Simple Ways I Deal With Stress

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Doxie, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Doxie

    Doxie New Member

    There are a few small ways that I currently deal with my stress.

    One very important step is to make sure that I am hydrated. A few years ago, my diet consisted of too much pop and too little water. I did not realize it at the time, but being dehydrated made me very irritable. Now that I am drinking enough water and almost no pop, my stress levels have decreased.

    Another simple way that I deal with stress is to write out whatever is bothering me. Then I rip up the paper and throw it away. This gives me a feeling of release in a way that is healthy and not harmful.

    What are some ways that you deal with stress?
  2. sommet

    sommet New Member

    For me, cleaning. Usually when I'm stressed it's because of something outside of my control, so organising my home makes me feel better. It helps because I'm doing something, it doesn't take long, it works out tension and at the end everything looks better. Oh, and dance. I just focus on the music and let the stress wash away.
  3. rodney12

    rodney12 New Member

    No matter how powerless you may feel about stress, you still have control over your lifestyle.
    The first step is to recognize the true sources of stress in your life.
    look closely at your habits, attitude, and excuses.
    Adequate sleep
    Put on some music and dance around
    Take your dog for a walk
    Social engagement is the quickest, most efficient way
  4. Onyx Star

    Onyx Star New Member

    When you all have a moment to relax and your mind is clear from all disruptions. Be sure to silence your phone during this time so you can focus on meditation and positive affirmations that inspire creativity.

    After you have spent some time doing this burn a little sage or even palo santo and begin breathing in and out. I strongly say" Don't hold your breath". This is a proven fact that taking deep slow calm breaths is known to cure anxiety. You can even wear crystals close to your body or have orgonite in the presence of others and begin to generate cosmic energy from the balance in the universe.

    This also lines up your main 7 chakras. Remember if you feel like stress is consuming you life remember to Live Love Dance Let Go Breathe. Don't forget to watch Spirit Science on You Tube about more on Crystal knowledge and The Crystal Movement.
    I am a lover of Crystals and Gems and have been for my whole child hood and found them to carry what we need in order to help our Mother Earth .
  5. heyaira

    heyaira New Member

    I can relate to your post! Staying hydrated always helps me with stress but sometimes I get stressed because I'm not drinking enough water... kinda ironic isn't it?

    Well next to that, having a planner/agenda for school has always helped me cope with stress, especially since school is mainly the only reason I stress. If I have a planner, I know when I have to do what and that helps so much with everything - not just stress.
  6. Onyx Star

    Onyx Star New Member

    I would like to touch base with you some more on meditation and breathing and how it relieves stress with a few of these simple techniques and I know we all have our creative ways of relieving stress and I would like to share with you today my friends simple ways I deal with stress... Sending good vibes in all directions from our last chat we spoke about breathing and meditation relieves stress. Today I 'm going to go outside today to a bike trail in my community and take a brisk walk through nature down the Indian Appalachian foothills where a tribe came through the trail of tears . This trail running in the rain barefoot is awesome! okay yeah ! We can go on this journey walking as we focus on our breathing and letting our mind go as our spirit sets free taking in the beauty of nature this is one of the ways to calm your nerves and just get out and enjoy fresh air stress is caused from built up anxiety and being indoors and no fresh air does not help that. My lovelies there is one thing we all can agree on in order to live a healthy lifestyle laughter, dancing, and singing always will keep us together! Also if you can while on your journey be sure to bring Quartz crystals to help support The Crystal Movement that is healing energy that we can obtain and use it to help heal the universe from stress with the knowledge that grows within each and everyone us. Pass out Quartz Crystals to people you meet on the nature walk and be sure to tell them what the crystals name is what it's health properties are. I'm strong believer in visualizing healing and that what positive affirmations we do put out into the universe is what we get back .
    Most of all I do agree with you all about staying hydrated that is important in order to not feel stressed our bodies are made of mostly water and that is important to keep ourselves hydrated even after walking, dancing, singing, and meditating. If these simple ways I deal with stress helped you. Be sure to check back in Health and Fitness every day and I will share more Crystal Healing with you until LOVE, DANCE, SING!
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  7. adie elsa

    adie elsa New Member

    i love dancing, shopping and swimming so whenever i feel stressed any of these cheer me up.
  8. mike5

    mike5 New Member

    The best way to deal with stress for me is to go to the gym. You have to be cautious with your training volume. Training can be very stressful on the body just like anything else in life.

