Smartphones developed so fast

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by fetch, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. fetch

    fetch New Member

    I remember seeing my causin's exported samsung s3 for the firts time about 6 years ago.
    We opened the pack like it the most expensive thing in the world. And I remember that we were litterally stunned after seeing the phone's 'beauty'. But now we look at samsung s3's like garbage and they really are useless for most of the things these days.
    It is really interesting to me that phones advanced this fast. Because PC's didn't change that dramatically in my opinion. Do you also think this is interesting?
  2. suichirooo

    suichirooo New Member

    Interesting at the same time, disturbing. In my opinion, the development of smartphones, the Internet, the technology, will eat humanity alive. It's scary how androids are becoming more intelligent. It's true, humans are the most intelligent for creating such things, but how do we assure ourselves we wouldn't be left-out? It's terrifying to think that someday, humans will be replaced by robots because they are proven more efficient. I could see that it will become a generation of tardiness, remember the movie Wall-E? Just like that.
  3. Rejoy

    Rejoy New Member

    yes it developed so fast. It was not good for everybody because it can cause you to be a prisoner of that smart phones. it was good if you are going to use it wisely but if that was your focused and you spend all your time using your phone it was dangerous to you.

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