Sleep Paralysis

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  1. Peanut Butter1121

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    Have you ever experience that kind of feeling that you are aware that you are dreaming? And there's something heavy in your chest, that causes you to be half awake but no one can notice, even when you scream no one can hear you, and you just can't move your body like you are paralyze? Well that is a condition I have the moment I turned 15; it's a condition called Sleep Paralysis, where you're mind becomes active in a different way, like you're in the middle of sleeping and being awake. It's really worst than nightmare, because no one knows when are you going to wake up; I know it's scary, but I get used to it somehow, though I still cry after waking up from my sleep paralysis. This kind of condition doesn't have a cure, even doctors doesn't have any further explanations yet. Though this sleep paralysis can't actually kill you, but if you get stab by a knife in your dream, then assume that you feel the pain, maybe even painful than in actual life. Few people worldwide experienced this sleep paralysis, so if by any chances you can relate to this, then you have sleep paralysis, but don't be afraid, it's not abnormal; your senses are just way more sensitive than the people around you. Remember, you are not alone, we are many.
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  2. CJ Deala

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    Hello Peanut Butter, I have experienced this many times and can assure you that this is nothing to fear. Nature didn't wait on science to discover math, it has always been here and science is only just now scratching the surface of the human mind. The next time this happens to you I want you to close your eyes, breath and observe what is happening. Picture your body floating and the longer you do that you can access your subconscious mind while awake but your body is asleep. There's something called astral projection and its where your soul/consciousness detaches from your 3d body and allows you to see more dimensions that you normally would not comprehend through out your day. So many people try to make their body to go into paralysis, your already a step ahead cause this happens to you naturally. Sleep paralysis while still awake makes it much more easier to detach from your body. Have fun with this and don't let things scare you cause you will see very strange things but stay neutral and observe.
  3. Tammy Frazier

    Tammy Frazier New Member

    I am so glad you posted about this because I experience this about once or twice a year. I was afraid to talk about it because I thought my family would think I am crazy. But it feels as if someone - or something - is trying to smother you or something, but you can't 'wake up.' It is the oddest feeling!!! I saw an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" - (I know, right? But it's my guilty pleasure. :whistle:) - and Kendall Jenner talked about it. The light bulb in my head went off and I was so relieved that someone talked about it. Then I mentioned it to my sister, and she said she has it, too, but was afraid to talk about it! What a relief that we're not alone. (Although I am going to get tested to make sure that I don't also have sleep apnea.)
  4. Utah

    Utah New Member

    I feel like this is a very common symptom. The severity of it varies person to person. I experienced this a lot as a child. I have heard it has a lot to do with stress and the quality of sleep you are getting. Have you tried keeping a sleep journal or talking to a therapist?
  5. Logan

    Logan New Member

    I have also experienced this since I was a child, and it has only gotten more frequent. I will say I average maybe one "episode" a night based on experiencing multiple some nights and none other nights. However, it has gotten way less scary because I know what to expect. Though it is still pretty scary sometimes. I used to have hallucinations of dark figures, but I have found that if I try to keep my eyes shut in the "dream" and try to wake myself up as quickly as possible, I usually do not see anything.

    Sometimes I will be having a normal dream, and it will turn into me realizing I am sleeping and paralyzed. Other times, I will lay down, fall asleep, and wake up within sleep paralysis (no dreams). When I take a nap in the afternoon, I can sometimes make myself have sleep paralysis, and it usually is not scary because it is light in the room, and I guess daytime is less scary. The brain is weird in its sleep state.
  6. Eduardo

    Eduardo New Member

    I have experienced sleep paralysis countless of times. I began to experience it when I was a kid and I was messing around with spirits. I was very scared at first because it felt so real and vivid. Years later I began to notice a pattern and the more I feared it the stronger it became. I also forced myself out of it by trying with all my might to wake up or make a noise to get someone to wake me up. Another thing I noticed was that when I haven't slept good in days or I am sleep deprived this tends to happen more. But don't be afraid of it, instead be calm and control your breathing.
  7. Allousha

