Simple things that make you smile....

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by stopball13, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. stopball13

    stopball13 Guest

    Well the simple thing that makes me smile is when I wake up and see that the day is sunny :laugh:!
    because i really hate it when its raining;)

    :thumbsup:what simple thing/things make you smile?
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  2. immosyete

    immosyete Guest

    simply things that makes me smile is when i received text messages from someone unexpectedly.. especially when i'm thinking of that person..:)
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  3. Hideki

    Hideki Guest

    For me, it is to see someone smiling and it is because of me, myself. That makes me smile too. Especially if it was my girl, that bliss is too much for a day with me. :)
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  4. This is the best forum thread I've read so far. It made me smile reading what made everyone here smile. :D But besides this, what makes me smile everyday is seeing my daughter grow.
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  5. edlorenzo

    edlorenzo Guest

    Honestly, what I hated about human attitude is 'rejection'. That's why I really appreciate those people who effortlessly smiled back at me. And that simple thing makes me smile back to the world.
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  6. watnat24

    watnat24 Guest

    I find most things bring a smile to my face. From as simple as seeing the snow fall, hearing the rain pattering, basking in sunlight, being with great friends, seeing others humanity, my own silliness and adventures to a great joke. All these and more bring a smile to my face instantly. So… seeing others experiencing joy always instantly brings a smile to my face. Joy is only in the pure enjoyment of life at the moment one feels the enjoyment for themselves.
  7. ilovepink102

    ilovepink102 Guest

    Being happy or keep on smiling even though in a simple ways is very useful and helpful below are the things that make me smile :)

    1. Being with friends and family
    2. Receiving and giving gifts
    3. Watching the first snow fall of the season
    4. First green leaves after a long winter
    5. Finding old clothes that actually still fit you

    6. Finding money in those clothes that still fit you
    7. Waking up and realizing you still have time before you should get up
    8. Favorite song playing on the radio
    9. Watching a sunrise and a sunset. Maybe not alone
    10. No lines in the supermarket

    11. Shopping
    12. Kids’ laugh
    13. Puppies and kittens
    14. Coming home to a clean house
    15. Being able to sleep late in the mornings

    16. Breakfast in bed (we can make exceptions, can’t we?)
    17. Having someone play with your hair
    18. Giving a hug to someone special
    19. Receiving a hug from a friend when you need it
    20. Someone special calling you up just to say they love you

    21. Receiving and writing letters (not e-mails)
    22. A phone call from an old friend
    23. Knowing someone is missing you
    24. Having someone special to miss
    25. Chocolates (to hell with the diet!)

    26. Holding hands (it is still sweet, isn’t it?)
    27. Chocolate ice cream
    28. Strawberry milkshake
    29. Good food
    30. No traffic jams

    31. Sweet memories
    32.Sound of the ocean
    33. Walking in the rain, barfoot
    34. Looking at the stars, searching for a falling one, making a wish
    35. Pillow fights

    36. Wishing someone sweet dreams and actually mean it
    37. Getting things done
    38. Getting things done RIGHT
    39. Knowing everyone you love is fine
    40. Seeing a cute picture

    41. Old photographs
    42. Text messages
    43. Finding time for yourself
    44. Seeing your team win
    45. Looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing yourself happy

    46. Smiling at someone
    47. Someone smiling at you
    48. Saying “I love you!”
    49. Hearing “I love you!”
    50. Knowing there are people whom you can make happy

    51. Being in love
  8. ayezha17

    ayezha17 Guest

    first is seeing an awesome sunset while I'm having a bad day,
    it just lifts my spirits and make me smile... second is when im thinking of someone
    and then couples of second later, they text me asking "whats up"...
  9. Gingercat

    Gingercat Guest

    I have a bird feeder near my window and I never tire of watching them. They always make me smile. I also love watching my cats watch them through the window (aka kitty big screen).
  10. bjayetnap

    bjayetnap Guest

    the following:

    1. Seeing my crush
    2. Level Up my character on MMORPG
    3. Watching Comedy Film
    4. And getting ROFL watching Just for Laughs
  11. oversoul

    oversoul Guest

    Simple things that make me smile is seeing my youngest sister who is a 3-year-old cute girl doing her latest antics. Sometimes she would utter some words and we're sort of surprised and sometimes amazed that she had learned something new again. She always put a smile in our face and she brings us closer to one another because when we set our eyes upon her, nothing else matters. All our misunderstandings just went off when we look at our little sister. She's an angel.
  12. sammy27

    sammy27 Guest

    There are actually few of them:

