So you have a Idea for a app now what

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  1. I have a good idea for a app but I have no idea where to start. I have so many questions. How hard is it to build a app? How much does it cost to get someone to make the app for you. How do I prevent my idea from being stolen. How do free apps with in game adds work. I plan to do plenty of research but I would love to hear from anyone who can give me some advice.
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    You can make an app very easily even a child can make an app. (infact the program i will show you teaches thousands of school children how to make apps) .
    I've seen an internet marketeer selling dreams to entrepreneurs, who said exactly the same thing you say, but promised to tell me how to make the app if i paid some money and joined his program. turns out to make an app for Android phones you just go to and Apple is a waste of money, but you can simply google how to make apps on Apple iphone.
    to simply use the Apple software to make your own app, it costs $99 US per month,
    but to use the software to make your own app it costs $0

    if you want to protect your 'idea' because you're a nuke-polishing war-monger, i suggest getting the General Public Licence (GPL) and putting that on your code and pages.

    i would suggest making things for free to help people and help the environment.
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    You can find a programmer or do it by yourself I am a programmer and I usually use an android studio with Java or Kotlin.
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    maybe we can create an app that has an artificial intelligence concept

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