Should parents play "favorites" among their kids?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jilibido, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. jilibido

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    Favoritism and it's effects the family. Should parents play favorites among their kids? What are the possible outcomes from it?
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Never. It will lead to disastrous consequences in the future. If you want to see you kids at each others throats, play favorites with them. It gets worse when they get older. You would be lucky if you die before they do. Don't do it, if you love them.
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  3. kg0903

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    Certainly not! Playing favorite between their children affects the way their kids interact with their parents and also to their siblings. It affects the relationship between the whole family.

    Favoritism affects the way children behave and thinks. The 'favorite' child might think that he can do everything they can do because their parents won't be mad at them because they are the favorite one. While the 'least favorite' might feel insecure and jealous thinking that there is something wrong with themselves because their parents can't seem to look at them the same way how they look at the 'favorite' one. The 'unfavored one' may also grow uncomfortable with their own family.
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  4. jilibido

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    Very well said. I do agree with your answer 101%.
  5. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    short but spot on! I concur with your answer, I just hope there'd be more parents like you,well, that is, if you already are one!
  6. jilibido

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    Thanks to Dr. McBride for this informational write up about favoritism. I hope parents who play favorites would realize matters before it gets worse. But the bigger problem regarding this issue, is that, most parents who practice favoritism are those heavily stricken with self denial. Oh, when will this cycle have an opportune chance to be broken?

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  7. Sammij18

    Sammij18 New Member

    Never. This can cause serious long term issues not only with the less favorite child but between siblings as well. I believe you can love your children differently. But never favor one over the other.
  8. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    Definitely not. They were the ones who decided to have more than one kid. It would only be a wise and sensible action to treat each kid equally. What's the purpose of having another kid if you'll only be in favour for one of them? It's completely biased. It highly affects the children's upbringing. A child is also a human. It is prone to misunderstand things without properly explaining or the right guidance to guide him/her.
  9. teresac0726

    teresac0726 New Member

    Honestly, I do not believe they should. Some kids may need more attention than the others, at that time. As parents, it is not their jobs to like the kids all the time but it is their job to love them all the time. All you can do is offer the best in everything you can and hope for the best. But having a "favorite" child, will only make things worse for the family. The siblings will see it and react to it. A lot of kids will do crazy things to get the same attention.

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