Sleep is a life saver

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Nathan B IV nathan, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. romilda

    romilda Member

    Yes, because its good for the brain.
  2. ziggyx

    ziggyx New Member

    Great post man i Agree with you. Sleeping is for regeneration body
  3. Zendraw

    Zendraw New Member

    It sure is.
  4. EleSanders

    EleSanders New Member

    Sleep is our natural way of recharging. Getting enough sleep will help you immensely during the day since you will have enough energy to do the usual tasks.
  5. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Sleep is a life saver and it's true! sleep can energiser you from getting tired of work or what so ever. sleeping can improve productivity and concentration. it will makes you more productive at work, finish your task quickly and gives you peaceful of mind. it strengthen your immune system. just keep your health healthy.
  6. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    This is actually true based on my personal experience. I always suffer insomnia ever since I was a kid, and I always get jealous of people who have no trouble sleeping. I tried taking stress stabs just to experience a good and sound sleep. Having a good and sound sleep help relieve my stress all throughout the day, relaxes my muscles in the eyes, helps me to get more active during the day and lastly, it helps me feel healthy.
  7. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I agree sleep enables the body to function well.Enables the body to relax.
  8. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Sleep is the human version of charging a laptop's battery. If you give enough time to be fully charged, it would be on for a long time. If you don't get enough sleep, then you're not 100%. You won't be able to perform at your best level and tire easily. It is also needed to boost your resistance and that is why sleep is important to our health.
  9. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    Proper sleep can give us more energy to fulfill our day to day activities. It also helps us to think accurately when we had enough sleep. But it is not always about how long you sleep in a day. Most career getters often sleep's 4 to 5 hours a day but still perform very impressive. Having the proper diet and enough exercise also boosts our spirit and energy to tackle our everyday challenges.
  10. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    Although sleep has many benefits, there are people who can't sleep. This is from Wikipedia.

    Al Herpin (January 1, 1862 in Paris – January 3, 1947) was an American known as the "Man Who Never Slept".[1]

    Al Herpin, who lived in Trenton, New Jersey,[2] claimed to have never slept before. The supposed cause is unknown. While claims such as his have occasionally appeared in newspapers, there is a recognized medical consensus that all humans require sleep, and that they do so even if they are not aware of it. [3]

    In the late 1940s, Al Herpin's claim attracted the attention of several medical professionals. Herpin claimed that after a long day's work, he would rest in his rocking chair reading the newspaper until dawn, then return to work.[citation needed]

    A piece in The New York Times[4] on February 29, 1904, reported that:

    Albert Herpin, born in France in 1862 and for fifteen years a hostler in the employ of Freeholder Walter Phares of this city, declares that he has not slept a wink during the past ten years. Notwithstanding this, he is in perfect health, and does not seem to suffer any discomfort from his remarkable condition.

    Al Herpin died on January 3, 1947, reportedly at the age of 94.[5] His obituary in The New York Times read:

    Death came today for Alfred [sic] E. Herpin, a recluse who lived on the outskirts of the city and insisted that he never slept. He was 94 years old and, when questioned concerning his claim of "sleeplessness", maintained that he never actually dozed but merely "rested".

    No other person with total insomnia has lived for such a long period of time. It was likely that he died for other reasons, not sleep deprivation, as his insomnia did not seem to have any effect on his health.[5]
  11. Rlou14

    Rlou14 New Member

    Indeed, sleeping is a life saver. If you are tired and burned out, we must rest our brain so that it will function very well. Not getting enough sleep can make you unproductive. This may also affect your health. I guess if we really want to make progress and do extraordinary getting enough sleep can help us to make it.
  12. Wins

    Wins New Member

    Yes of course it is really important to rest you body and mind by sleeping after a hard work. We cannot push through the our journey of life without sleep. Sleeping helps us to recover our strength to face a new struggle everyday. If you are mentally and physically stress you are not working properly, you cannot focused on your daily activities and eventually you'll gonna have temporary memory lost which you will have to struggle more and you will be downgraded by it. Without proper sleep, you'll gonna have a sickness eventually. According to study sleep deficiency can cause stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. So it is really important to let your body rest. It is feel good when you are in a great condition when you wake up in the morning where you can feel the positive aura on your body and it is really contagious to see someone who is mentally and physically active and you will feel more positive and optimistic.
  13. ginaneriza

    ginaneriza New Member

    Yes as a matter of fact at least 7-8 hours of sleep is okay to me, you feel energized and happy at the same time because you sleep well, you think positively and you can also attract good vibes, but be careful to overslept because it's bad for our health.
  14. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Sleep is know to make the body relax.
  15. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    Don't ever underestimate sleep. Sleep will not always make you feel better, but trust me, your body really appreciates you relaxing and sleeping whenever you feel tired or stressed. I often felt really tired all day, even tho I tried changing my sleeping habits, and if that is something some of you can relate to, all I have to say is change your day. I worked out way too much, also having a job, and balancing all of this with school and a second at home job... One day my body was just so tired, and I could nearly not get out of bed... At night, I also found myself sometimes just starting to cry of no reason whatsoever, just crying of me being too tired and extremely stressed out. Sleep is important for you, your mental health, and your body, and so is also how your day looks. Never choose work, school, training over mental health, thank me later.
  16. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    I agree. We have to listen with our body. There are times that our minds are still so active but our bodies cant do it anymore, so give it a rest. Avoid sleeping late and as much as possible sleep 8 to 9 hours daily for adults.
  17. yograj

    yograj Member

    In fact, our body is the greatest machine. As like any other machine, it gets exhausted after prolong working.
    Hence, it needs rejuvenation. Sleep is the best way to rejuvenate the body so that it can work efficiently and energetically day after day.
    Sleep is as important as: oxygen, water, and food. Because, without sleep, we can't remain alive.
  18. Dietjay

