So I decided to make a blog.

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by SamanthaTramer, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. SamanthaTramer

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  2. emmrog

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    I have been debating starting a blog myself! I unfortunately don't really have any ideas of blog posts for you, but wanted to wish you the best in continuing your blog. Maybe an 'About Me' section of some sorts would be good in people getting to know who you are, and why you have started a blog! What is your niche? I hope it all goes well!
  3. discorpion

    discorpion New Member

    Well done on creating a blog! Are you a musician? How about these for ideas?
    1. Preview an upcoming show

    2. Review a recent show

    3. Stories from the road

    4. Behind the scenes at rehearsals

    5. Songwriting process
  4. agbuyarashel

    agbuyarashel New Member

    I wish i also have time to create blog but I wish you the best. Why don't you make product reviews? I love reading product reviews first before buying and it help me choose the perfect ones.
  5. FranFran

    FranFran New Member

    Well Facebook is simply a kind of blog aggregated to other blogs, so the diference is the plataform.
  6. kayell

    kayell New Member

    Tumblr is a good platform in that you can write about just about anything, but the downside is, you can put a lot of work into a post and it just gets flooded by one-sentence memes. If you want to make an impact on Tumblr, the two best ways about it are to post something really creative, or really funny. Preferably both. Look at trending tags, follow what they're doing, and once your posts have traction, you may even wind up starting your own fad.
  7. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I would recommend that you write about the things you like or things that you're an authority of. If you love watching movies then write reviews.
  8. joiseujjj

    joiseujjj New Member

    I always wanting to have my own too. But couldn't decide what to write yet. Maybe, you should start introducing yourself and talking about your interests. Then everything will follow. I hope this will also works for me.
  9. fortext

    fortext New Member

    A new blog? Good for you! Tumblr is still a relevant blogging platform in 2018. If you play it right, you can gain a lot from your blog.

    First thing first: Tumblr has recently decided to rid of NSFW content. That means whatever it is you want to put in your blog better be family-friendly.

    Now, since many people still flock to Tumblr for art and fan pages, I suggest you post stuff related to those two. Think about who your ideal audience is and what they want. Once you got a solid idea, craft your blog posts to cater to their preferences.

    Also, check out popular Tumblr blogs in your niche. They’re popular for a reason. I’m not advocating you to plagiarize, though. Just use them as some sort of references and guidelines for what works well on Tumblr.

  10. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    good to write a blog it expresses personal experiences or even a story of the past and the future

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