So who is your favourite youtube gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by jbumble, May 18, 2015.

  1. jbumble

    jbumble New Member

    A friend of mine introduced me to the whole world of youtube gamers. I have to say at first I thought it was stupid, why would someone watch a game when they could play it? However watched Robbaz and Jacksepticeye and not only where they funny and entertaining but found some amazing new games. These days I don't have the time to play many games and I couldn't afford them even if I did, so its a nice alternative to still see some of these brilliant new long story games. If anyone has any suggestions for some good gamer channels or even games that they play? It defiantly cheers up my day
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  2. grimPending

    grimPending New Member

    Hello ! Some wonderful let's players (that I watch, in no particular order) are:
    -Markiplier (He's a nice and funny guy, his videos can be a nice gradient of calming seriousness to pure insanity.)

    -Achievement Hunter (An off-spring company of Roosterteeth they do weekly series and they're positively fantastic.)

    -FunHaus (Now an off-spring company of Roosterteeth, used to be called Inside Gaming. They immediately stole my heart with their light-hearted banter.)

    -Game Grumps (The main hosts are Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson and Danny 'Sexbang' Avadan. They're some pretty amazing guys, and you're sure to die laughing nearly every episode.)

    -Two Best Friends Play (Now a 4-person group lovingly named the 'Zaibatsu', these guys are a perfect mixture of 'completely right' and 'what are you talking about'. They're great !)

    -KittyKatGaming (I happen to love this channel. It's fairly new, but it's created by the wife of Arin Hanson. Her name is Suzie, and she's absolutely amazing. Check her out !)

    I hope some of these gamers mesh with your style ! I hope I've cheered up your day :3
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  3. Joss

    Joss New Member

    I second Game Grumps - they have Steam Train (steam/computer games with Ross) and Grumpcade (console games with any combination of players and often guests) as well, which are kinda like spin-offs featuring other members of the Grump family. Very funny, and really casual as well - it does just feel like you're hanging out with friends.
    I'd recommend videogamedunkey as well. His videos aren't really let's plays and a lot of them are about League of Legends (which may or may not be your thing), but I think he's absolutely hilarious. Here's one of my favourite videos of his.
  4. DashDean

    DashDean New Member

    I don't watch youtube much, but...

    paulsoaresjr - I've always been a fan of paulsoaresjr. It might be because of his dad-vibe. He does a lot of underground game spotlights but started with Minecraft (I think he was the first person to make a tutorial about it, actually - I know his video is posted on the official Minecraft site).

    docm77 - I kind of recently discovered docm77 and he's definitely funny. The accent helps.

    StarBrethren - I play a lot of Starbound and I've found Kmo's videos to be helpful, but he's virtually unknown.

    Phlydaily - Phly's growing on me. He plays War Thunder and I've never even played it, but my brother has a huge crush on him so I'm constantly having to watch 'funny parts' and streams...

    I do use sometimes, though, and a lot of streamers have youtube channels (and youtubers have streams, likewise). It's definitely something to check out if you like watching gamers!
  5. gurench

    gurench New Member

    Great suggestions so far that I won't repeat, but I'll go ahead and add a couple.
    JonTron is known for doing a variety of reviews, so you'll get a good mix of television or film commentary in his channel, but he also does game reviews and skits.
    PBGamer focuses on a lot of review content instead of gameplay, too, but if you like watching people lose their minds over some games, those channels are definitely worth a peek.
  6. AlexKabam

    AlexKabam New Member

    AirJapes is absolutely amazing for FIFA content. He provides an awesome learning environment for FIFA and the trade market, but he is also a down to earth awesome dude who has some super cool ventures going on in real life. Outside of FIFA I think Dunkey is hilarious and has really funny content for a lot more games. Behind all his jokes he is also really skilled.
  7. Manoah Lee

    Manoah Lee New Member

    I loved watching BBKDragoon back in the day and he still uploads! He uploads mainly Halo but since Halo has died out he has started playing destiny and starcraft more. However, with the release of upcoming Halo titles he will definitely be making a return. He is an excellent commentator with op quality videos. It has always shocked me that someone with content like him could only have a handful of subs!
  8. Adela

    Adela New Member

    Pew Die Pie! I still watch the old videos!
  9. Stan Sergiu

    Stan Sergiu New Member

    Bjergsen is my favorite youtube gamer:D
  10. jeannettosaurus

    jeannettosaurus New Member

    I really enjoy the Yogscast! Especially Simon, but he hasn't been well lately, which sadly means it's been a while since he's been in a video. The Yogscast has a month-long livestream charity event every December, and it's so great. They are all so funny.

    I haven't seen any videos by Markiplier, but I've heard so many good things about him! I should really look up his channel.
  11. Missfireflower

    Missfireflower New Member

    My favorite YouTube gamer hand down is Boogie2988. I love his Twitch streams as well as his "Let's Play" series. I'm hoping he'll review The Witcher 3 soon as well as Splatoon.