    Allousha New Member

    Yes, I've definitely experienced sleep-paralysis more times than I care to admit. I thought I was completely alone until I was coincidentally talking about it to a friend and she said that she experiences it too. It was a fascinating revelation for the two of us. We dedicated some of our time to researching the subject and looking for ways to deal with it; I can gladly say that we're kind of like pros by now, haha. We couldn't really pinpoint a specific underlying cause for this phenomenon, but we've narrowed it down to us being light sleepers which I suppose gives way to the paralysis since the mind is basically floating between a state of half sleepiness and half awareness (mind awake, body asleep). I should also mention that sleeping too much or long midday naps are big contributors to sleep paralysis for me.

    Panicking is your #1 enemy when the paralysis takes place. You want to be able to regulate your breathing and to stay calm and focused on getting out of this state in as little time as possible. It is indeed uncomfortable, but the silver lining here is that if it happens a lot to you, you get to practice. One thing I've learned of during the paralysis is that I have control over my limbs. Moreover, I can move my hands and feet not so easily -sometimes my head too- when I can't move the rest of my body at all which helps a great deal in setting me free. However, it may take you a few attempts until you get there so keeping at it is key.
  8. nietzsche

    nietzsche New Member

    You're right, I feel sad for those who just experienced this the first time and unaware what sleep paralysis is.

    When I first experienced this, the overwhelming feeling of dread that something was wrong made me panic. It's around 2 am when I woke up with a feeling of static all over my back, then a strange heavy weight kept on pushing down my stomach. What's scary is the murmurs I'm hearing even though I'm alone in my room! I tried to open my eyes and push myself up but I couldn't even move a limb. It came to a point that I'm scared to sleep because I'm terrified that this is going to happen again.

    What I remember is that I prayed and fell asleep again (I forgot how that happened). Then it became often, twice a week thing. I got used to it and didn't mind it. A few years later, this has been discussed in one of my Psychology classes and I finally understood what happened to me.
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  9. Agha Jamal

    Agha Jamal New Member

    I have experienced this a couple of times and I would like to say that no one knows what fear is until they have experienced sleep paralysis. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with all of my body paralyzed and the level of fear that I was experiencing cannot be put into words. People usually claim to see figures and shadows during this episode but I myself have never encountered that. It was bad enough without it. I wish that more could be understood about this phenomenon.
  10. rose thornes17

    rose thornes17 New Member

    I had also fair experienced about this sleep paralysis. I can say that there is two kind of sleep paralysis.

    First, you are in the state of sleeping as your trying to wake up but can't move as your whole body feel paralyze and also your drowsiness is pulling you back to sleep. This will cause you to panic and start thinking of something worst out of it. But base by on my experience and observations, this is cause by lack of sleep and super tiresome day. Its your body is asking you to rest. Its like your brain wake up first and your body refuse to follow.

    Second is the state where your are half-asleep half-awake. Its like your in another dimension where you can hear, feel or see around you but you can't move, like your being tied in your own body. There is a force or energy that surround you that keeping you trap in your body. Others start hearing, feeling and seeing bad things. Your struggling to get out and shouting for help but no one can hear you even you can see your roommate besides you. If this happen, try to cast it out by saying, in the name of Jesus three times and followed by your prayers. If there is a bad spirits in your room or your paralysis is caused by them, you will instantly feel the loose grip of the force or unwanted energy that holding you captive. This work for me when I start hearing voices. Keep chanting this prayers until you can able to wiggle your toes and wake up.

