Simple Ways I Deal With Stress

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Doxie, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Rishie

    Rishie New Member

    I deal stress by going for Scuba Diving when I am at my workplace. Being underwater really calms me down. It is so peaceful and quite underwater that it gives me time to think of the things that are stressing, and the things you will find underwater are just wonderful.
    Sometimes I also deal stress by sleeping. I always feel good after sleeping, it refreshes my mind from the things that worries me.
  2. Antler

    Antler New Member

    My go to stress reliever is a bath! Sometimes I'll bring a book in there with me and read, maybe light a candle. It's a cliche for a reason! Something about being under the warm water always makes me feel a bit more secure and it gives me a chance to not have to worry about other things, since I can't get to them from the bathtub.
  3. JayChel

    JayChel New Member

    The first step to deal with stress is to know you are stressed and immediately stop the things that makes you stressed. Always find time to take a rest. When you're home coming from work, don't think about your pending activities at the office.

    Also, identify anything that would help you to cope up with stress, for me this actually helps:

    a.) Eat chocolates - the sweetness of the chocolates does really help me cope up with stress
    b) Drink lot of fluids - when I'm stressed, I feel tired, so lots of liquids will replenish all my energy
    c.) Closing my eyes - closing my eyes, thinking nothing, is a stress buster
    d.) Talk with someone - talk about anything, talk about what makes you stressed and get advice, talking really helps to cope up with stress and boredom.
  4. nelnelfreeman16

    nelnelfreeman16 New Member

    There is some fun tricks to do to battle stress. You can count to 1 up to 10 breath in and out and medidate yourself to decrease the level of your stress.
  5. Sxyvamp26

    Sxyvamp26 New Member

    Stress has always been the biggest enemy of each person. The amount of stress depends on each person's capacity to deal with it. Stress may come anytime and anywhere, you just have to be ready for the changes that might happen. Type B personalities usually deal with stress more effectively than type A personalities. Type A's are perfectionists and they follow certain plans that if unavaoidable changes happen, they get stressed out. As much as possible, during the end of each day, try to meditate and think of the good things that happened during the day. List down at least 10 things that you are thankful for so it will make you feel blessed.
  6. W0lverine8

    W0lverine8 New Member

    For me, one of the best stress relievers is exercise. It is a natural cure for anxiety because it releases endorphins in the brain which act like mood-lifters. Regular exercise also strengthens our sleep/wake cycles and blood sugar levels. It develops confidence and leads to better mental processing. Meditation and prayer also help me find peace of mind and deal with worry. I make sure that I have an ample supply of the best foods for stress relief which include foods high in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. I spend more time with my friends and family communing with nature. Keeping a journal decrease stress by helping me stay organized. It makes me less panicky. More importantly, I don't miss out on important deadlines. Essential oils such as lavender reduce inflammation, improve immunity, balance hormones, and aid with sleep and digestion.
  7. Roses and Thistles

    Roses and Thistles New Member

    For me, the best way to deal with stress is a sound sleep and a relaxed walk outside. It also helps when you try to do some of the things you like to do like watching a movie, shopping or just checking out what's new at the mall.
    The brain is the most preoccupied organ in our body and sometimes it needs a little break from all the pressure it endures and so a little sleep, a little time off from work will rejuvenate it. Sometimes, a little break will work wonders for the brain making you think clearer and more productive.
  8. New Member

    Stress comes, depression comes, it's normal we live in this world having predicted to encounter this. Only thing that matters is how we welcome stress and depressions. One thing for sure, stress and depressions won't appear to be a gentle stranger, never will. My point is why can't we start treating stress && depressions like a passer by traveler, act like normal knowing that, come on it will just pass by, simple as that. In that way, adjustments will just act on its way for change. I know it's hard, there are many cases of stress and depressions out there. It just depends on how we interact with them.
  9. Crazycale

    Crazycale New Member

    Stress for me is usually a thought that won't leave me alone. It also generally follows from being unhealthy diet wise. I know for certain that removing as much tyramine as possible will help everyone feel much less irritable and have more energy. For dealing with the thoughts I employ a meditative kind of technique. Sometimes the things that stress us out are out of our control. There are times when the most you can do is accept your position and let it run its course. This can sound like giving up but you have to realize that with such a powerful tool as the human brain we can infinitely asses our problems from different angles. At a point it becomes more harm than good and you just need to think of what is happening now. Make a real effort to improve your situation and even if it doesn't help you will feel better knowing you are trying. If you are doing that you don't need to worry much more.
  10. benjj25

    benjj25 New Member

    Stress is just our body’s normal response to adverse or demanding circumstances. Its detrimental effects on our health seems to be numerous but most common of this is high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

    I always try to relax in every situation so that my body will not be in danger. I regularly exercise and yoga to control my emotion and negative vibes that stress has put in. Any forms of exercise may help it could be on outdoor or even indoor.

