Simple Ways I Deal With Stress

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  1. botbotpinky18

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    Some simple ways I do to deal with stress are sleeping, reading blogs and books or watching movies. There will always come a time that you feel all burn up and all you wanted is a long comfy sleep where you can relax both your mind and body. I also do some yoga exercise or even hip-hop dance depending on my mood of stress. Sometimes I will ask my friends if they want to go out and we bond together like the old times. I guess that whenever we feel stressed out, we should find a way to do things we want to do and have some enjoyment once in a while. It should not be expensive and pricey, it may be playing with your pets or even painting or gardening.
  2. PMarga

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    Stress is part of our everyday life. It certainly affects us and I should say that we should be in control and try to balance whatever we are dealing with. For me, the first thing that I do when I wake up is pray. As the saying goes prayer moves mountains. After I calmed myself after praying then I assess all the things that are bothering me. I make a timetable on what things should be sorted out first and so on and so forth. Then to set the mood, I listen to all my favorite songs while going through whatever is first on my agenda to be sorted out. In between sorting things, I take a break and play with our three dogs. Being with them calms my energy. Dogs equates happiness for me. I talked to them and as if they understood what I'm going through. In response my furbabies lick my ears as if saying that everything is going to be all right. Then from there, I am able to sort things up.
  3. Rizen

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    I deal with stress by thinking positive thoughts regardless of my mood. I even wake up with a smile even if I have lack of sleep to start my day with good vibes. I often listen to happy music when i get up and watch feel good movies before I go to bed. And when I go to work I ensure to wear nice clothes to have a good attitude and to gain more confidence. I think it will also add more positivity in you when you know you are good looking too. That is why i prepare myself before I go to work or anywhere else.

    What I'm trying to say is try not to deal with negativity. But try to prevent them from affecting you even before you could call them "stress". ;););););)
  4. juanchosangcap

    juanchosangcap New Member

    More than people have stress .. if you have more problems .. its couse a stress how to remove your stress for me I play guitar .. music its sound refreshing to release stress like worship song .. and importan to pray and always talk god for your problem to remove our stress because for me im always talk god . And play guitar to worship him .. for my refreshing .. try it .. :)
  5. panemorfimi

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    In my point of view as I have mental illness the way I deal with stress is by doing the things I like or those things I can say can boost my endrophins like listen to music, reading a book, watching a show or tv anything that my mind can be occupied by something else than the problems or stress i'm dealing of. Inorder to have a balance lifestyle you can too exercise since exercising is a good way to deal with stress too and lastly if you think everything is too much just close your eyes and pray for guidance from up above.
  6. rildinz41

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    Positive Self-Talk, Self-talk is one way to deal with stress. We all talk to ourselves; sometimes we talk out loud but usually we keep self-talk in our heads. Self-talk can be positive ("I can do this" or "Things will work out") or negative ("I'll never get well" or "I'm so stupid").
    Negative self-talk increases stress. Positive self-talk helps you calm down and control stress. With practice, you can learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  7. romnick

    romnick Member

    When I'm stress I feel so irritable the whole day, I noticed it. I noticed also that stressing yourself can make you older. So I think a way on how to deal with it. So if there are times that I feel stressed I walk around, leave the place where my stress came from and talk to someone with anything just to change my mood.
  8. Jerson Escorrido

    Jerson Escorrido New Member

    The simple way i can make to deal with my stress is to simply smile and talk to others by telling a simple story about what happen to you that day to become stress and sometimes i feel to cry but im also thinking that it can't heping me to release that stress so im thinking some ways to releas my stress and to become ok again like cooking, baking,listening music and enjoying the food that i made that day....
  9. Jomar Estrado

    Jomar Estrado New Member

    To relief my stress, when i was at home listening news, watching movies, youtube and reading books sometimes.
    its more relief if you have someone to talk with and jokes all the time.
  10. jhan

    jhan New Member

    Stress has a huge impact in our lives, especially in our health. It leads to serious health problems to triggering more severe emotional and psychological problems. Relieving stress results in a happier and more fulfilling life. I think everyone should know how to relieve stress to avoid health and mental problems. I have two options on how I am going to relieve my stress. One is by listening to music. And the other one is my reading the Holy Bible.
  11. Jenna David