    Eat healthy, unprocessed food. Food plays a really big role in stress tolerance and stress adaptation.

    Get rid of bad habits: don't smoke, drink, stay up late, etc.

    Learn to say no if the situation permits it.

    When I feel really stressed I eat/drink, then lay down. I don't even try to sleep when I lay down. I don't think there is anything a person can do that is as relaxing on the body as laying down other than sleeping.
  9. rollerdame

    rollerdame New Member

    I notice by starting my day with a workout I'm better equipped to handle what may come along that day. I am a true believer that exercise can uncluttered a mind quickly. You don't even need to do a big 60 min, dripping sweat, hard core workout either. Sometimes just doing 30 jumping jacks before you get your day going can help.
  10. Erica Tanner

    Erica Tanner New Member

    As a student in high school, I'm well accustomed to stress. I don't really have a way to deal with it every time it happens, but if it's overwhelming I drop what I'm doing and take a cold shower. It helps so much, and really refreshes me, so that when I go back to my work I'm more revitalized. I understand that when people are stressed they can't just drop everything and do something else, but what I find is that I perform so much better if I try to reduce my stress even a little bit.
  11. Sk3tch

    Sk3tch New Member

    I'll definitely second dancing as a great stress reliever. Doing a hardcore dance session gets your body moving, blood pumping, and helps take your mind off things. I also feel great since I get a workout into my schedule since dancing feels much easier to do than going to the gym. Plus there is the added benefit of becoming a better dancer, so that's a plus.
  12. AngelStrife89

    AngelStrife89 New Member

    Stress... I don't even know where to start. I stress over my school work, job, and so many other small things that it took me a while to figure what I could to in order to reduce my stress levels. I've looked into many things until I was recommended by a freind of mine to give Martial Arts a try. So I did, I've tried at least 4 different schools, none of them I did not like to much until I cam across the one I am currenty attending right now is amazing. I feel so much more calmed and realaxed now more than ever! I even can deal with dumb situations now.
  13. Bday854

    Bday854 New Member

    I'm constantly stressed with a lot of anxiety. I have been this way my entire life because I am an over thinker. There really isn't much I can do to stop that but at least I can manage it. I have several techniques that I do to try to reduce my stress and over thinking.

    The most important technique that I use to reduce my over thinking is to take a deep breath and start writing down everything that actually needs to be done. This let's me see that they're really isn't as much as I think there is to do. This technique really helps with put a lot of things into perspective.

    I also resorts to comforts i.e comfort foods, fun distracting activities that keep my mind off of what is stressing me out. My go to activity is binge watching t.v series on Netflix, Hulu, hbo, and other online t.v series.

    Always remember though, to breathe! That's the best advice I can give to dealing with stress. Always breathe!
  14. fabricfaery

    fabricfaery New Member

    That's interesting that you noted the connection between dehydration and irritability/mood. My husband discovered the same effect last year and we now regularly drink several glasses of water a day!

    My go-to stress-fighting techniques are meditation (I love the Simply Being app), exercising (especially yoga, pilates or kickboxing) and the 20 minute power nap! I try to take one each day.
  15. zombiewolf

    zombiewolf New Member

    Depends on what is causing my stress if is just a bad day , well i drink a big glass of cold water rest it with a fruit then take a steamy bath , it helps to relax the body and i tend to sleep better if the stress has reach a point where no sauna can do me well, at this point i take a long2 hour walk , or i start jugging/running , breathing exercising my body and changing my surroundings.
  16. nicksab

    nicksab New Member

    All of the previous suggestions are absolutely right with their helpfulness in dealing with stress. Additionally I like to practice Mindfulness Meditation. It is a really simple exercise that can help clear your mind in only about 10 minutes and it is a great stress reliever and even stress prevention.

    I personally would recommend using the app called "Head Space". It is a free trial app that focuses on daily guided mediation sessions. I like to sit down before walking to work and get through a quick 10 minute session where you are prompted to focus on breathing and to find a "clearness" in your mind instead of following the constant train of thought that rushes about our minds every second of the day.

    By practicing this type of mediation it is easy to do on your own and to make the process more personal for yourself. Often times people correlate mediation with religious practices, however this practice is creed free and presented in more of an exercise than a spiritual belief.