    Meditation is also a good habit to remove stressful thoughts in our body.

    You can also play your favorite sport and hobby. Recommended also is to have a pet.

    Always remember that any problem has its solutions and make it a practice to take it positively. Don’t forget to laugh and smile in midst of stress to recover instantly.
  11. Dax Francisco

    Dax Francisco New Member

    My simple way for dealing with stress is to look for a quite place and just breath. By momentarily tuning out of the stressful situation and just focusing on the simple act of breathing, I'm able to calm my emotions and unload my mind of all the things that is going thru my head.

    Another way I learned for dealing with stress is to just focus or act on the things I can control or influence. In the work place for example, If there are arguments or disagreements it would be best to base your judgement more on the situation rather than personalities of each co worker, there is really not much you can do about their attitudes. Enforcing what is best according to the company policy.
  12. Most of the people now a days are experiencing stress. There are many factors where you can get stress like job, family, relationship and problems even with small things. For me there are lot of ways to deal with stress and the most common way people do is to eat. When people are stressed they intended to eat a lot but take note that too much eating may result to more serious complication.

    Here are some ways or things you can do if you are stressed:

    1. Use your talent. Some of us are good in singing, dancing, painting and some inborn talents. You can use those talents to deal with stress. Instead of thinking the things that make you stress, you can focus on different things.

    2. Exercise. Let your sweat comes out. Sweating is also one way to remove the toxins on your body. Exercise atleast 30 minutes per day.

    3. Learn new things. When you keep thinking on those things that makes you stress you will be more stress. Try to learn new things that can stop you from thinking of your problem.

    4. Travel. Explore. Do some adventures. Travelling is not a from of escaping but a form of discovering. Go to different places for a new atmosphere.

    5. Shopping. It's expensive but it's effective. Especially for woman who are shopaholic. Buy anything you want as long as it makes you happy. However, just keep in mind that you must not expend too much because it might also cause stress if you will see your bill.

    6. Relax, Smile and be happy. Don't let stress remove the smile on your face. We are still blessed no matter what. You are a ship and stress is the water in the ocean. Don't let the water get into you and make you sink.
  13. Ryannel82

    Ryannel82 New Member

    I take a break. I do things I love and I deal with my interest. If you do things that makes you feel good, then it's one way to get away with stress. Another thing, if you take things one step at a time it's better. Stress usually emerged from situations where we do things simultaneously. Learn to prioritize and you'll see, work will not be that hard as you think.
  14. Noragamijeaddo

    Noragamijeaddo New Member

    In order for me to deal stress, I do some few things. These include watching a funny movies or videos, listening to music, exercise, watching anime or sleeping . Study suggest that laughter is not just the best medicine but also the best stress reliever. Aside from laughter exercise can also reduce your stress, I also want to add yoga and meditation, if the muscle is relaxed the mind will also follow. It is also great to listen to your favorite music while walking in the park in order to lower your stress level. Lastly do what you enjoy and for me it is watching anime and sleeping.
  15. Mel629

    Mel629 New Member

    Stress is the common problem people, especially those who are working or in financial difficulties, encounter most of the time. Whether you like it or not, we should deal with it. When I am stressed, one simple way I deal with it is by taking a short break, a little time for myself as compose myself. Then I drink a glass of water. If I am working in the office, I will go to the comfort room or have a little chat with my coworkers. Most of the time when I'm stressed, I will just listen to my favorite songs or watch baking videos on youtube. These simple ways help me manage stress so that I could focus again on my work.
  16. Mielyn

    Mielyn New Member

    A simple way to dealing with stress is watching funny movies,listening music and talking with God...
  17. tyreeseprice

    tyreeseprice New Member

    Big stress relievers for me are working out and listening to music.
  18. iamchristiann

    iamchristiann New Member

    How Do I handle stress? It is simple, I ask guidance from the Lord, I hang out with my loved ones (family) which is the source of my strength, I also surround myself with people who is positive in life, I also workout everyday, and see to it that I smile everyday.
  19. SpicyShrimp08