    Dietjay New Member

    Sleep is a LIFE SAVER. Mostly after we cry so hard, we tend to be asleep after and when we wake we feel better and somehow forget the reason why we cried. So sleep is just like a reset button in our life that if we just need to forget our sadness or disappointment, we sleep to feel re energize and feeling okay and happy again.
  19. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Absolutely, i totally agree with you on that. Sleep is absolutely a life saver because we can avoid stress no matter what the situation is. Sleep is the best medicine for all kinds of mental disturbances.
  20. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    a comprehensive guide which addresses all aspects of sleep; from how the body will suffer without it, to working out how to develop a sleep pattern that’s perfect for your lifestyle. We all aim to get enough sleep every night, but it isn’t always easy. Although getting as much rest and relaxation as possible is necessary, many people simply don’t get the hours they need – and are unaware of how it affects their everyday behaviour.
  21. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    Sleep is indeed important but it's not about the amount of sleep you get everyday, it's more about the quality of it.
    As someone who only sleeps only 5 hours each day (10PM-3AM), that's all the sleep I'm ever gonna need. I have all the energy I need to tackle life and best it in each and every way.
    You have all the time to sleep when you're dead so find the best minimum amount of sleep you can maintain and spend the rest of your waking hours going at it, going at life.
    God Bless.
  22. raziel3105

    raziel3105 New Member

    I must disagree with you. How much sleep do we need everyday is depend on each people's constitution. Few can work with only 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day, others can't do anything if they don't sleep above 7 hours. So if you can sleep only 4 or 5 hours in a night, you are lucky because you have more time to work, to enjoy life. But if you feel always sleepy or can't operate at full of your capacity, there might be something wrong with your sleep. Lack of sleeping may cause many problems to our health, such as cardiac's problems, decrease your concentration, and like Ritwik said above, lack of sleep is linked to muscle atrophy.
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  23. SreekuttySudhi

    SreekuttySudhi New Member

    God created the earth in 6 days and take the 7th day for rest. Indeed sleep is very much important for our health. It is a necessary process for our life, like the breathing process.
    Sleep can compensate our energy needs by promoting ATP synthesis and can decrease the fatigue of all days.
    Sleep is very much important for our cardiac rhythm or health of the heart.
    Without sleep, one's digestive system suffers from disturbance.
    For a better sexual life, proper sleep is very much important.
    Sleep can improve our immune system and can fight against diseases.
  24. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    You said it depends on a person's constitution. I agree but only to some extent. Why do you think it varies from person to person?
    Because sleep is a conditioned physiologic response. Just like hunger. Most people are used to eating 3 full meals a day and yet you hear stories of people from all walks of life sharing how they went from the conventional 3 meals a day to just two meals, even one meal a day. I'm sure you will agree that nutrition is just as important as rest and sleep.
    So if we can condition our body to adjust our eating pattern, we can easily do that with our sleeping pattern.
    And oh by the way, I used to sleep the conventional 8 hours/day too.
    It's uncommon I know. But think about it. There are 24 hours in a day. You spend 8 hours of that sleeping.
    So you spend 1/3 of each day sleeping, do you think the human body is just not that efficient?
    You're way underestimating your body with the conventional knowledge handed to you.
  25. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    This is so true in many levels. A good 8 hour sleep can rejuvenate you and help you for the next day. It can also help your body organs recover from such a tiring day. Sometimes even just a 20 min power nap could really be helpful in boosting you throughout the day.

    Sleep, they say is overrated, I say no to that! Sleep is necessary not just physically but through emotional healing too. Sometimes when your just had enough,a good sleep could not just temporarily help you forget things but also help you in giving yourself time to take your mind off everything.
  26. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    Sleeping is the best way to key i the healthy lifestyle. The best sleeping time is 10 to 4 o' clock. Sleep is the key part of our healthy lifestyle. This is the best way to make your brain working better and better!
  27. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    Sleep is a lifesaver because it Is a recovery process of our body to regain energy and remove the toxins and the stress that we acquire in our waking hours. We should sleep around 8- 9 hours to maximize the potential of our body. When we are having a healthy sleeping habit, we are saving our lives in the long run.
  28. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    This is really the best part every end of the day. Because your body craves for it after a long tiring day. It really gives you relaxation because you are at peace. When you're sad, sleep is your friend. I just love sleeping.
  29. heocon

    heocon New Member

    I agree with you. I have to sleep 8 hours a day to perform well in my job (with a cup of coffee, of course). Sometimes I wonder why doctors can work in such a sleep-deprived environment like that? A night shift they just sleep about 2 or 3 hours, that's not enough for us to make right decisions. They are unhuman!!
    A tips for those who have trouble with sleeping : the 4 - 7 - 8 breathing (you can google it). This make me sleep well and peace everynight like a baby. Try it, and you will see.
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  30. zae25

    zae25 New Member

    It is good to get a good sleep. Sleep keeps your mind and body healthy.

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