    Just like with our muscles in the gym, our mind must also be kept in shape with focused exercises as well. This is one way I would recommend to prevent stress, and one I can vouch for as well as having a huge impact on my day.
  17. lisawillims24

    lisawillims24 New Member

    There are a few things that I rotate in order to deal with stress. My main stress reliever is prayer. When I connect spiritually, I feel as though I'm not going through my issues alone. That spiritual connection also gives me clarity in situations where I need to make a decision.

    Yoga is my next go to for reliving stress. Normally I will do a yoga session before bed, The deep breathing and stretching really helps to calm my body and my mind. Yoga being a form of exercise releases feel good endorphin and depending on the intensity will calm you or give you energy. Not to mention there are a lot of health benefits that come with Yoga practice.

    A few other ways are talking with friends/family, getting out into nature and simply taking a nap. I get bored of things easily so I like to switch things up.
  18. Sam Mullet

    Sam Mullet New Member

    There are several ways to deal with stress. One research-backed method is to take deep breaths. Simply breathe in through your nostrils, fill your lungs with air and your mind with positive thoughts, and then exhale through the mouth. Do this 5-7 times to calm yourself and relieve stress. Breathe normally for a minute or two, and then repeat again if you can't shake the anxious feeling.

    Other ways to deal with stress is to go on a walk outside. Nature helps us release endorphins and by taking a light walk outside you can absorb what the outdoors has to offer. If you have the time, go on a run or complete a workout. Exercise helps us release tension and power through moves, unlocking anger or resentment that we're holding physically.

    If it's the type of stress where you just need to think positive thoughts, try meditation. Taking even 5-10 minutes in a quiet, dark room to become aware of yourself can really help. Concentrate on your body, any stress you may be holding in your neck, shoulders, legs, or even in your face or your tongue. The human brain tells the muscles what to do depending on how it feels, so meditation allows you to take a reverse approach; meditation tells your muscles to relax so your mind can follow suit.

    Try these various methods of stress relief, and remember, different strategies work for different people. Read, write, run, relax - take the healthy stress relief measures that work best for you.
  19. jahroberts

    jahroberts New Member

    Sort of the same as you really!

    I stay hydrated ALL the time, I don't care if I have to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes, I'm healthy!

    Not only that but a good way I work out all my anger and rage is listen to some heavy bass rap music, get pumped up and hit the gym, I can pump all my rage and stress into my workout routine and lift big and know that I'm bettering myself with every rep and every second I'm working out.

    I feel that it's really good for my mental health since I've started staying in shape, not just my physical health.

    I have no goal, I just like to know that I get happier each day.
  20. kovarikdan

    kovarikdan New Member

    My honest answer is simply work harder. When I am stressed and pushing the boundaries of what I can comfortably do without breaking down, I simply push that much harder. I think I have fully become a New Yorker!
  21. Nancy A.99

    Nancy A.99 New Member

    Typically what I do when I am stressed is I take a few minutes to breathe and regroup in my head. I clear my mind first then I begin clearing my work space. By organizing where I am working it gives me a sense of control over the situation. One I have done that I begin to formulate a plan of attack to handle the task at hand. Something that helps with this is creating a priority list of all the things that have to get done. Since it is typically school work I am stressing about I prioritize first by due date, then by difficulty with a grade weight factor. Usually that is a quick way I handle my stress, until I have time to talk it out with someone.
  22. Soraya

    Soraya New Member

    How do I deal with stress? Firstly, I make sure I've had enough sleep. If I haven't had enough sleep, my mood drops dramatically. I also try to eat as healthy as possible and drink plenty water/herbal tea throughout the day. Yogi tea has many of "Stress Relief" teas that really work, my favorite is Honey Lavender! If I eat unhealthy foods and/or I'm dehydrated, I've noticed that I'll feel terrible about my self-esteem.
    Exercise is a big one! When I'm stressed out and not feeling great about myself, a good workout makes a world of a difference for me. I like to think that while I'm working out, I'm breathing in the positive and sweating out the negative. After an intense workout, I feel wonderful.
  23. krystalvandross

    krystalvandross New Member

    I listen to music, which is cliché, I guess, but it really helps to calm me down, especially if I am singing along. I love to go for some Aretha Franklin and just belt it out. I also like going on and just playing the rain sounds over and over again. I'm a mermaid sort, so rain sounds really help to soothe my anxiety.

    What else? Degrassi marathons. It's impossible to feel stressed watching Degrassi and laughing at how horrible the acting and writing is. It's definitely a go-to for me to chill out. Two other shows I like to marathon to destress are Peep Show and American Dad. I like to watch shows with horrible characters it makes me feel like I'm doing okay in life.