    If this sleep paralysis happen to you, relax, take a deep breath and try to cast it out first if nothing happen then you might be just tired. Just pray and go back to sleep.
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  11. Goldeng123

    Goldeng123 New Member

    I used to experience this so called sleep paralysis in the past but when I started praying about it, it stopped.
    I believe it's something spiritual, I don't believe all the medical explanations to it.
  12. Neil_Ryan

    Neil_Ryan New Member

    I experience this sometimes if I oversleep. The feeling is terrifying. It seems like I can see everything but I am unable to move. For my first run-ins, I got the urge to wake up but I can't. It felt like I'll be stuck there forever if I didn't do anything. But now I've learned to cope with it and I just sleep it off and be calm once it happens.
  13. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    Wow! This seems to be a very terrifying condition. I have never experience it, thanks god. But after some research I find out you can control it with some medication, meditation and relaxation therapy, so perhaps you guys should try something like that?, maybe doing some yoga and exercise daily to keep your body full of endorphins and not stress out. I know it’s easier to say than to do but with some professional help this could prevent the episodes from happening.
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  14. Angel07

    Angel07 New Member

    I have experienced sleeping paralysis a few times and I can tell you it's terrifying, I don't know exactly what causes it or how to stop it from happening but I know it happens to many people, the feeling is awful, you get trapped in a state where you can't wake up but you are aware of everything around you, you can't move or ask for help, you can't do anything, it's almost like being trapped in your own body, in one of my experiences I even felt a dark shadow beside me, I was very scared, I woke up having a panic attack, when it happens it's hard to go back to sleep.
  15. Kira Staley

    Kira Staley New Member

    Hi Peanut Butter1121,
    I have experienced this too. For me personally, it is not something that happens frequently. However, when it does happen, it is always terrifying. I started experiencing this when I was a small child. I remember one instance when I was sleeping beside my mom and I saw 'someone' standing over me. I was aware that I was dreaming but I couldn't move. I could see the shadow but I couldnt get away. When I screamed, it was almost like I was screaming in my thoughts and not out of my mouth. When I was finally able to move I remember screaming. After that, I only had about 3 more experiences with it, none of which are really recent. Thank you for sharing your insight on this being a medical condition because I really had no idea.
  16. Nico2017

    Nico2017 New Member

    Hi, I totally understand you. In 2015 I discovered this condition because I was sleeping and I wake up. I was conscious and I could hear all the thing and see it but I couldn't do anything.
    I discovery that it happens to me when I'm very tired and full of stress.
  17. ana marie camasin

    ana marie camasin New Member

    Let me tell you guys about my sleep paralysis experience. I'm an architecture student which is normal for me to be stressed out so I am always deprived of sleep and sometimes when I sleep I experience this so called sleep paralysis. I get it every now and then and know how to deal with it now.
    First time it happened to me I remember waking up in the middle of the night and an enormous pressure bearing down on me and a loud deafening buzzing sound in my ears. I couldn't move, I can see my whole room and a dark presence lurking in the whole room. I had this sudden feeling that there was someone in my room. I panicked it was like a demonic force is hovering above me, trying to take me, I was terrified. I was unable to move and ask for help, because I didn't have the energy to do so.
    Next thing that happened I remember I saw someone was floating beside my bed it doesn't have a face but I know it was staring at me. And that made me more freaked out but I couldn't do a thing. Then it suddenly attacked me. He was choking me. And I felt the strong pressure on me that made me breath barely. I was already panicking that time, so I tried to wiggle my toes but failed. I was losing hope so I just closed my eyes. But I felt a strong pressure on me that feels like that entity sat on my stomach. I tried to move and scream so hard but I was just lying still no sounds are coming out from my mouth.
    I never loosed hope, I prayed to God to save me from this nightmare. Eventually, everything went gone,the buzzing sound and the pressure on me faded. I thanked God I was relieved. So as soon as I was able to move my body, I immediately went to the bathroom and washed my face.

