Signs of Successful Relationships

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  1. renibarun

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    You often ask the question to yourself that how you can make yourself more desirable to women. Well buddy, take a break. Think for a moment. Do you and your best buddy like all the same things? No u don't. The reason is simple. Every one has a different taste. Things work similarly with women. Every woman varies in their liking. They prefer different qualities in their men.

    But there are some generalized criteria that are proffered by the majority. To start with, women share common preferences about physical qualities that are attractive. But as we observe with a wider view, there is a demand for all types of physical appearances all over the world. Some want tall, dark and handsome male to be their man. Others might opt for a skinny, short or may be a heavier guy. So, every one of us got someone to hook up with.

    The important thing here is that, looks are not the primary importance to the women when it comes to choosing their partners. Most of them look for real qualities like a good job, fat bank account and a bright career in their men. Some would opt to go with men who have same values and principles as they do. The two main factors are honesty and a good sense of humor. Honesty would mean a hazard free transparent relationship with no confusion what so ever. And a guy with a good sense of humor would mean a charming guy whose presence would be enjoyed by any woman.
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    Signs of Successful Relationships
    • You aren't afraid to say what you think.
    • You have your own space.
    • You trust each other.
    • You compromise.
    • There is common ground.
    • You let things go.
    • You get along more than you argue.
    • You support and encourage each other's ambitions and passions.
    • You are accepting of each other’s pasts.
    • You regularly make the effort to show each other you love one another.
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  3. snesz08

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    For me, both of you is happy in love, you understand, respect and trust each other. you know that you are satisfy and contented for what you have. you will adjust and show support to each other.
  4. rvtamayo

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    A successful relationship is about understanding the relationship itself. It contains many factors but the best advice that I can give is to be more specific about the person or the partner that you will be putting time and effort to, depending on what relationship you are building. Being true to one's self and being transparent is another key.
  5. gabrielapostu

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    It's all about the gym,tan,laundry
  6. RedPhoenix

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    Hmmm... this made me think actually. I think the sign of a successful relationship is to think that a relationship is not successful. Because sometimes people tend to stop giving efforts when they thought that the relationship is already a go. What i meant is when we look at something and we thought that "hey, we are stable now, we successfully managed our relationship" that's the time when we tend to be relax. And end up neglecting our partners. I feel like a relationship must be like a house, it needs constant renovation. Arguing and bickering is sometimes good, when we try to work things out even if we wanted to just give up i think that is a sign of a successful relationship.
  7. Bcaluag

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    I think the one way to make the relationship successful is for both parties to always choose to compromise whatever situation they are dealing, to always choose to stay to each other no matter what and lastly to always choose to make their relationship last.
  8. Warren1967

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    It is when both partners attend to each other. Another sign is when both partners grow from the relationship. The longer they stay together, the stronger the bonds are between them. That for me are signs of a successful relationship. Hope it lasts a lifetime.
  9. Hayciel

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    I find this topic really nice.
    For me, its the moment where you can do shit things anywhere with your partner.
    Favorite one that I liked the most, farting in front of him. And he does the same thing as well.
    Its when you memorized each others weakness and compensate for it.
    Its when the negative attributes of that person seemed to become right for you
    That is what a successful relationship looks like for me.
  10. lenlen

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    I'll share 5 Signs of Successful Relationship based on my own experienced.

    1. You and your partner accepted every weak part of you and help each other to gain strength over it and able to make it as a challenge in life, not a failure.

    2. Both of you are able to share things on the past, especially the past experienced with former partners you have had. Sharing past things without any feeling of jealousy because you are both happy and truly love each other and can open up a personal topic without any guilt or doubt with your partner.

    3. You always feel in love with your partner each day and always think of creative ideas about how to make him or her smile even your relationship is almost two years.

    4. You cannot stay alone without your partner. You always feel that you miss him or her even though your just a minute drives away from him.

    5. Every argument and simple quarrels between you cannot last for one day without talking about over it. You easily reconcile and forgive each other and able to listen to each other's explanation.
  11. PNK

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    True! To love each other with endurance, all other distractions notwithstanding is the key to a healthy, successful relationship.
  12. hlabajosa1966

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    Signs of a successful relationship, GOD should be the center of your relationship because spiritual bonding is what the couple strengths. The most important aspect of any relationship is TRUST, RESPECT, and LOVE. Open communication particularly regarding money matters, only WE, not MINE or YOURS. Be understanding, appreciative and have a positive attitude during difficult times. This will leads to a strong bond, healthy and happier relationship.
  13. pbraun

    pbraun Member

    If God is the center of the relationship then it is a good sign.
  14. When they grow old and die together happily ever after.
  15. sylviajasthy

    sylviajasthy New Member

    Not hiding the past
    Nothing is covered. All the bad sides you do not even miss to reveal. You and your partner do not reject anyone in the past.