    SpicyShrimp08 New Member

    First off, u need to have balanced diet and enough sleep. Exercising also is one best way to relieved stress because when u exercise, your body releases endorphin which gives u good mood. 2nd, stay away from people and situations which stresses u. Lastly, do what u love and things that relaxes u. Plus meditate.
  20. jamechi

    jamechi Member


    Not a problem, walk it out
    Head ache, take a bath lol
    Stress is a part of daily life, but you need to know how to counter act it, By taking a bath daily, good exercise, health diet, and build more friends who can and love you.

    Have a blessed day
  21. When you’re stressed, the last thing you probably feel like doing is getting up and exercising. But physical activity is a huge stress reliever and you don’t have to be an athlete or spend hours in a gym to experience the benefits. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, and it can also serve as a valuable distraction from your daily worries.

    While you’ll get the most benefit from regularly exercising for 30 minutes or more, it’s okay to build up your fitness level gradually. Even very small activities can add up over the course of a day. The first step is to get yourself up and moving.
  22. Xalfred11

    Xalfred11 New Member

    Just talking to someone how you feel can be helpful to deal with stress & it can help you find solutions to your stress & put your problems into perspective.
  23. avipascual1015

    avipascual1015 New Member

    My simple way of dealing with stress is to take a breather. I go out and try to calm myself. Eating delicious food helps too. :)
  24. alexisdewford

    alexisdewford New Member

    When I deal with stress, I listen to music. I really like music. I like to sing and dance to its rhythm. I really thank God for His gift of music. I really believe that there are a lot of things that have become better because of music. I like it when someone sings for me. I like also to sing for someone. Everytime I feel that the world has turned its back on me, I just take deep breaths and listen to music. It soothes my soul and it reaches deep within me. But I see to it that the music that I play is of good quality. In a world where there’s a lot of crap music, I choose those that makes me feel relaxed and happy.
  25. Alexander143

    Alexander143 New Member

    When i feel stressed and tense,I go for a brisk walk in fresh air. To incorporate some physical activity into my daily routine on a regular basis, either before or after work, or at lunchtime. Regular physical activity will also improve the quality of my sleep.
  26. LegPress023

    LegPress023 New Member

    There are multiple ways to deal with stress. For me, I think of the best things that have happened in my life. I sometimes eat chocolates which gives me energy and raises my serotonin level to improve my mood and reduce stress. I also watch comedy and read some funny stories on different Facebook pages especially 9gag.
  27. Noheartera

    Noheartera New Member

    The simplest way i deal with stress is to mediate and or workout. This helps the blood flow through my body an keep me at a level mental ground, by not letting anything enter my mind other than great thoughts. Also clearing my thoughts thinking of clouds or other objects of my choice for about 5 minutes.
  28. md alamin hossain

    md alamin hossain New Member

    When I'm in stress I often listen to soft music that helps me a lot cause the soft sound brings an air of freshness. The next thing I do read some romantic books. Reading a novel is another great way of getting out of stress. When you reading a novel your all mind alarm down and you feel much free. and I also play with my friends they are so humorist and make me smile that also reduce stress. And being busy with anything is best option to not go too deep into stress.
  29. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    If I am feeling the symptoms of stress, like I'm overeating or feeling fatigue and cranky. I would normally breathe deeply and take a break that will take 4-5 minutes. It would ease my anxiety if I slow down and feel the space around me. But in worst case scenario, if the stress becomes extreme, I will surely get a good massage and sleep right after. The next morning, I am all good.
  30. +spirit51

    +spirit51 New Member

    Taking a second look at what I eat and drink is what I do when I get easily stressed out. I ask myself if have been eating right or have I been indulging myself with lots of sweets and what not. I also increase my water intake.

    To take my mind off from what is stressing me, I get out of my normal routine and do something spontaneous like watching a movie, going for a massage, or simply walking around the block.

    A particular way that really helps me is window shopping. Fun and inexpensive. Or if I have money to spare, retail shopping works with me too. And it doesn't have to be a big purchase. It can be anything that just gives me the satisfaction that I bought something which could be as silly as purcahsing a neon green colored pen.

    My no-fail stress buster; nothing calms me down as when I reminded during prayer and Bible reading that all things will work out for good. Always.

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