Stay at home mom or Working mom?

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Stay at home mom or working mom?

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  1. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    I was working until I had my maternity leave. After my maternity leave I chose to leave my work to take care of my son even though I can leave him to her grandmother, I still chose to take care of him. He is my first born and I can't imagine being away from him for a very long time. But how can we survive if my husband only will do the money earning for us?
  2. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    Try working online, there are websites that offer online jobs. Try
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  3. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    I've tried making my profile but it did not get approved :( Thank you for your suggestion

    ARNIVAL New Member

    I am not a mother, yet I know how it is hard for them to work away from their children. If I become one, I would choose to work at home to take time for my children. I want to support my family financially and at the same time to guide my children as they grow up. I want them to learn in their life with me by their side. I don’t want to miss a thing or event that happens in their lives that is important to them.
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  5. joyluya

    joyluya New Member

    I resigned from my work to take care of my child. When I was working, only I wanted is to be a stay at home mom. But now that I already resigned from my work, I was just crazy and I was thinking to come back to my career. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy job although there is someone which is your little one makes me happy. Even though I am not earning salary all I do is the responsibility of being a mother. Washing the dishes, cleaning the house, washing clothes, preparing food for husband and all that stuff everyday. Sometimes I am tired but I know that this is just a challenge for being a first time mom and stay at home mom. I would rather chose being in house than to work for others.
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  6. Enelra12

    Enelra12 New Member

    As a mom,I always think of my child's welfare that's why until now I have not returned to work.I prefer to be full time mom so I can take care of my child but I'm still looking for ways to help my husband even I'm at home.
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  7. IrisRose07

    IrisRose07 New Member

    There is a research that I read on a book by Sheryl Sandberg, entitled 'Lean In' and it says that majority of women who decides to quit their job have husbands who are either earning a lot or earning a little. The women with husbands earning under the lower bracket, have to quit their jobs because the salary of the husband is not enough to cover the cost of child care. On the other hand, the women with husbands whose earning are on the upper bracket, have to quit their job because the husband do not have enough time for kids. As the saying goes, " Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."
  8. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    Thank you for your post, It enlighten me. I guess money can be earned easily. It breaks my heart thinking that I'll be away with him again even for an hour. This is what motherhood is.
  9. ronricorum88

    ronricorum88 New Member

    My first born child was taken care by different people. From my auntie to my father then three consecutive nannies. I don't know if it is the result of my kid for being so shy in school and in other people. She's 6 years old now and I am having a hard time putting my kid to school because every time we go to school she always cried. She don't like to participate in school but she make a lot of friends. In my second baby I decided to stop working and focus to my husband and my children. Step by step I'm guiding her with her school and we always play together. And it's been one year since I'm taking care of them myself. Being a housewife is the most difficult job in this world but it's worth it every time I see their smile. All the problems and stress are gone when we're very happy and laughing. To help my husband with our finances I'm starting selling online and finding job online. All I can say is that you must take care of your own child for their own good and happiness.
  10. Nhex

    Nhex New Member

    I have been a full time mom of 3 kids for nine years. Being always staying at home caring children and doing households is not easy.
  11. MiaManimbo

    MiaManimbo New Member

    As of now, my baby is already 8 months old and I enjoy being a stay at home mom. Sometimes, I still think of going back to work but hey, I find it better when I'm with my baby. My actual plan is to be a full time mom to my baby until he stops breastfeeding (I plan on breastfeeding him til he reach 2 years old.) Being a full time mom is a great satisfaction for me because I can take care of my baby more than just letting other people take care of him. That way, I can see how he grows and how he progress every single day. I always wanted my baby to feel safe and secured whenever he's with me. And with that, he would always feel the greatest love that I would give him.