    He's been making more and more videos about social issues too! He gets big points for that in my book.
  12. Justin Watkins

    Justin Watkins New Member

    It's always a good idea to watch video games on YouTube because when you're stuck you can watch a tutorial to how you can pass and go to the next without getting discourage or frustrated
  13. Justin Watkins

    Justin Watkins New Member

    My favorites are between MegamanX and Streetfighters series especially they look like some of the Mortal Kombats characters or Tekken, but I like the part is when Ruffus was Majin Boo from the Dragon Ball z series it was funny
  14. Sarah Phan

    Sarah Phan New Member

    My favorite Youtube gamer is probably PewDiePie. I don't like the kind of person who thinks they are better than you. A lot of famous Youtubers do that. (I'm not going to point fingers) In the other hand, some Youtubers treat you like they treat their friends. PewDiePie is one of those fair people. No matter how famous he is (He has the most subscribers on Youtube), he still acts the same and no cocky.
  15. tjbud1234

    tjbud1234 New Member

    My favorite Youtube gamer is PewDiePie. He is just so random and doesn't really care about the negativity his Chanel might get. He just acts like he would in real life and that's what i love about him. He also donates millions to Charity every year.
  16. pizzanomics

    pizzanomics New Member

    Back in the day I used to watch SeaNanners religiously. He was just so funny, yet he got pretty deep at the same time, especially when doing commentaries over his Call of Duty gameplays. He also got me into Minecraft ages ago too. Episode 001 of his Minecraft Let's Play must be one of his most popular videos. I know that's how most of my friends got into Minecraft too.

    I can't remember how I found out about SeaNanners. Must have been through Machinima.
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  17. Zoreia

    Zoreia New Member

    I personally enjoy watching TheKingNappy with his Pokemon Let's Play's. I at first didn't understand the idea behind Let's Play's due to the fact that I normally would want to play the game myself, rather than watching someone else play it. However, with things like Pokemon, different rules like a Nuzlocke or a Wonderlocke make the play through so much more entertaining. Especially if the person doing it has a funny/interesting personality. :)

    Watching these Let's Play Youtubers definitely has me interested in possibly doing one myself.
  18. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    The first one that comes to mind is PewDiePie, his commentary towards the games are normally quite entertaining and kind of give it a different spin on watching someone play a game. He is very interactive and vocal while he plays, also a lot of the time he will play a game beginning to end and its nice to see the whole story line not just bits and pieces here and there. Also if it is a scary game that he is playing it makes it like 98% less scary then it normally should frighten you. Watching someone play a game is kinda like not having to play a game alone, you are enjoying it 'together' and with other viewers.
  19. MrZ0mbiesFanatic

    MrZ0mbiesFanatic New Member

    I would have to go with theradbrad, or SSOHPKC(even though he barely uploads now).
  20. sportslot

    sportslot New Member

    My favorite streamer/youtuber to watch just play video games is Brownman (youtube channel B1GnBr0wN, I like his comedy style and find that an hour long youtube video is a good way to have some background noise while doing work. However, when it comes to videos that are about video games and feature more comedy aspects, I always like videogamedunkey's videos.
  21. blumenkranz

    blumenkranz New Member

    I'd also like to add onto the recommendations from the above posters as well. Funhaus is by far my favorite as I've been a big fan of then since the Inside Gaming Daily period with Matt Dannavik. I like them because they have a little 'community' thing going on. They do a fan-art show to express appreciation for their fans and views, as well as a neat little show called 'Demo Disc' where they play really old discs of PC game demos. And, since their conversion to Funhaus, they also work with Rooster Teeth now, so that's really cool.

    Game Grumps has been a favorite of mine since the beginning as well, so check them out.
  22. davelol

    davelol New Member

    My favourite youtube games/Vlogger is TatcherJoe. Who doesn't love the mix of jokes and video games being mashed together, forming an insatiable addiction of awesomeness?

    TatcherJoe is a fairly famous youtuber, mainly famous on his Vlogs, but his sense of humor does bring the fun out of him when he play video games, as well!
  23. lexingtonslade

    lexingtonslade New Member

    My favorite Youtube gamer/commentator is Sky Williams. When he streams or posts gaming videos they are about League of Legends. The video that went viral for him, at least in the League community, was "Five Reasons Your Jungler Hates You." Ever since then I have watched him pretty much exclusively. I think he is hysterical and I always laugh at his videos. He streams once in awhile on Twitch. When he does, I try to watch and support him when I can.
  24. theunwanted123`

    theunwanted123` New Member

    I really enjoyed watching Pewdiepie whet it comes to horror games. I like his reactions while he is playing the game. and the fun part is when he's really scared, he will open a browser and search for the cutiest cat. I believe his reactions are not fake.
  25. KW1250

    KW1250 New Member

    My vote goes to Markiplier. His videos have a very natural feel to them. It's like sitting next a friend and watching them play. He seems to really pay attention to and care for his fans.
  26. Jackalope

    Jackalope New Member

    Call me cliché, but the Achievement Hunter guys are definitely a Top 10 for me. Although I have recently discovered Beaglerush. He plays mainly X-Com but his videos are incredibly entertaining, and sometimes very long which is a big plus for me.
  27. Exiolirion

    Exiolirion New Member

    I like Markiplier, just for the fact that he seems to truly love his fans, and he does so much charity work. JonTron is also hilarious, I'm a little bit sad he's doing the Starcade series instead of reviewing random obscure games. I can only handle so much Star Wars in one sitting! I also like a guy called Commander Saxon, he's not really well-known but he has a nice voice and plays some lesser-known indie games. Plus he has adorable cats that he films sometimes, too!
  28. tobias123

    tobias123 New Member

    My favorite YouTube gamer without a doubt is Pewdiepie. He is extremely funny and makes me laugh all most every video he makes. You can clearly see that he spends time and effort on you-tubing as the end product is the most funniest videos I've ever seen. He is awesome and it shows by the 37 subscribers that he has on YouTube. If you don't know him already check out his YouTube channel @ Trust me you won't regret it.

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