    Jenna David New Member

    The way you deal with stress is so healthy. I hope I have the same determination. When I'm stressed, I tend to be more unhealthy, I eat a lot of junk foods, pop, sweets and stay up late. I'm really trying my best to work on these for I'm gaining too much weight. On the other hand, there are times that I just listen to music, write blogs, watch anime, read books and a cup of coffee. Exercise is surely one best way to relieve stress, however, it's not part of my list. I prefer to sleep and have a full body massage instead.
  12. Eliza Montajes

    Eliza Montajes New Member

    Simple ways to deal my stress is first i make sure to drink a lot of water. Why? Because it helps me to be more relax and focus. I pampered my self more. I'll go to my massage theraphy clinic and completely relax my body. Then contemplation as i manage to release all the negativity thats inside me. After that I eat healthy food. And the next thing is for my emotional health. Just to forgive myself and let go of the things that hurts me. Positive mind can handle difficult things.
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  13. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    Time management. Yes cause i think everything around us is controlled by time, we need to arrange everything according to their proper places so that we cannot get easily stressed/depressed, Cleaning the house will make us breath and an bring good vives.. One more thing, Singing. Everytime i feel stress, i am setting my magic sing right away and keep on singing and YES! After that i can say that it can lesses or remove my stress because its one of the way on how to relax and a way of speaking out yourself. I hope it can help
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  14. Andra Calbaza

    Andra Calbaza New Member

    I work in a pretty stressful environment, with deadlines everyday and problems to be solved as they appear but i view them as challenges i take on and there is nothing than can't be fixed. Same thing applies to my personal life, if something becomes a problem i work with it to find the solution and having to focus more on the solution and less on the problem makes a difficult situation less stressful. As I once heard on a TedEx talk we are problem solving mammals and this means that our brains are wired to help others find a way out of their problem. This means we should express the reason why we feel stressed or anxious because the people around ourselves might have an idea or a connection that can be helpful.

    When i'm about to enter a period of intense physical and mental effort i supplement my diet with magnesium and it helps me have more stamina and a lighter mood. I also take magnesium during winter time because by mid january i tend to get depressed by the cold and short days. Staying hydrated is very important and a glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach jump starts me better than a coffee.

    In the evening I relax, take my mind of things, go for a walk with my two dogs in the forest nearby. I do some breathing exercises, lifting my arms to expand the thorax as I inhale and lowering the arms as I exhale, and also some streching exercises to relieve tension in the muscles. Fresh air is really important for the mind if you spend the day working indoors.
    Also I hear a lot of people complaining from headaches and two of the reasons might be dehydration and lack of fresh air.
  15. Andra Calbaza

    Andra Calbaza New Member

    Hugging a tree works for me two :)
  16. Cherish

    Cherish New Member

    Three simple ways that relieve my stress:
    1. I will go out and drive. Driving makes me feel relaxed and relieved.
    2. Play Christian Music while driving. So music really plays an important role to my life. It soothes my emotion. And bring me back to the presence of our Holy God.
    3. I pray. After I've felt that I am in the presence of God, when my mind is free, I pray and ask the Lord to heal me from within. I ask forgiveness and give everything else to His hands. And I will go back home relieved and energized.
  17. Clean Heart

    Clean Heart New Member

    Stress is challenging to me like finding ways on how to survive drowning in a pool of anxieties, worries, and difficulties in life. First, i simply breath deeply, inhale and then exhale! Next i will think of what i am interested in, what i love doing the most. Like for me, i need to embrace nature, i need to feed my eýes with beautiful landscapes and sceneries. It helps me uplift my inner spirit. What else, foodtripping, playing puzzles, i also tried adult coloring books, i spend time in second hand clothing stores just to pre-occupy my mind and the best thing to me is to be with my friends and family who are fun to be with, to talk to them and share laughters...and think positive always and say this (the stress) too shall pass.
  18. hubby10

    hubby10 Member

    Simplest thing you can deal with stress is to pray. God is always there for you. He will always listen and lend you a helping hand. He will never leave you alone. Stress can be very dangerous specially to young people that cannot handle them well. The must be guided and enlightened that there will be always someone who will listen to them and hug them in times of loneliness. God loves everyone and He will bless you. Let's just have faith and never be afraid because God will be always at our side.
  19. MissGlenSaturday

