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    I highly recommend the show since it’s one of the best fantasy series to have ever been produced. If you’re a fan of fantasy it really is fantastic, it has one of the most realistic CGI dragons I have seen so far. Drogon beats Smaug from the Hobbit hands down. They really envisioned a terrifying yet beautiful creature and Dany doesn’t look weird riding it either, it looks pretty legit!

    I recommend reading the books, but if you have a short attention span, it may not be the series for you. There is a huge issue with needing to pay attention to small details since George R.R. Martin is notorious for leading fans in multiple directions in regards to the many mysteries of the book regarding magic, political intrigue, and of course scandals. The show does a decent job of bringing this to the table and executing it well. It’s fun trying to figure out how each character will react in certain situations and theorize where the plot-lines will take them. Since the show has surpassed the books I personally see them as separate entities. There are a lot of arguments going on between how disappointed fans of the books are since the show took a different direction. In all honesty, the fact it’s such a huge phenomena is amazing in itself and considering what’s available, it’s pretty damn good.

    The show itself is very immersive. Sure, remembering names can be a pain but it’s easy to tell the characters apart despite how much goes on. I was never one to catch onto things the first time around and sometimes it would take me several watch throughs to find things I missed. If you like making up fan theories and figuring out what will happen, then this show is for you because it gives out a lot of red herrings to throw you off. There are a bunch of YouTube channels dedicated to deciphering all the hints the show pans out. This show is violent and if that’s not a problem for you, I’d dive right in, it’s pretty cool.
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    Like its many predecessors, and TV shows that keep on going for some reason, *cough* walking dead (irony) *cough*, it had it's ups and downs.
    Starting with the first season, the show will leave you breathless and dumbfounded, you will feel insecure and uncertain about continuing watching, if you keep on going, you're in for a treat .... for a time period.
    Thrones' show-runners Weiss and Benioff somehow managed to bring to life the incredible work of art by George Martin, first book — of possibly seven — is going by the same title as the TV show, and the whole compendium is called "A Song of Ice and Fire".
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    You should watch it. It's not very interesting in the beginning, but it gets better.
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    yes finish season 6 and move to the books, Do not watch the last two seasons you will regret it!
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    Yes,you should watch! its a very good series movie,the intense and action even romance characteristics of a film is in there!. i love the episodes that the three dragons are fighting on war. In some episodes even though you will feell a little dissapointment its not bother at all because when there is a dying character,theres a new one on its way and it makes me more excited about the story because its foundation is the family relations and the greediness to the crown.
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    I highly recommend Game Of Thrones. I rate it 100/10
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    Yes absolutely!
    The graphics,the fight scenes and the characters are absolutely grate

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