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    I use Spotify for various reasons. I love how you can look up an album, or mostly any album, whether it was released today or the other day. You can play that album from start to finish with minimal ads, although the cheap Spotify Premium increases music/sound quality and Spotify offers a free trial. Let's say you type in "Michael Jackson" into Spotify's search box. What you're going to get is Michael Jackson's complete discography, meaning all of his albums (mostly in chronological order starting from most recent), and be able to stream any album and/or song of your desire. Also, you can save albums as playlists, follow artists, etc. The best thing about Spotify is that any new singles by any artist or any new album by any artist can be found when you search for the artist/album. What really beats that? Now, as for Pandora, Pandora is more of a radio program/app. The slogan is "discover music" so any new listeners of a particular genre/artist get to hear recommended songs as well as have a profile built around you in order to suit your individual music needs. Pandora is great to find new artists and songs, so forth. Pandora does a great job as possibly the prime leader when it comes to internet radio/radio streaming, etc. What do you guys think? I know both are completely different, but a lot more people use Pandora I feel like, and I am just trying to help you guys out with an amazing program/app!

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