    Support their work and goals
    You may not always understand why something can be very meaningful to your spouse.
    When each has a target, both of you always choose to support each other instead of narrowing down the odds, which makes the spouse's motivation down.

    You often smile when together
    Smile is a sign of great significance if your relationship is good for each other. Instead of feeling too depressed because of frequent quarrels and disagreements, your relationship with the couple just gives more happiness. Or if not, at least it is a balanced relationship between a feeling of sadness and happiness.
  16. shangj27

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    I could say the relationship is Success when it is made up by GOD'S will.
  17. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member


    Signs of Successful Relationships
    1. Your relationship gets stronger.
    2. You are best friends.
    3. You accept each other's faults and imperfections.
    4. You don't ruin your relationship with the little thing that goes wrong.
    5. You motivate each other.
    6. You don't hold things back and say what's on your mind.
    7. There is a trust between both of you.
    8. You decide together.
    9. Your relationship is a safe place when you need comfort.
  18. emax2000

    emax2000 Member

    When the both of you are able to trust each other fully and laugh at each others jokes.
  19. Sammij18

    Sammij18 New Member

    You're both happy most the time, you feel comfortable being honest with eachother, you arent scared to tell them something maybe they wont like, mutual interests and attraction.
  20. AprilDeOcampo

    AprilDeOcampo New Member

    Quoting from the movie I've watched, create a room for your partner's mistakes. Nobody is perfect, so you must learn to forgive and accept the things that you like and don't like in your partner. Maintain an open and constant communication. Any relationship is also a give and take process. Forgive more, trust more, understand more and love more.
  21. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Successful relationship isn't easy for some couples, it is a challenging dream that most couple keep on pursuing to achieve. A successful relationship is a healthy, loving, happy relationship and can be seen by others because of its signs. Some signs that can be seen in a healthy relationship; couple are living the life in the moment by sharing time together, enjoying every activity that they do and they are respecting one another despite of the differences of their likes, hobbies, ideas and future plans. A successful relationship shows that couple have constant communication, arguing things but for the sake of good future and showing intimate romance regularly even in a simple way. A successful relationship can be seen by couples who work as a team, they are both exerting effort for having a long-lasting, harmonious relationship.
  22. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    Succesful relationship is combination of family and relative and believe and trust to each other. Successful relationship is couple of wife and husband. A successful relationship is healthy, loving and happy relationship and understand to each other. It expesses to good communication and argument some topic and any relationship is also give and take in process. If we want to good relationship live happily and help each other.
  23. carbs16

    carbs16 Member

    Signs of succesful relationship are able to reach the goal of each other, happy for each others achievements and support each others path. Successful relationship isnt about having no fights, jelousy and flaws. It is acceptance and trust.
  24. HanniBanni

    HanniBanni New Member

    1. Don't be self-destructive
    - Some women when they get into a relationship destroy everything they built while they were single. Learn how to save yourself when you're in a relationship.

    2. Stop arguing about quarrels
    - Do not repeat the quarrels you once went through.

    3. Learn to survive money problems.
    - Bankruptcy or lack of money means an end to the relationship if you have not adjusted to each other.

    4. Say sorry
    - We often forget the value of the word "sorry" and should not.

    5. Don't put your partner where he is
    - The division of life roles may seem like a good idea, but if you do not include your partner in other areas of life, you may feel neglected.

    6. Perfectionism will not get you anywhere
    - If you are waiting for the perfect relationship and the perfect partner - you will be left alone.

    7. Let your partner have friends
    - Don't expect him/her to tell you everything. There are some things he/she can only talk about with friends.

    8. Add a kind face to kind words
    - The facial expression is often read much faster than words.

    9. Don't mention the ex
    - If you ask your ex-partner it will only open old wounds.

    10. Do not give up
    - There's nothing appealing about walking in an old sweater and unkempt hair.
  25. AngKool27

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    If God is the Center of your relationship, probably relationship will be successful.

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