    Being a stay at home mom is not that easy too. Aside from taking care of my baby and my husband, I do a lot of chores too. But all of the exhaustion are really worthy whenever my baby smiles and hugs me. Waking up everyday with my baby is such a wonderful blessing.
  12. romy_ter

    romy_ter New Member

    I think there should no issue or problem between working or stay at home mom. Moms are still superheroes for me. Its a matter of choice. I resigned because my kids want me stay with them and they are my priority. Good thing we can work now at home just prepare your laptop and headset(with my coffee ofcourse)then everyrhing it set! I know its not that much i get as an employee before but i feel im so rich everytime i see how my kids giggle beside me and that is priceless.
  13. Toffeebear88

    Toffeebear88 New Member

    I'm currently 18 weeks pregnants right now and have resigned to my day job. I had a miscarriage last June 2018 and since then I have had a second thought about my job. It is a high stress and demanding one that requires 9 hours shift with overtimes.

    I know what happened last June is not my fault. But I still blame myself every now and then that I exposed myself to that.

    I still don't have the courage and confidence to go and seek a new job. I've kept comfort into thinking that I'd be safer at home while pregnant without the risks of the commute and the stress.

    I try looking for a homebased job to help my partner sustain our everyday expenses without risking my health. It's nice to get a steady income from the comfort of the home so I can easily manage the household, keep an eye on my dog, and take care of my partner better.

    It's also a good plan so that when the baby comes out I can be focused on breastfeeding. I can't stand the idea of leaving my newborn at home. I'd be crazy while in the office and might be less productive.

    I'm glad by partner supports by decision. It's crucial that I stay with my child in his/her formative years. I want be there in all his/her firsts. I don't want to miss a thing.
  14. jnicolosi84

    jnicolosi84 New Member

    I have a one year old daughter and currently I am a stay-at-home mom. I lost my main job when I was five months pregnant then could not find a new one. I am still having a hard time finding a full time job with the schedule I need. I know how hard it is to financially depend on your husband. It is not easy in this day and age to live on one income.

    I have been supplementing my husband's income with merchandising projects through various companies. I have been a large scale travelling merchandiser for over a decade. The type of work I do now is smaller, lighter projects. I can usually bring the baby with me, or wait until my husband gets home, then go do them for a couple hours each night. The down side is that they are 1099 companies so taxes are taken out a refund season but for now it pays for gas, grocery and baby items. Some months I have even been able to cover the utilities.

    Also, if you are past your 6 months postpartum and can get away twice a week you may want to try donating plasma. Where I live, the center is run by CSL and they are great there. You can make $50 each for your first five donations. After that, depending on you weight, I think the rates are between $200-$400 a month.

    I hope this information helps! Good luck!!
  15. emarcilla

    emarcilla New Member

    For me, there's no issue of being a stay at home mom or working mom. Staying at home mom is a very stressful because of the committed daily chores but it is enjoyable at the same time as I am witnessing my child's growth and improvement in his daily activities. Knowing his strengths and weaknesses is my hobby. Participating in his achievements satisfies me the most
    I can contribute a small portion in our monthly funds while working at home. We can be a great team (my husband and me) by supporting our family without the neglection of each other responsibilities and obligations.
  16. StevRam

    StevRam New Member

    I now see the benefits of a stay at home mother. Two years ago I was working away from home leaving my toddlers to my mother in law. It was heartbreaking for me. I spent two or less every week to them. Know that they are already pre preschoolers we decided that I will be a full time mom to them. I see lots of benefits. I see them grow in all aspects of their lives cause I am there in every step of their way. Their behavior changed and they told me that they are happy because I am always there for them.
  17. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I recently resigned to my work and now spending time to take good care of my son. But in my free time i go to my laptop and doing my exrta online job, so that even I'm home i can help my husband.
  18. PriyaRenjith

    PriyaRenjith New Member

    The first joy, the first sorrow, the first adventure, the first success etc everything is very special. And all it comes in childhood which may continue forever with the child. So it will be a great loss if you miss all these things of your toddler. Also, it is an injustice to them. So if we have any choice I recommend to be a stay at home mom at least for the first four years of our young ones.