    So my advice to you, whenever you feel like you are about to experience sleep paralysis, Try your best to wake yourself up and move your body. Get up and wash your face immediately so you'll be fully awake. Because sleep paralysis is a state in which you are half awake and half asleep.
  18. j4ke

    j4ke New Member

    Im really into dreams, and sleep paralysis is a "step" or a side-effect of lucid dreams, but basically, from what I understand, its a nerve in the back of our head, right at the end of our spine, that disconnects the body form the mind, when it feels like we are sleep, so we do not act out our dreams.
    Sleep paralysis is a condition, in which this nerve decided that you`r asleep, while you are awake. The heavy chest, and i heard of many claims of visuals, such as a small creature besides you, are hallucinations caused by your brain, because your senses don`t provide information to the brain, it begins to create information,
    Ive never experienced sleep paralysis (though I tried to trick my body into it), nor lucid dreaming.
  19. Leezandra

    Leezandra New Member

    Apparently sleep paralysis happens to everyone at some point in their life and is an unpleasant experience. I love dreaming and talking about the dreams that I had, because I normally realize when I'm dreaming in my dream and most of the time I love levitating. But for my unpleasant experience with sleep paralysis it looked like I pulled a person that was possessed by a demon out of my dream. She climbed onto my chest and started strangling me. I could scream or move to break free, and as far as I know there aren't really any ways that this can be avoided.:eek:
  20. jdelatorre

    jdelatorre New Member

    I've had this before, it seems to be pretty common. I find it interesting that sleep paralysis seems to always involve nightmares and are rarely pleasant.

    I've heard that if you remember to do it you can make it go away quickly if you wiggle your toes, the same as trying to get rid of leg cramps, but I can never remember to try it.
  21. Jayromy

    Jayromy New Member

    I'm having it almost every night. The first occurrence started when I was a freshman though back when I was still a kid I've had vivid dreams and remember woke up crying because of it. When I realized it has a name for it, I became more sensitive when it attacks.
    During the paralysis, I can only see darkness and few shadows then I cannot move at all. I wait for seconds before I attempt to move, if I can I will jump in my dreams and say a prayer out loud then afterwards I woke up to reality and check my phone till the time changes while fighting the heaviness of my eyelids.
  22. abbylin

    abbylin New Member

    I have tried to induce sleep paralysis after experiencing it once and thinking it was extremely frightening yet exciting at the same time. It's an incredibly insane feeling, it hasn't happened for a long time though.
  23. jonnaaa19

    jonnaaa19 New Member

    I'm nineteen and at this age, I experienced sleep paralysis twice already. The first time I had sleep paralysis, I knew that I was dreaming but everything felt real, I knew that it was not long since I fell asleep. I slept at 12am. So, knowing that something is not right, while I'm still asleep, I thought that I should wake myself up, but I couldn't move and I see my younger cousins pressing my body in my dream. It was quite scary but I knew I was dreaming. So when I was able to wake up. I looked at my phone and it was just 12:40. The next morning I searched about sleep paralysis and found that there are two kinds, one is when you are asleep and the other is when you are waking up. I think mine was when I am asleep. I also found that it is nothing to be scared of. The second time I had sleep paralysis was just on the following night. I dreamed of a poisonous lizard that I'm really scared of and I couldn't move like just turn my body around and that's when I found I was having sleep paralysis again. I know it is not something to be scared of but when horror stuff starts to mix in your dream with that situation, it would be really scary.
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  24. mainesdtm

    mainesdtm New Member

    I've always experience sleep paralysis since when I was in first year college. As i always experience that, i always looked for an answer because I'm so tired of fighting back just to keep myself awake. I looked for the main reason why i always kept on having sleep paralysis and as the result of trying to find out the reason was that I am deeply sad and depressed. I'm always crying every midnight, hiding at the blanket and gets asleep during 5 or 6 am. The reason why is I am forced to stop my education because of financial problem. My nightmares had stopped when i started to know Jesus and pray. It's kind of a lesson for most of us that we need Jesus in every battle.That we should always be still and He will fight for us.
  25. Smallfish

