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Discussion in 'Music' started by Rocellii, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Rocellii

    Rocellii New Member

    I have a friend who likes to send songs. Then, he would let you figure out how he feels that day. I would usually reply with a song of my own. It may be an answer to his – something to cheer him up when his down or to encourage him when he feels goods. It may also be about what I am going through.

    The range would be endless. I personally love it when he would send me classics or instrumental pieces. It makes it more intriguing. There would be times that I would have a different interpretation of it. There would be times that our minds would just sync and just like that a song connects you.

    The beat would vibrate and pumps your blood. The rhythm would automatically make your feet tap. Lyrics help you answer questions you never thought you had. Music from my ears to yours, imbeds in your soul and mine.
  2. russell

    russell New Member

    Music is the food for the soul, just like food for our body. Music washes all the dust in our everyday's life. Music motivates us makes us happy, puts us in a positive state of mind. Listening to music makes our brain release dopamine which makes us happy, joyful and excited and it was proven scientifically. Music connects us to our past, brings back memories especially with your love ones. Music binds us, connects us to someone we care, to someone close to our heart. Listening to our favorite song connects us to our past, to our feelings and to our experiences.
  3. solson7

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    I have a connection to my favorite songs. My favorite songs are A thousand Miles, Save The Best For Last, and Total Eclipse Of The Heart. I feel romance with those songs even though I am single. These songs help connect me with a spiritual relationship within myself. It also helps connect me with past people in my life who has hurt me by relationship break ups. Along with that, came with good memories. I treasure every moment I had with my ex partners. That's why I have such a strong connection with my favorite songs.
  4. Naiumkhan

    Naiumkhan New Member

    Music is present in almost every moment of our daily life, whether as a soundtrack to the walk or that helps keep concentration on the job. It is important that the song you are listening brings an enriching message and positively contributes to your emotional intelligence . Most often the people of human beings carry within themselves a certain emotional instability. This happens for several reasons. Few beads in stock, doubts about personal and loving life.

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