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  1. EarlAlexander

    EarlAlexander New Member

    Socialism vs. capitalism

    Socialism is a cum economy system whereby the means of production, exchange and distribution of raw material are being controlled by the state, it is an economic system that is centralize in nature, whereby the state pay every citizen for his or her effort which aid production. Socialism not a bad ideology but it mode of operation in countries of the world today has made it very bad in the eyes of capitalist and mixed economist

    Capitalism is a cum economic system whereby all the means of production, exchange and distribution and trade in particular are handle or controlled by the private individual. It is a nice system that can increase a countries wealth if the country practice it in a good way also

    No economic system is bad but it the way it is being practiced in a country that determine if it will be workable or not. So in your own point of view about the system of economy of a country, what system do you feel is the best and should be practiced in countries in the world
  2. buckrogers

    buckrogers New Member

    Socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried in history. Socialism is based on greed. It's not greedy to want to keep the money you work for. It is greedy to want to take the money someone else worked for. I also find it funny how Bernie Sanders was praising the socialist policies of Venezuela just a few years ago, and now Venezuelans can't even afford toilet paper.
  3. Artois52

    Artois52 New Member

    Neither one will work if it’s adopted in the extreme.

    We saw in the old-style communist states how total equality just leads to apathy and failure, because people want to be rewarded for their efforts, not get paid the same flat wage that someone who works half as hard is paid.

    On the other hand, when you have some people who have more personal wealth than some countries do, and people elsewhere are dying of starvation, it’s simply immoral and wrong.

    Hopefully, one day, we will reach and equilibrium where people, everywhere in the world, will be rewarded for success, but not at the cost other people’s lives.

    You may say I'm a dreamer, but imagine!
  4. buckrogers

    buckrogers New Member

    Love how you worked in a song lyric from a man who drove a rolls royce while writing songs about how there should not be "income inequality."

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