    MissGlenSaturday New Member

    Listening music and social networking are best ways to deal with stress. Its hard to think and my daily routine will be affected if I'm stress. Sometimes dancing zumba is one of the ways too. It keeps your mind stay focus and helps to have a happy life too.
  20. myla123

    myla123 New Member

    Stress occurs in every aspects of our lives. It could be external or internal cause. But for most people common reason is external. Just like my own I always suffer of external type of stress, like for example psychological and social situation due to my problems in life. And its not that easy for me to manage my stress due to my difficult situation so all I do is to divert my attention in doing whatever I want while looking for a solution to the problem that cause for me to be stress.
    And also, listening to soothing or relaxing and reading the bible. And in that way somehow I feel like relieve for a moment until I can find a solution to a problem which cause me to be stress
  21. missc13

    missc13 New Member

    There tons of ways that I do to de-stress like massaging my neck and shoulders with lavender oil which is very calming. Second is I listen to classical and slow korean songs :) Lately, I found out that I really enjoy and it calms my mind everytime I clean, organize things and make some DIY crafts. Obviously, it makes me happy so it definitely relaxes me as well.
  22. bzmom17

    bzmom17 New Member

    Stress is what we encounter everyday. We are human that's why we have all these negative feelings at times. However, we should not let this rule over us. Stress is manageable, all we have to do is think positive and always wear a smile in our face.

    Nothing comes in our way that we cannot handle. Always be grateful for all the blessing we receive everyday.

    God bless us all.
  23. thescout12

    thescout12 New Member

    Sometime we can't control the things that give us stress especially in work but we can do things that can release stress. There are many easy ways to release your stress, and one of them is to breathe deeply, take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. It can calm your body and mind by doing this. “Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure" psychologist Judith Tutin, PhD, says. One way to release your anxiety is to meditate, this way it can make you more resilient to stress. But one of the most highly recommended stress reliever is to exercise. Sometimes you have to do some workout in the gym to release your stress, it is really a good habit if you find this as one of your stress reliever. It will have many benefits to your body and it will calm your mind.
  24. jkbustria

    jkbustria New Member

    Review your daily and weekly activities to see what you can pick off your plate. As Vanderkam asks in her book: “Do your kids really love their extracurricular activities, or are they doing them to please you? Are you volunteering for too many causes, and so stealing time from the ones where you could make the most impact? Does your whole department really need to meet once per week or have that daily conference call?”

    Blonna suggested asking these questions: “Do [my activities] mesh with my goals and values? Am I doing things that give my life meaning? Am I doing the right amount of things?”

    Reducing your stack of negotiable tasks can greatly reduce your stress.
  25. Maaan

    Maaan New Member

    I can share to you guys some simple ways I do in order to deal with stress. First and the very important thing is to clear your mind. You have to surrender everything to God or if you are a non-believer, just empty your mind from anything that is bothering you. Take some time to inhale and exhale all the negativity in life. Second, you have to try listening to your current favorite song. This is really very effective for me, especially that I love music so much. Third is to read a book or if you ain't a reader, you can watch a movie instead, or watch your favorite tv show or series online. (I suggest you to try watching k-drama. ;) ) Fourth is to eat your favorite stress food or any food you are currently craving. May it be chocolates, pizza, fries, burger, chips and such, but make sure not to eat too much cause too much of everything can really be unhealthy. Fifth is to hang out with friends or family. Go to places you feel like going. Share your thoughts and burdens to your loved ones. Having a good company can actually make you feel better knowing that you're not alone in this world. The last way I can share to you guys is to face your problem. You've got to face and embrace whatever it is that made you stressed out. Always keep in mind that whatever you may be encountering right now will just pass by. Everything will eventually come to an end, so you better keep your head up and have some faith in yourself.
  26. New Member