    1. A text from my boyfriend(a simple good morning will do)
    2.The sun(just like you.hehehe)
    4.Seeing my little brother smile
    5. Fresh air
  13. My dog doing silly little things that make no sense to me, like spinning in circles, and hopping around like he's all happy for some reason I'll never know.
  14. mimi8zm

    mimi8zm Guest

    There are so many things to be thankful for and to smile about. My husband's I love you's, my mom's calls, my friend's comments on facebook, a thoughtful gesture by a loved one, even my nieces' and nephews' conversations with me.
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  15. Glen Mark

    Glen Mark Guest

    I have a 10 month old son and the funny simple acts he's doing makes me smile. Whenever he smiled when he sees me really makes me smile and hug him, I really appreciate this especially when I'm tired from work and he will glance at me with a smile. The short sounds he can make like da-da or ad-dy truly makes me happy!
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  16. KP3

    KP3 Guest

    There are so many things that make me smile. Waking up to my three beautiful children everyday is an absolute reason for me to smile. I smile when I receive funny text messages from my husband or a friend. I smile when I watch my children play together and get along. I smile when I think about my brother's upcoming wedding and what a beautiful event it's going to be. Even just having the sun shine on my face is a reason for me to smile.
  17. silverflask

    silverflask Guest

    There are so many things that I usually take for granted, but there are some simple things that just really makes me smile. One of them is getting a hug from my niece and my nephews. That really cheers me up. On my worst days, a hot, cup of coffee is a sure smile maker. :)
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  18. Cindy Mae

    Cindy Mae Guest

    The simplest thing that makes me smile is a hug from my kids or my husband. A hug can speak much more than words at times.

    I also love to come across photos or hear a song that makes me think of a happy memory that makes me smile. I also smile when I see a parent or parents out with their children having a good time and enjoying each other.

    There are a lot of simple things that make me smile now that I think about it!
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  19. The one simple thing that makes me happy is when my 3 year old son is in a good mood and then everyone is happy.
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  20. Aashik

    Aashik New Member

    Your reply made me smile, that's so true { I have a 2.5 yr old cousin and he makes us all smile with his simple actions :) }

    So yeah, things that make me smile (There are countless, only some are mentioned :D)
    *When my mom wakes me up in the morning and yells at me for not getting up early and reading, she is soo innocent :)
    *When I run away behind the shop when a teacher is around suddenly and I'm smoking xD
    *When my 2.5 year old cousin makes something funny :D
    *When my sister fights with me for the TV remote, seriously, she looks so stupid when she's angry :p
    *When my teacher yells at me for not paying attention during his lecture :p
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    The antics of my four-legged hairy children make me smile, as do unsolicited acts of kindness, dry humor, and karma catching up to deserving recipients.
  22. bertz

    bertz Guest

    When I see my childhood pictures that are very funny to see and I have a lot of them plus some of my VIdeos during the past
  23. Kris

    Kris Guest

    My animals bring joy to my life whether it is my dog doing something silly or my cat not realizing he is looking at his own reflection in the mirror.
  24. nenen

    nenen Guest

    Waking up to the sound of my children singing while taking a bath, giggling while playing and watching TV. It makes me smile just thinking of them and the silly, innocent things that they do or say...:D
  25. one4shoes

    one4shoes Guest

    The simplest thing that makes me smile is waking up to my boys crawling all over my husband in our bed. It is THE BEST way to start a day!
  26. wneely

    wneely New Member

    A lot of things will make me smile, but the one thing that can instantly lift my spirits no matter what is the sound of a child laughing. Kids are so unrestrained when they're happy, and it just seems to bubble over into me.
  27. DaisyP

    DaisyP Guest

    My kids! Anything and everything that has to do with my kids just makes me light up! They are my world and just seeing them Happy is all that I need to make me Happy! ♥
  28. skltnkey

    skltnkey Guest

    Of course there are a million things that make me smile but here are the first five random one's I can think of...

    *The sound of crickets and katy-dids...takes me right back to the summers at my grandparents in the south chasing fireflies and playing ghost in the graveyard with my brother and cousins.

    *Sitting in the garden eating the fresh veggies right off the vine for a simple dinner.

    *Waking up to a good morning kiss and a smile from my guy.

    *When a great song that you haven't heard in ages pops up while your tunes are on shuffle.

    *Watching my dog go bananas over ice cubes as they hit the wood floor.
  29. Well, I'm just going to agree with EVERYTHING 'ilovepink102' said. That list retty much covers everything I was thinking! (That was the lazy way out wasn't it?!? Ha!)
  30. Mary Milano

    Mary Milano Guest

    I can't help but smile when my 160 pound St. Bernard and 135 pound Newfoundland play together. The St. Bernard is a boy and the Newfie is a girl and they were raised with each other. Wherever he goes, she goes - they're really inseparable and it's so sweet to see how much they love eachother!

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