[SPOILERS] Breaking Bad Predictions

Discussion in 'Television' started by chew2, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. chew2

    chew2 New Member

    What do you think will happen in the final episodes of Breaking Bad? It seems obvious that the series will end with Walt's death, but what is it that will kill him? Will he get arrested? Personally, referring to the beginning of S05E01, I think Lydia and her 'gang' are the ones who do that to his house.
  2. miseleigh

    miseleigh New Member

    I believe you mean S05E09. I've been wondering if Jesse might have had something to do with the vandalism. Lydia doesn't seem like the type for wanton destruction, but Jesse is going through a pretty serious mental breakdown. I think he's going to learn about Mike's and Brock's deaths, and the fact that Walt had a hand in those, and turn on Walt.

    Hank has Jesse in interrogation, knowing that Walt is Heisenberg and guessing that Jesse is involved. Hank is going to tell Jesse about many of the things Walt's done that Jesse doesn't know about yet. Jesse won't talk (yet), so they don't have enough to hold him, and when he gets out he's going to go after Walt.

    Just guesses, of course.
  3. amsbkwrm

    amsbkwrm New Member

    I think if Jesse finds out about half of the things that Walt has done-poisoning the little boy and killing Mike for example- that he will break through his breakdown and do something about it. I don't know if he'll talk to Hank or kill Walt on his own. It seems to me that Jesse doesn't think he has anything to live for and doesn't care what happens to him- if he can stop Walt from hurting more people I think he will.
  4. thedow

    thedow New Member

    I think there are two likely scenarios that could play out. I agree with @amsbkwrm -- if Jesse were to find out some of the more unsavory things Walt's done over the course of the last five seasons, he would be compelled to take action. Given the crimes that Jesse has witnessed that are otherwise unknown to the feds, his teaming up with Hank would bring a world of pain down on Walt.

    At this point, I don't feel myself rooting for or against Walt, but some kind of redemptive ending could also be interesting. I feel the only thing that could possibly alter Walt's path of utter destruction would be the death of someone dear to him -- potentially Holly or Junior (I don't think Skylar's death would have much of an effect on Walt).
  5. JerseyBro

    JerseyBro New Member

    Me and my buddies have an ongoing joke that Walt will be put into the witness protection program and it will be the start of Malcom in the Middle.

    Realistically I don't see them killing Walt off, he's survived everything. I personally see him getting arrested, plea bargaining, then going into witness protection, basically the exact same ending as Goodfellas
  6. Federico

    Federico New Member

    I think Walt Jr will be found using blue meth (which would explain why he has been almost completely absent in the past two episodes), and possibly have him die of an overdose. It would really bring into focus the consequences of Walt's product, which was never too highlighted with the show favoring less impersonal story lines.

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