    Smallfish New Member

    Yeah. Sleep paralysis is creepy. I've had it so many times, since ten years from now, but it still freaks me out every time it comes.
    My usual symptom is pretty stereotyped. I dream, and know it, that something is watching me through the door or the window. Sometimes it's a demon or a witch, and sometimes just an evil presence. It throws its curse on me, and makes me unable to move, except my toes, makes me barely able to speak and scream. Then I feel like I'm about to die. I always pray inside my mind when I have this condition, and it goes away shortly after. It lasts around 30 seconds. It usually comes back three or four times consecutively, unless I read or watch something on my phone before going back to sleep.
    I think it's a family medical condition, because my sister and my father have it too. I also noticed it's related to stress and fatigue. I advise everyone having this condition to visit this site, it contains more testimonies, scientific studies, and medical treatment.
  26. ynaaast

    ynaaast New Member

    I started experiencing sleep paralysis back in high school and it really creeped me out. I used to experience it weekly, sometimes around two to three times a week. It's the usual where I'd wake up and not be able to move for a few minutes. I don't see figures or anything (as some has experienced this), but there are times when I would hear familiar voices or I'd feel a certain presence in the room. My scariest sleep paralysis experience would probably be walking up and walking to the bathroom, only to realize that my body is still in my bed! Or is that still sleep paralysis? I had to focus and slowly let my "soul" go back to my own body.

    As I grew older, I have already gotten used it and I usually would know what to do when I experience it: start moving my toes. But it really helps when you listen to music as you sleep. I've been doing this and I haven't had any sleep paralysis experience in a while.
  27. xenia0143

    xenia0143 New Member

    Sleep paralysis tends to first appear in the teen years. It then occurs most often when you are in your 20's and 30's. It may continue into your later years. It is not a serious medical risk. Sleep paralysis can be one sign of narcolepsy. Other signs include disturbed sleep at night and falling asleep suddenly during the day. Recurrent isolated sleep paralysis does not disturb your sleep.
  28. abfranco

    abfranco New Member

    Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you're waking up or falling asleep. It's not harmful and should pass in a few seconds or minutes, but can be very frightening. Many people have sleep paralysis once or twice in their life, while others experience it a few times a month or more regularly. It affects people of all ages and is most common in teenagers and young adults.

    Symptoms of sleep paralysis
    The main symptom of sleep paralysis is being completely aware of your surroundings but temporarily being unable to move or talk.

    This usually occurs as you're waking up, but can happen when falling asleep.

    During an episode of sleep paralysis you may:

    • find it difficult to take deep breaths, as if your chest is being crushed or restricted
    • be able to move your eyes – some people can also open their eyes but others find they can't
    • have a sensation that there's someone or something in the room with you (hallucination) – many people feel this presence wishes to harm them
    • feel very frightened
    The length of an episode can vary from a few seconds to several minutes.

    You'll be able to move and speak as normal afterwards, although you may feel unsettled and anxious about going to sleep again.
  29. Janelle31

    Janelle31 New Member

    Sleep paralysis is really an unwelcome condition that maybe most people already experienced. It is a really frightening experience and you never really can get used to it even if it already happens to you many times.

    In my experience, I usually have it while I am taking a nap in the afternoon than actually sleeping at night. I always remember “falling asleep” in my own dream and unable to wake up. It will turn out to be a series of me trying to wake up every time and at the end I will just find myself feeling trap. Later on, you will get this heavy feeling above your chest and the sense of mental awareness but your body is not cooperating to move. At few times, I swear that I really always felt another presence looming above my head.

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  30. JesNoi14

    JesNoi14 New Member

    Sleep paralysis, I experienced this many times and it is what I am not happy for. Experiencing sleep paralysis is very frightening experience. Aside from a bad dream, I also get to experienced on being half a sleep, shouting but no sounds scaping on my mouth and I can't move my body as all of it formed straight as well my hands and feet it feels like somebody stepping on it. It's very frightening experienced if it's happening to you a lot of time. As a Filipino and a catholic as well we are very traditional and we do believe on superstitions. My mom told me to always pray before sleeping, she gave me a rosary bracelet and she puts salt on my room windows as she beleives that sleep paralysis is caused by a supernatural element.

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