story about GOD is my IDOL MY HERO

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    God loves you with a love that heals your heart and gives you strength for life. He is the one who loves you with a love you never dared dream of. His love is burning inside His heart and all He wants to do is overwhelm you with His amazing love.
    He loves you in a way that is absolutely mind blowing. He is truly full of compassion for you and longs to hold you in His tender and almighty arms of love. in Him you find the peace you need so badly.
    In Him you find the joy you have been dreaming of. in Him you find your true home, a place where you belong where you find your true identity, where experience safety, comfort, and where you discover how precious you are.
    He want us to know Him as He truly is. He doesn't want us to wonder about like lost sheep without a shepherd looking for directions and never finding the right path again.:):):):):)

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