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Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by CeeJeey, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. CeeJeey

    CeeJeey New Member

    I have been trying to find a side-job online lately as a freelancer. However, I've noticed that I don't really have much to offer. I'd like to ask for some advice on what are the best ways to kick-start my career as a freelancer or how do I even start? Like what are the things that I have to learn so that I can offer more?
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    You assess what your interest and your skills are. If you want to get into a particular job, prepare for it by learning what you need to meet the demands of that job. You have to be ready to invest in those skills to be able to learn and earn online. It will be difficult at first but the rewards are worth it. Good luck!
  3. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    Anyone who wishes to be a freelancer needs to put in mind that much is expected of him or her. You know it too well that much of your time, efforts is required as a freelancer.
  4. pMarcos10

    pMarcos10 New Member

    At first I really doubted this kind of job,I mean does my hard work really pay off in this kind of job?
    but now I've experienced it I must say this is a good job to have just have a good mindset and determination.
  5. angryeskimo1802

    angryeskimo1802 New Member

    Recently I've been testing waters in freelancing jobs, and just online jobs in general, to hopefully switch to those from my full-time job sometime in the future.
    As others mentioned you should begin from reassessing your skills and qualities. If you find it difficult, try to recognize what made you consider freelancing in the first place? Based on that you could search for requirements and information that will help develop necessary skills.
    Personal example: I used to be more involved in my art-related hobby, but then certain issues appeared in my life that forced me to drop it. Now after becoming financially independent I thought it would be a good time to refresh those abandoned interests and see in which direction it can go. I was amazed at the sheer abundance of free courses and sources of knowledge that I wasn't aware of those many years ago. It seems that nowadays it is easier to acquire certain jobs without needing a degree since what matters more is your experience.
    Another important step would be knowing your target audience, which would allow you to specify the services you would be providing. Maybe there is something yo uare passionate about and you could try out creatign articles about this particular subject?
    It is normal to feel confused or inadequate when starting a new activity, but it helps to be aware that whether it takes a few weeks or months, you will eventually get there. Everybody started by making mistakes but those that kept going managed to see measurables results of their efforts.
  6. harlina

    harlina New Member

    Test the waters first before you jump in because what work for others may not work for you. Assess your skills and try to find sites where you could use them. Research, investigate and ask around.
  7. Chris719rod

    Chris719rod New Member

    I'm new to this kind of stuff the only kind of work I have done is back breaking manual labor but their ain't really any room to go up Dr so basically ur stuck doing the same thing for years iv been at the same job going 7 years and I'm barely above minimum wage so I figured I would try this out for a wile I'm not expecting much to come from it its just something I like to do but who knows maybe someday it might pay off.

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