    Oh, and foot baths. I love just soaking my ugly feet in a bath of hot water and magnesium chloride. Can't be stressed soaking your feet and getting your magnesium.
  24. HealthAndVitality

    HealthAndVitality New Member

    Stress is a serious subject as we constantly see in the media what the inability to control it can cause. I always find that dealing problems as they arise is key. Refusing to let negative emotions linger on for days and weeks and months and years can prevent a tragedy. Almost all the sad stories in the press are related to people not being able to cope with situations or not being able to seek for help that leads to a tragedy. I put it simply, it's good to talk.
  25. OutOfSpoons

    OutOfSpoons New Member

    I'm stressed almost constantly, and my coping methods are not as healthy as they could be, but they help a bit. On most days, I have a soda. I have to have this soda, or I feel depressed about it the rest of the day. Another coping method of mine is to binge watch whatever my favourite show is at the time. I've also been known to eat a whole pizza on very bad days. I'm trying to get a better handle on my stress so I can avoid the more unhealthy coping methods.
  26. mackenzie71

    mackenzie71 New Member

    Those are great methods of dealing with stress! The way I primarily deal with stress is by playing music. My biggest hobbies are singing, playing guitar, and playing piano. When I feel anxious or stressed out about something in my life, whether its academics or an element of my personal life, I sing and play my favorite songs. It really helps me calm down, express my emotions, and have some fun, too!
  27. MB2012

    MB2012 New Member

    I tend to treat stress in two ways. First, I try to eliminate sources of stress in my life. This entails both personal and professional stress inducers. Second, I do my best to mitigate the affects of stress. The harsh reality of living in our modern society is that we have to learn to function in stressful environments and ensure that this stress does not interfere with our ability to function properly. The following has worked well for reducing the impact of stress in my life:

    1) For nutrition, I tend to keep my carbohydrate intake around 50 grams a day, I consume copious amounts of vegetables (salads, juicing, steaming, etc.), take vitamins (fish-oil, magnesium and vitamin D) and continually stay hydrated throughout the day. Eliminating coffee and the aforementioned dietary changes have been a huge factor in improving my energy levels which corresponds to an improved ability to deal with stress.

    2) For working out, I conduct aerobic exercise four times a week. I like to switch between running and swimming to give my joints a rest. I also conduct resistance training three times a week. Working out allows me to take a mental break and gives me more energy and confidence to address personnel and professional issues in my life.

    3) I always make sure to never bring my work home. As someone who used to do this in the past, my house ended up becoming just as stressful as work. Now, home is actually a sanctuary for me where I can really decompress from the day. It also gives me more time to spend with my wife.

    4) Lastly, I will use certain vitamins and herbs during extremely stressful periods. I would like to emphasize that these are supplements that have personally worked for me (YMMV) and you should consult with your physician on any dietary and supplementary changes you make. The following have worked really well for me when I dose as needed:

    - Ashwagandha
    - Holy Basil
    - B-Vitamin Complex
    - Magnesium Glycinate
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  28. kimmy7878

    kimmy7878 New Member

    One thing that always helps relieve my stress is taking a quick jog to my favorite soundtrack. Exercising is a great way to channel all of that unhealthy stress and pressure into. Jogging frequently releases endorphins leading to that "runner's high". This never fails to boost my mood. Alongside jogging, having my favorite music flowing through my ears makes the experience even better. There's no way stress is still standing after a match with my treadmill and headphones.
  29. misstee16

    misstee16 New Member

    I love practicing meditation and mindfulness to help decrease my stress levels. Sometimes I just sit in a quiet space and focus on my breathing, other times I'll do away with my cell phone and laptop for a few hours to enjoy time spent on a long drive or have a deep conversation with close friends.

    I understand that there is a careful balance between the mind and the body to really get optimal stress relieving effects, but I admittedly haven't mastered my diet. Perhaps if I started integrating more water, like some have mentioned above, and other nutritious foods, I could maintain a calmness for longer periods of time.
  30. Janthea

    Janthea New Member

    I find a walk in the countryside or park where my eyes can be filled with the greens of nature and the blues of the sky can be a great stress reliever.
    I also sit on the ground and place my palms on the grass to let the earth's electricity flow through me. While I'm doing this I take long, deep breaths, in to the count of five and out to the count of five. This slows my mind and body down and helps me feel calm again. Hugging a tree often has the same effect.
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