    In the current expensive scenario, it is very difficult to meet the two ends by the father alone. But if you sacrifice your 4-5 years(not actually sacrifice) it will be beneficial for lifelong. One thing is that if you are eligible you can be a working mom at any time in your life. But your kid's childhood never comes back.

    The stay at home mom has some setbacks like a higher level of anger sadness, social isolation etc. To overcome this one can do work from home.

    All of us are products of our childhood(Michael Jackson). Let our toddlers become tomorrow's better products
  19. Toyabank404

    Toyabank404 Member

    A stay at home mom can be a working mom as well. There are several gigs and businesses that moms can do from home. The key to making this work is having time management skills. Automating your business to cut down on the time on the phone and in front of the computer. This will allow you to generate an income and have time for your family.
  20. acewelloy29

    acewelloy29 New Member

    I would rather stay home. I'm a family person and every single moment counts with them. Good thing, nowadays, there's a lot of home based job that will help you earn money even you're at home. You can spend more time with your family plus you have income still.
  21. apjaromamay

    apjaromamay New Member

    Nowadays, women who are career driven can easily choose being a working mom. Being a working mom can has its own struggles, and yes you could always be judged that you could miss milestones progress of your child and everything else that people says. But in my experience having working mom friends, time management and being creative did not make them grow apart from their sons and daughters, they are both successful at being a working woman and a working mother, and a faithful wife. Its courage, creativeness and a lot of love and support from family that makes it all work.
  22. romilda

    romilda Member

    To be a stay at home mom while working with a homebased jobs.
  23. Todo123

    Todo123 Member

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  24. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Well whatever you choose just make sure that you are happy with your choice and that you can handle it.
  25. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    Whether you are stay at home mom or working mom, it doesn't diminish the fact that you are an amazing mother. There are so many consideration in this issue, first, the financial status of the parents. The question is how will you provide for the needs of the baby? Is the salary of the father enough for you to sirvive and save for the future of your child? If yes, then you can choose to stay and take care of a child, you have the glory to be part of every step of your baby, literally.
    But it doesn't mean that working moms are lesser moms, after all whatever we do, we do it for our children. Hoping to give them the future that they deserve.
  26. vlucob

    vlucob New Member

    I, too am a stay-at home mom who currently resigned from a job because no one will look after my children.It's a very tough decision and yet, satisfying because I won't need to worry about my kids anymore.
  27. Jeloop23

    Jeloop23 New Member

    Nowadays life is a struggle for some couples due to some financial problems. Most of the housewives are now doing some work to support their husbands for their needs but some just prefer to take care of their kids and household chores. Some parents are just practical especially that as days go by everything is getting expensive. It's a matter of choice and a matter of responsibility.
    For me as mom, I prefer to stay at home while doing some extra job because social media has become platitudinous. There are lots of legit jobs that we can rely on social media depending on your interest and knowledge. There are also lot of platforms to be used that suite with your home based job. It is also a matter of being resourceful, hardwork and determination.
    Whatever choice you will do, just be a responsible mom to your kids and a responsible wife to your husband for a family needs cooperation from everyone. Keep trying for what is best and be happy of the choice you make!
  28. SasaGamilo90

    SasaGamilo90 New Member

    I was raised by working parents and they took care of me and my siblings at the same time. In these days money problems have increased alot more than when we were kids. So moms often need to work too.
    Both parents could balance their work and family duties, if they worked truly together.
    Besides work gives moms the social life they need, or they are going to befriend the walls in their houses.
  29. XirZyX

    XirZyX New Member

    I'm in a broken family and i'm with my mother. She raised me of working double sometimes triple. Sometimes i feel bad about it. That's why i would like mother to stay at home and just relax .
  30. shermarie

    shermarie New Member

    I'm a working mom but prefer to be at home. I was a stay home mom for abut 3 years until I decided to get a divorce and needed consistent income. I would love to find something that allows me to make a full time salary from home.

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