    We cannot avoid in getting stress on everyday life so the best thing that we can do is to learn on how to deal with it. If we are stressed, we usually unable to perform our best in accomplishing our task, we are out of focus and stress affect us not only mentally but it also threatens our physical heath because too much stress may develop to some life threatening illness that may lead to death. I am a BS Psychology student and my professor said that physical illness originated from too much stress. So much better if we are aware on how to interfere or to find some intervention before it affects our physical health and threaten us due to some complication. Let me share some of the techniques on how to deal with stress if you feel that you are little bit tense because you are bombarded by work load in the office try to merge with our mother nature take off your shoes and take a walk try to feel the ground and breath some fresh air basically that is what we called grounding it massage your feet and make you feel better and connected to the nature then breathing some fresh air it may help you allot it lower your risk to develop heart and lung disease. If you’re on rest day try to wake-up early and witness the sunrise it make you feel better and will refresh you from all the stress that you feel from work or any there worries that you have then try to take a walk with your dog is you have one at the same time, listen to the sound of nature stay away from the city for a while if you have some time anyway it for free if you live near the woods or even in the lake try to go on fishing if you are interested to it or try some of your habits, try to engage yourself in some sports so that you could enjoy even if in a short period of time try to take a break for a while from work then try to practice a proper breathing exercise it has a lot of good benefits to our body it brings a good amount of oxygen to your brain that makes you feel better and much more productive. If you are working in the office there are times that we feel a little bit strain in our back as well as the tension in our hands due to a long working hours and too much workloads try to do some simple stretching exercise to release the tension and take a walk then get a cup of relaxing tea and don't forget to smile because smiling is good for our health as well. I hope these information could help you on how to deal with stress.
  27. enicart

    enicart New Member

    Dealing with stress is a mental war against yourself, meaning you have the capability to overcome that kind of obstacle. You can do sports or working out to simply focus your energy and thoughts in to some activities that will keep your mind clear and at peace. Meditation or yoga are some of the very simple ways to let your mind flow and by doing so you can obtain clarity. Others dance in the sense that they want their body in shape and wind up the circulation of their body and thus feel the release of stress.
    I personally work out a little and go biking because the change of scenery helps me think or rethink some issues and misunderstanding that sometimes leads for having a stressful life.
  28. Doadex

    Doadex New Member

    I sleep a lot when I am stressed out. But it doesn't help me feel better when I wake up. Since I am a cat lover, I watch videos on youtube.:laugh: Helps with my stress almost everytime. I also like getting some fresh air walking along the beachside. Doing some light exercises like yoga also helps a lot. I am not a person to read, so I rather watch a good movie and be a potato sometimes.
  29. Richorific

    Richorific New Member

    In the world we live in, many have gone and come, and from time to time different things will happen and change. This is the era of technology and innovation where it affects greatly in our lives. We embrace each changes that provide us the better way of living. We propel to a high technology and advancement which is very soon we can breathe through it. This era was merely the imagination of the people before us. But does our body also adapt the new world that we are making?
    Human beings as we are which is the greatest miracle organism that ever live. We could move mountains and valleys which a great quotation said," Faith can move mountain". In which I have been perceiving it as a person but that faith is with us. The moment that we believe of something that moment or the activity that where doing is called faith. But this faith have been shaping us and that is what we have seen now. Because of that certain faith that we have, we release this through molding the things that surround us and our body is not ready for the greater change that will soon be happening. Too much of everything will might kill us. And that is what we are battling right now this so called stress. The moment that you overthink and exaggerate things makes us vulnerable to stress. There many ways out there to stay away the stress which give a huge load to our brains. And one of this is give yourself time to recharge and stop thinking what tomorrow will bring because we will never know this. On this moment relaxation is vital in giving yourself a spare time to be alone. The moment you feel the air that goes in and out in your nose, your body is diverting to a stage where little consciousness have been pressing on to your brain. You don't have to think about the worries and fear just concentrate the feelings that is going through your body which the temperature, breathing, and the enjoyment of this such relaxation is giving not only for yourself and also the people around you. Because of the recharge and refresh feeling that you have, you can do the things so easily where you focus on the smaller ones first and the rest will follow. So to sum this up meditation is the simplest way to stay away from stress. It is very affordable which it takes only your time and release the negative feelings that we endure in this new world we live in. Stay healthy!
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  30. coralyn.reynon

    coralyn.reynon New Member

    Everyday is stressful, but let's accept that stress is really the cream top of our life. Teaching to naughty and stubborn students is really stressful. To release the stress, I simply cracked jokes, laugh out loud to relief myself from stress. I even do the exhale-inhale technique to release the carbon from my body. The best thing for stress-free life is to appreciate the goodness of God.

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