Sound of emotions, Emotion of sounds.

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    Sound of emotions
    This article I believe there’s some universality to how we hear the expression of different emotions, I also believe that it’s a little different for us to hear. For one person, anger may sound like a loud voice, to another breaking glass, and to another complete silence. It all depends on our own experiences with emotions. It is called “Sound of Emotions,” where we explore how different emotions sound. Activities range from listening to music and identifying emotions conveyed through the lyrics and/or instruments to creating our own sounds to convey specific emotions.

    Emotions of sound?
    This discusses the ways of sound and directly creates influenced to listeners, But it depends on how a "Music" or a "Sound" designs to give a clear output to listeners especially the emotional effects of a deep sensation of a musical patters and flows of the instruments, happenings , and actions.

    Can you help me add some ideas on how to explain better about this two Articles?
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    i dont have more idea about that but i have few understanding about that sound, sound can cause emotion it defend on how it to deliver how to express the emotion will be made.
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