving educational and social welfare for all, it's a very good demonstration of "making your taxes work for you.".

    Only if all countries in the world could be like some of them, but unfortunately not every country is.

    We all play the give-and-take role in this cycle.

    If you want to greatly benefit from the provisions your government is giving you for the long-term, you also have to mind and take care of the short-term challenges of giving out some of your money and resources back to those who also work hard to make the system work for everyone.
  5. Yes it must be because of education you can find decent work. EDUCATION IS ONE OF THE KEY TO SUCCESS.
  6. MikeyB

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    Yes we do share your belief it is one of the keys, but one of the other keys is you have to shell out some money and resources back to those who also work hard to make the system work for everyone by educating your children. They need to be paid for their jobs too, you know. They are the key to the door. If you won't pay them, then your key would be useless. Success is on the other side of that door. :devil::D:D:p
  7. Mikejanis

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    colleges free at all, i think not all here in Philippines the only free at all here is the government run schools like state universities. free college it helps a lot specially to the poor families who can not afford private schools.
  8. MikeyB

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    Give it to the poor BUT deserving students for free. The rich? Why be cheapskates? Pay for it! :devil::devil::devil:
  9. zLex1

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    If the country and/or government can afford to pay for/offer tertiary education free, why not? Education is a lifelong rewarding investment in a country's most vital resource, its people and will definitely be a boost to the labour force and overall cognitive abilities of the society.
    A novel idea that could be implemented by the governments is to bound graduates to work and contribute back to the economy for at least five (5) years in the country that paid for/provided the education for the individual, to avoid absolute exploit and ensure some sort of return on their investment.
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  10. MikeyB

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    Yup, some 'scholars' tend to abuse the privilege. Make them work for their benefactors. Quid Pro Quo.
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  11. abswew231

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    I don't agree that education should be free for all ,Yes it is possible but the taxpayer will clearly suffer because at the end of the day there are no such things that's free however, For me payment of tuition should be base on their financial status or their capability to pay.
    For example if you are poor you will pay less and when you are rich you will pay more.
    Just like our taxation system.
  12. abswew231

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  13. ChiiChobitx

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    No, if you want free tuition fee in college you should prove first that you have a potential in your academic course.
    Perhaps theres a lot of students that really want to go to college striving even they don't have achieving highgrades but as Ive said you should first prove yourself. I said no because what if college is now free. Students won't seriously go to school because of that. They won't take studies seriously, because at the end of the day even they can't pass a year they think that they can just go enroll again the next school year. No doubts to make. For my suggestion, If you want college to be free I prefer that there is a condition.
  14. MikeyB

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    It's already been done dude, via 'Scholarships'. Only the deserving will get it for free, as long as they keep the expected academic criteria. Otherwise, you pay for your tuition.

    Simple as that.;):D:devil:
  15. yhanmar08

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    College should be free to all because not everyone is able to afford the tuition fees for a college. Everyone needs education to have better future for them and their families.
  16. MikeyB

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    It should, but it should not. As stated above when you backread. ;-)
  17. yhanmar08

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    Yes college need to be free to all. But because many high profile people or Business minded people makes the education so expensive. It was hard to us to go the private schools because oc lock of money. The youth today have more bigger dreams and they are struggling to go in college. That's why they stopped studying and they need to go to work o help their families instead of going to college. Because they can't afford it.
  18. patokar

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    Colleges need to stop raising their fees. I honestly feel like colleges are not getting enough backlash in the student loan debate. Students are maxing out their student loan limits because colleges are expensive and every year they continue to raise their fees. This seems to go on and on unregulated and without repercussions.
  19. Amester2003

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    I think college should be free as it just like high school but for a specific subject. If high school is offered for free why isn't college. High school is offered for free by the government, if the government is afraid of paying extra money for people using college, they shouldn't be. If free college was offered more people will go to college and join a trade. They in turn will earn more money and put more of it into the economy to keep it running. When college isn't free, people will usually have to repay loans. These students will fill the need to save their money instead of spending it, leading to a lower economy.

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